Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My older sister had a baby on December 5th of 2007. The baby's name is Reyna Ruthanna Allen. She is ever so cute. During Christmas break, i was able to fly down there and see my little niece. I loved holding her and watching her many faces that she made.

It was a blast getting to hang out with Ruthanna, Kaytie, Chris and Joy. I was able to talk to Chris a bit here and there, and i was able to talk to Joy- which we haven't done much of since she got married. It had been different between us, because she is now married and have a job and now a baby to take care of. And i am working and going to school.

I love her blue eyes- but all babies have blue eyes when they are born, then it changes into the color that is theirs forever. Chris has brown eyes, and Joy has hazel eyes {like me}. Reyna looks alot like Chris and a bit of Joy {what a shocker, i know!!}

Anyways, School is going alright. Taking 3 computer classes, 2 Biblical Counseling classes and 1 class that i had to retake. I love my classes and do enjoy it. 2 of my classes i have no friends in, but that is alright!! I might not be able to do my work if i had a friend in there. :D

I love working with the kids at church. They are ever so cute and adorable and trouble makers- it's great. Wednesdays, i get to watch 3-6 year olds. I even help out with the puppets, GO PUPPETS!!! Then i am on the bus playing around with the kids and making sure they don't go into the back-back of the bus or crawling on the floor {YUCK! the floor sure is dirty!} and Sundays, i work with the 2 and 3 year olds. It is fun. :D

Well- thats all i can think of to update you with. :D Yup- still am alive and breathing. Praise be to Him!!