Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The other day I received a text from Sam {Samantha}, saying that she was in the USA now. We called each other, and talked for a bit. It was amazing to hear that the missions trip to Turkey went very well. Sam has saved a bird from drowning, but we agreed that she really saved the cat who ate that bird. It sure was great to hear from her again. John and her are amazing together, and I miss being around them both. Sam continues to tell me that when she has a baby, she will make me move in with her and John and be a Nanny to her kids- even though she is going to be a stay at home mom. haha

I love hearing updated on my niece. When I received this picture, I was jumping for joy. She is takin after me, and I am not even there for her to take after from. But I love how she is drinking the bottle like a little monkey that is going to be. She learned how to crawl forward, and is ever so cute. I just wish I could be there to watch her grow in person. But I am blessed to have been able to see her in person and to hold her when she was only 3 weeks old. What a cutie she is!!

Now it's me, things have changed since I went to school last. been jobless- but still have hopes that the Lord has one out there that is perfect for me. I can't wait to see what it is, because I know it has to be very great for me to have to wait this long. I think it will be great to be a Nanny and be around kids all the time. I will only miss the kids that I have started to get to know on Monday Nights for our bus kids program {which this week's it was Crazzie with 22 kids for my class}. Other than Monday nights with the kids, I don't feel like I belong at Faith anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pastor, and I love some of the people there... it's just, when I am there- I feel alone. Have felt that way for years now and is one of the reasons I joined another church. So I have been slacking off with going to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

I met this guy online at random who never heard anything about Jesus Christ. So I sent him a Bible and will be able to give him the Good News and have him read it himself. This seems to help get my mind back on where it belongs.

A friend of Juan's died the other day. So when he came to pick me up, I was able to be of some comfort to him by being here for him. I am a bit sad, because I know it's not easy loosing someone that close to you. We didn't do much, but just being there in his presence had help him out a bit. I am glad that I could be there for a friend in need. :D