Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ever feel like you were falling and there's no way to stop? Almost as if you were falling in a bottomless pit. How can one land or how can one stop? Well, the answer is simple! Just know that the Lord is there with you, and will help you through it all.

I have felt like i have been falling for a long time now. I did realized one time that He was there with me all the way, but I never once landed. How can that be? Well, i simply did not apply anything to my heart for a while. I would read the Bible once in a while, and it seemed like He wasn't hearing my cries. But He was hearing my cries in the night, and He was listening to me. He replied back in a whisper, but I didn't hear them. Then when, all was quiet, and I was willing to just listen, i heard those whispers. He was saying, "I love you!" Oh how little i see His love for me, but yet- His love for me is so great tht i could never see how much He truely loves me. He gave me this life, and He gave me loved ones in my life {family, friends, and even strangers}

As I was growing up, I always felt that i was alone. As if noone was there by me when i needed someone the most. But i was blind to see that the Lord was there with me, and was giving me all those hugs i had longed to have. He was telling me, "Lean on Me. When your not strong, and I'll be your friend. I help you carry on. For, it won't be long, till you're going to need, somebody to lean on." He is my Counselor, and He is my Shepherd. He guideth my way, and He leads me on the right way. Christ Galkin sings, "In my Weakness, He is strong." And that is ever so true. We need His strength to keep going on.

I am doing a paper on Isaiah 40, and I am to explain the nature of works of God. I read the chapter first and wrote down what all I saw in that chapter. But as i am making notecards out from different books, I am starting to really see that He is indeed all Love. He made everything, and He careth for them. Even when He is silent, He hears us. It is amazing to see that we are like grass {that grows very fast and falleth fast too} and He is there to help us to grow in Him and to not fall. He is our water that we need to grow- but without Him, we can not grow. We will fall without Him, He stands firm. No matter how much wind blows- He will not blow around, movng this way or that. We, as grass, will blow this way and that way when the wind hits us.

It's like getting on a train. How would one know that the train won't tip over, or if the one got on the right train? Simple! They trust that it is going the right way and that they are on the right one. We should put our trust on Him and know that He will not lead us the wrong way or have us on the wrong pathway. What a blessing it is to know that! We don't have to say good-bye! Because it's not forever that we won't see each other {unless you are on the wrong train} We can go together {even if i was to be in your suitcase! haha}!
So do i feel like i am falling now? the answer is No. I have landed and now i see that I am loved and that I am indeed going the right way. He is there with me through it all. No matter how many papers i have to do, or how much discouragement is on me.. I can go to Him and know that He heareth my cries in the night and even in the daytime. I just need to stop at times and hear His soft whisper, "I Love You!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

My room-mates! I don't have all of their pics, but i shall sneek two more of my other two roomies! *evil Grin*.

Frist we have here, Jill. Jill is 20 and is a trasfer student from Bob-Jones. So i get to hear all the lovely stories and the different rules that they have there at BJ. But that is alright with me. She loves to talk and is very girlie. I see her mainly playing on her computer or talking on her phone with her dad or ex-b/f . Liz and her are liek best friends, so they get along very well. Jill is indeed beautiful and can be very funnie at times. But if we were not in the same room, you wouldn't see me around her much. In fact, she would be one of the 95% people that i do not know here. But it's all cools!

Then we have here, Lindsay. She is a freshmen and is very smart {somewhat}. .She is also on the phone when i see her- talking to a guy she likes. We share the same desk {but i happened to have been at te desk when she came in---i should take a pic of the room}. She is ever so girly that it makes me sick a bit- but luckily, i don't have to be girly! She is good friends with Liz and Jill too, so that is odd. She also wouldn't be one of the people you see me around with if we weren't in the same room. {in fact, i think it's like that with all my roomies... o-wells!}

I do get along with my roomies- but i tend to feel like the odd one out. Being that my background is 100% different, that i am 99% different from them, and that i am quiet 80% of the time. I don't see a need to talk- besides, they are all talking alot- so it is hard to get into the conversations at times.

So that is two of my roomies. There are 5 of us in the room. this weekend we have a visitor, Stephanie. She is in 11th grade and wants to go to BJ. So more power to her. She seems okie- but i didn't get to see her much {being that she was hanging out with friends or i was off to work. she was sleeping when i came back and was up before i was up... nothing new, even my roomies are like that} I don't mind it at all.

This weekend i get to work with Jolene in the Dinning Hall {the New building}.. I am excited, because i don't get to work with her much. Last time i was here, i was able to sneek over there after we were done and help them out a bit. I was their- Honorary worker..because i wasn't on their team, but i worked with them at times. :) YEAHS! that was fun... I always make work fun- even when i was working in the factory. Work wouldn't be fun if ya don't make it fun {rather you are doing dishes or welding parts together or checking the same parts for 6 weeks in a row... gotta make is fun..} How do i make it fun? well, if i can, i would throw a glove- or i would just simply dance as i am working {small -clean dance}.. or i would just sing {random songs that happen to be in my head or whatever comes up} So yeah! thats that... anything else- i guess will have to wait. LOVE YA! Leave a comment if ya have any questions.. and yes i am still breathing and still alive! YEAH go me!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okies, so here is a picture of me standing by the bed in Jolene's room. I slept on top there, and yes-it was a blast climbing on there. It is mega high and mega scarey trying to get down. In the background, you can see Jolene's little teddy-bear {the white thing there}.. and Yes! I still do not remember giving it to her. But she told me that I did and that she remembers how i gave it to her, just I do not remember. Anyways- don't i look so cute!!? I found out that if i was to pull that sweater all the way down, it would look like i am not wearing a skirt that checks {Yes! It does go down to my knees.. so i can just wear that and it'll be checkable.. hahahaha}

Then, with me being here, i get to see this kind of picture from God very well. It sure does beat looking at the wunset with trees in the way or houses. Sometimes, when i am walking to the dorms after my night job, i can be able to see the stars. And being that it is Sept, my fav stars are out..YEAHHS {Ryan's Belt} Why is it my fav? I do not know why, but it is. I also like looking for the dippers {big or lil}.. mega cools! God is ever so good to us! :D Yeahs!! I am very blessing being able to see that in my life!

Babysitting was a blast!! Got to play around with the kids and listened to Ethan say his words {like camp, damp, lamp, pump...etc}, and I was able to ask Aaron some math questions {like 9-6, 8+5..etc..} After he got all those, we {Kevin and I} asked Aaron some harder questions {like 100+90-60+2-1+5... ya know.. just random things like that.. and he did get them all-well, not one.. but he was only off by 5}. I had a blast playing with the kids and making sure they were clean before it was bed time. Mrs. Mayes got back before 8:30, so i didn't have to put the kids to bed myself {she went and did that instead}. I went and folded my clothes and loved hearing kevin and Mrs. Mayes laughing at some picutres they have. I loved hearing family do that- and to know that they do get along {because there are some families whodo not get along at all.}. I am blessed that my family gets along {even tho it is hard to get to know someone.} But i guess it really doesn't matter anymore!

I love being away from home, but at the same time- i miss it. strange ah? well, it is true. I do miss having a big bed to sleep on, or having my own desk {without worrying if i am in someone's way}.. or being able to watch t.v. at times, or not having to have a paper due on a certain date- etc.... but it's alright. I do love it here {even tho i kinda don't wanna be here... if you know what i mean!} I am still looking around at other colleges- but i might end up staying here this coming semester and may just go to a different college next year. I am just not sure yet.. i mean, i want to be here- but at the same time i don't. I love the Biblical Counseling program here, and see that it will be very helpful for me later in life.. {So that is what i am looking at when i am looking at other colleges.. i see if they have a Biblical Counseling and if it's good!} So that is what is going on for now. :D HOLLA!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today is a great day to praise His name on high! This week has been ever so crazzie, but it is indeed alright. I was discouraged by a friend's wisdom that was spoken to me. But it is alright, i took it to heart {like i normally do with things}, and i prayed about it. In some ways they are right, but in others they are not. Because i am indeed a hard worker, and i am being myself wherever i am at. {So i haven't changed at all.} I am find with what they told me, but it just hurted when they told me.

Friday night, i was able to sleep at Gould dorm for the night and hang out with Jolene and Michelle. We played Settlers before Jolene and I went to work {i won.. yeahhhs}.. Then after work, we watched Peter Pan. 3am we were in bed. {I shall post a picture of me standing next to be bed.. and i was the one on the top.. HAHAHA!!}. Then I was up at 10 am for work. Then i was busy with studing for a test that i have on Wednesday, and also making sure that my answeres were right {look it up in the book}.. I also made soem notecards up for a paper that is due soon. So i've been trying to get that started. It's just Crazzie! so much to do, and so little time. I am working 14-21 hours a week, plus having 4 classes, and loads of reading to do for those classes {not adding in the time that i need to do the papers that need for those classes}.. But it's alright. At least my Theology paper is due soon and my Doctrine paper is due later! So i don't have to work on them both right away. YEAHHS!!!!!!!!

I called home last night after work {being that we got done within an hour.. which is the fastest we were done, and it was before Jason was back from Farmtastic... so there were just 3 of us doing all of Old Main-OM- and the library.. so congrats to us!!} Turns out that they didn't send my coat yet- needless to say they didn't even put it in a box.. :( so i am freezing over here and i can't do anything about it. O-wells. Liz {My Prayer Captian-PC} brought my another blanket. I thought that was nice of her but odd because i don't need a blanket right now. {maybe when the snow hits i will need it the most..} I have 3 blankets that i use now, and another one i just leave on the other bed and grab that one whenever i need it. But being by the window will indeed get me cold. O-wells. it's all cools. I really don't mind it too much! It is indeed a bed and i can sleep at night {even if i have to have my head under the covers at times- to keep my nose warm--which keeps my body warm too if i am breathing in warm air instead of cold!}

Well- thats that for now.. I need to get some sleep before work tonight. :) So have a great and a wonderfully blessed day!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kaytie and I! What a cutie we are. Anyways, I do miss hanging out with Kaytie. she is indeed a good sister to have-even if she does get on ya nerves at times. Kaytie and I both agree that if we weren't sisters, then we most likely wouldn't even be friends. We are so different from each other that we probably would have never even met. Her pick in friends are different than mine. But it's all cools.

Since I've came to MBBC- I've started to have more friends. Even if i don't hang out with them at all, we know each other somewhat. It is ever so easy to meet someone here- but it is ever so hard to become good friends with them all. That is why I only have a few friends here. But that is alright with me-i enjoy having a few friends. I don't have to be alot of friends to be happy. But it does feel good to walk around and people say hi to you- just because they know ya name. I don't know most of their names, so i just say Hi back.. hahaha.

I am ever so glad that Deanna is around. I don't get to hang out with her much- because we are doing our own thing alot and it is hard to catch her at times. Last weekend {as Jolene and I were walking to Ruthanna's} we ran into Deanna and a few of her friends Kersten and someone i dunnos}. That was pretty interesting and cool that we did. *grins*

College is ever so crazzie at times. There are people who is only serious all the time, and then there are people who are ever so crazzie {like me}. Here is Nathan Muse- in a play that i went to my Sophomore year. This play was about a crazzie family doing crazzie things- but they love each other that they stick together.. it was very cute and ever so funnie. I am sure that there will be loads of funnie plays going on this year too- which i would love to go {if i am not working that is....}
Stephen! A friend of mine. He is easy to pick on, yet loves to pick back one way or another. He loves working with kids- and is great with them. He is dating Debrah and has been for 3 years now. I was waiting for Jolene one day- and saw him sitting there waiting to Debrah- So i took a pic of him. Hopefully I can take more pics of my close friends {like Mary and Michelle..etc..--not Nathan muse, he isn't a close friend.. just a guy who is popular here. I think he graduated already or will be this year. Which is all cools}

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Okies- so here are some pictures that i stole from mbbc website for labor day. I didn't hang out over there, i mainly hanged out at my dorm talking on the phone or doing some reading for a class {being that i finally gotten my book for a class}. But it looked like those that did go had fun- i did to {just different kind of fun.} Besides, i had a great weekend- so i needed the day to do some work or just to talk on the phone.

Picture: is of Matt and {someone- forgot his name..o-wells}. But Matt {Opie} looks ever so funnie in his outfit. Looks like he is loosing there! Yeah- i am sure that he got wet!
Look there at Geo- {the guy on the bottom left}. He looks ever so scared! Matt there is flying into the air. YIKES! Wouldn't want to be that guy looking up. But the blue tarp is what they use to slid down the hill. Everything was in that feild there by the guy's dorms.

Next we have the DC {Dinning Commons or the Dinning Hall}.. Boy it was ever so packed that day. The line never seemed to stopped. Luckily i didn't have to work in the kitchen that day! YAY me!!!

Awwwws. look here at Meagan and her little brother Nathan. They both have grown so much. I had heard that Mr. Hockman had shaved his son's head- so i guess it's all true with this pic.. haha. But he is still a cutie! Looks like Meagan there was having a blast. There were a few other pictures of her sliding down with other kids too. mega cute!

Then we have here my roommate and her friends. My roommate {mandy} is the one in the orange. She looked like she was having a blast. The 1st week of school, there was a few Anumli games going on. So she invited me to hang out with her and two of her girlie friends. It was cools. So i had went to a football game with them {then left to be on my own} and ended up going to a soccer game with them {then ended up eating supper with people i didn't know-- but it's all cools}

Here we have Dr. Luie's little boy. He is ever so cute! I remember him as a baby. He is growing up. Don't you think he is a cutie, too?? Well, he is! Here he looks ever so happy to have a water-balloon. Which i am sure he popped! hahaha.
So that there is the Labor day fun that we had here at MBBC. In the background you will see the guy dorms. As you can see- the girls were allowed to wear pants {which is not allowed around the Main Buildings} So- thank you for stopping by my blog and seeing these pictures!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This weekend was a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning, Jolene ,Michelle and I ate brunch together. After that we just hanged out together doing HW and whatnots. Jolene ended up wanting to take a nap- so i went to my room and just did some reading and whatnots. 7pm, Jolene and I walked up to Ruthhanna's place and hanged out with Ruthanna and her new boyfriend, Phil. Phil needed to get a room, so we went to a few different palces- and as he was drving, he was scaring Ruthanna on purpose. {Like going ever so slow then speeding up just to slow down fast.. hahaha}. It was great. Then Jolene and I went off to work.

Sunday morning we went to church. Christy forgot me :(. She is one of the girls i had when i was helping out with the 3rd graders my Freshmen year. She is in 6th grade now tho, along with Racheal and Erin. Anyways- Its been good being back and being able to hear the trains go by alot. Here is a Kodak moment of a train going by. Mega cools! Well, after church we went to China Buffet and ate our hearts out. Boy I had 2 plants full of the chicken stuff and was stuffed myself.
Jolene wanted to go back to her room to do homework- so Ruthanna, Phil and I went back to Ruthanna's. Ruthanna and I got our tickets to go down to TX and then ended up talking for a bit. Bethany {pastor's daughter} called and so we all went out for ice-cream. I had a Strawberrie, Vanilla, Marshmellow Malt.. and boy was it good. *grins* After that, we went to Bethan'y place and watched the Time Machine. Pretty cools.
After going to the night service, we were going to do bowling. But both places were closed for the holiday, so we went to Ruthanna's place and played Apples-to-Apples for about 3 hours. Ruthanna, Phil, Bethany, Jolene, Mom, Dad, and i were playing. Phil won {because he was the 1st to have gotten 5 points}, him and mom had 19 cards, I had 18, Ruthanna had 17, Bethany had 10, Dad had 9 and Jolene had 8. we all have 7 red cards in our hands and we try to get the green cards. the way to get the green card is for the judge to pick your card out of everyone's. the green card will have a word on it {like Crazzie} and the red cards has different items on it {like J.F.K or My Dreams or the 1st day of school...etc.. }. It's a fun game with more than 3 peoples. :D

But it surely was a good day. After playing the game, Jolene and I went off to work and then off to dream land we were. And that for you- was my weekend.. Well- talk laters! Gotta go eat. So I shall post something else laters! Love ya!