Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kids these days!

 I really do miss this kind of view everyday. Mountians, morning air, sunrises and sunsets, wild life, and my friends. I even miss driving and the family i worked for, I was very welcomed into their family and pretty much adopted them into mine. I really want to move back to Alaska. But i am willing to live anywhere the Lord leads me, or leads my future husband {if i have one}.
 I Love Scrapbooking and making cards. I am learning new ways to do things, and figuring out what works best for me. So far, {pic} this is my most favorite card i have ever done for someone. I surely will have to do it again for someone else, and use different colors. I know for me, i am hooked on black- background and using black. I think it makes the colors *POP* more. But i am learning to use other colors too.
 My nephew is getting big so fast. He already learned how to crawl, and is walking along the couch and holding on to your legs as you walk. He can now stand on his own for a short while and even took a few steps here and there. He sometimes just leans forwards or backwards not knowing if anyone will catch him. He loves to climb, and loves to be all over the place. He enjoys hitting things, and pulling things. I just love his smile and laughs.
 He had a blast at the park. He LOVES the swings so far. He hasn't really gotten to be on the slide besides to sit on it for a wee-bit. He also loves my phone and so when he sees it, he just has to go for it. haha.
 I helped kept the kids quiet during church last week. It was nice, just i had to keep hushing Reyna and making her play with the quiet toys. Near the end, when she was getting noisy- i brought out my phone and snapped a few pictures. She is a silly girl indeed!
 My older sister sent Reyna outside to play for 10mins before dinner so she can finish dinner. Reyna just cried and cried. she pulled her chair into the shade and cried loudly. The parents and I were inside laughing. It wasn't like they were punishing her for anything, they just needed her to be outside for a short time. It was just funny. So of course- i had to snap a picture and will tell her of this story.
 My little sister goes to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. The workers loves it when we bring Isaiah with us, as he is all over the room and playing with things. He even took a few steps the one worker saw, so she brags that she saw it and the others hadn't yet. haha. Here she is playing with him on the ball that Reyna was sitting on. super cute! :D
 {pic} view from the door to the building that the Chiropractor is at. I just love it. I think it looks so cool.
 Little Isaiah is all over the place. He LOVES to crawl into the kitchen and go towards the table. Not sure why, but he does. And if there is anything on the floor, he picks it up and tries to eat it. So you have to keep a watchful eye on this little guy. But he is a cutie when he crawls. :D

Isaiah loves his mom very much. He always has a smile for her, or cries when he isn't going to be held by his mom. Although, this is a very cute picture of my older sister picking up my nephew after he thought it would be cool to hit his head on the oven. Silly boy, don't you know that the oven isn't for hitting your head on?!?

My little cousin is getting married. I am proud that he is seeing what happens when you have sex before marriage and wants to do things the right way. I am excited for him and for this girl who wants to marry him. I pray that the Lord will guide them and lead them in their marriage together. I just think it is funny how he didn't invite my parents or us cousins, but he invited grandma. Now, my grandma is living with my parents.. Yeah- he hates my dad, but what about my mom? Why can't she go? After all, he will know that grandma is being taken great care of during the wedding. I know that when i get married, i will indeed invite my cousins- even if they can't make it, they will at least know they are invited and that i do not hate them {as they told my sister that i am the biggest hater in the family.. which i honestly can't see because i am the most loving and trusting person they may ever know-- i just happen to bring God up a lot}. Anyways, I hope they will at least invite my mom so grandma will have a ride to the wedding, and know that she won't be left behind or have to stay longer if she is ready to leave early {not because she doesn't care, but because she is old and need her rest}. Maybe they will see the change in my dad someday- and maybe truly forgive him and us too {since they hate us for some kind of reason}.

well... that's life for now! :D