Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time, It is all about time. Don't be late! It's time! Your late! People running around clock as if it's the only thing that is keeping them insane. Well, it's about time that someone did a blog on time!! I am not sure how much time we all waste in a day by doing something that we properly should be using for something else. Instead of watching that movie, we could be using that time to read the Bible. Instead of playing that video game, we could be using that time in deep prayer.
We all fight over what we want, but once we get it, it's like we never had it. Why take the time to fight for it? So far, the only thing I can fight for that will stay around for life, is fighting for my God.
I really can't see how anyone can live in a lifestyle of being messy. They don't bother to clean up, nor make an effort to make it look half-way neat. It's like a little one learning to eat on their own, things fall. They are a bit too young to understand what cleaning up after oneself is. It is pretty sad when someone who is in their teens or older can't clean their own mess up. I hate being dirty or messy. I am living in a house where people can't throw their own trash away, or even do their chore. I go to work and find out that the work-place is just a mess, even with me cleaning it the night before.

When is it time for someone to grow up? When will someone learn to use their time wisely? Why waste time and sit their wishing ya could've use that time to do something else. I know the feeling. It's like when I am at work, and I am waiting for the michine to work {but it is down for hours}, I just sit ther wishing I could've use that time to help someone else, or cleaning {again}.. but thats the problem with these michines, they break down. Sometimes it takes about 5-10 mins to fix it, and other times, it takes longer. But work is work, and that it is that. Boy, I can't wait to get my own place to live in, then I could keep it clean and not have to worry about living where the pigs live.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home sweet Home!! What does your home look like? My home looks like I just won the best thing anyone could ever have. My home is Heaven.

Anyways, finds out that my grandparents are going to be moving in with us this Sept. Sad thing is, we need to move things around. Kaytie will be moving to where Joy use to be, and dad's things will be moved else-where. The Grandparents will be having a bedroom and a another room for whatevers. Too bad our house is falling apart. our roof is falling in, and the front window in the dinning room will some-day fall down. Too many other things.. but we still have a roof up for now, and we are able to be alive. Good thing my house doesn't look as bad as the picture that is shown.

Today, Mr. Rose was talking about Isreal and how God is working with them, and keeping His promise. God promised that one day His people will come together. For many years, Isreal was seperated, then one day someone opened up Isreal for the Jews.. Not all the Jews went, but as time went by and WW2 happened, there were more Jews there than the people had thought. the Brits thought that the Jews wouldn't live a week there, but it's been many years now, and they have been fighting for their land all this time. Part of the reason why USA knows more about the fights they go through than any other fights is because they are God's people. We know more about Isrealies than Iraqies, or any other.

Ealier today, as I was reading, I read a verse that I just had to stop and read it over and over. James 2:26, "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." It's amazing to see how one needs to have faith in God and have to have good works also. One needs to work to know the Lord and to let Him know us. One has to do the praying, the reading. God talks to us, but it is up to us to listen and to talk back. Are we being a wall to God, or are we talking back? To have faith, we have work on knowing who God is. It takes us reading His Word daily, and to talk to Him daily. Boy it is hard, and once ya forget to do it so many times, then it is just too easy to not care. Once ya at a place where ya just don't care, it is hard to get back to where ya can care. But once there, it is a Blessing, and ya'll see how great God is.

Today I was able to sit with Ruth. Ruth went off to talk to some people, and I ended up talking to two ladies who was sitting behind us. They've been going to that church before I was, and i had never seen them before. Guess one can miss out on a whole lot when they sit in the front all the time. O-wells. I saw Mrs. Cole {someone who was my Sunday Teacher in Middle School}, and I got talking to her. My Aunt {who was sitting in front of Mrs. Cole} turned around and asked me about Joy's wedding. So I told her that I was doing Joy's Scrapbooking for her, and it make her happy. Turns out, my Aunt is into scrapbooking too. Mega coolness.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Today was a crazzie day. I woke up early and got ready for work then off to work dad and I go. The Weather was beautiful today. Dad and I worked together on a michine, and boy was he moving fast... I could hardly keep up {lucky the michine helped me to catch up here and there}. Anyways, an hour before we had to leave, the michine died, and when I say die, I mean, DIED. So we got off work an hour early.

When I was able to get online, my Aunt from CA imed me saying "Hi Dayna!" but whenever I said something back this is all she said, " ", yeah.. very fun topic I know. O-wells. I saw a friend of mine online, so I imed her. Turns out, she is in MI now. I'll be seeing her at church tomorrow and I can't wait.

I got nosey and wanted to see some pic from Northland. The only sad thing about it, is that they do not show any pictures of those who work behind the sence. Those are the people who do things humbly, because they have to do all that work without anyone seeing them, or doing something for them.

Do I really want to be with someone forthe rest of my life? I am not really sure myself. It's kinda scarey to think about it. I like guys, but the problem is, would they ever like me back? But what if I do find that right guy, like Joy did?? Would I really be ready for a relationship for a lifetime? It is just a huge puzzle!! A puzzle that needs to be solved, and the only one who is able to do that is God. One piece at a time, I'll know who the right guy is.
How much strength do you have? I bet you that you do not have enough to last a day without God's strength. This past week all I've been doing is work, work, and more work. I never worked so many hours so hard in my life. Sure, I've work in a dishpit for a whole year, but it's not like factory work at all. It's Crazzie, but it's always a blessing during payday.

Anyways, Today as I was working on checking parts that Dallas made, I got thinking about God and how Great He is. The michine was running a bit faster than normal, and the tubs with the parts was coming out like crazzie. By the time I was done with one tub, Dallas was 1 3/4 tubs ahead of me. I think I would've been majoring fall behind if I didn't have the strength to keep going. I've been so weak, and God has been giving me the strength I need to keep going. What a Blessing it is to know that God is watching out for us all. As soon as this though came to me, Christy Galkin's song, "In my Weakness," came to my mind. It is so true.

"In my weakness, He is strong,
In my need, He leads me On,
When I come to the end
Of all that I am
And I place my trust in him
Thats when His strength begins
In my weakness"

Today it was majorly HOT inside, but as soon as we steped outside, it was nice and cool. God gave us each wind that blew, just so we were able to cool down, and to give us enough strength to keep moving.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ever wonder how big our world really is? Yet, it's only small compared to what all God made. It's amazing to know how much He thinks about us, yet, we are just a peice of sand compared to Him.

The other day I got talking to a friend of mine about life. It's amazing to think how different people can be, yet think alot alike. Life is like a river, things get thrown at you {like a leaf, or a stick}, how one handles those little items can help them when something big happens {like a tree fallen}. But the biggest thing that can be hard for one, is choosing what way to go if there are more than one way to go. I often get stuck here.

But what I never really realized until I was talking to my friend, is how long I've been sitting at one of those cross-ways. I think so little of myself then what I should be. I have no faith in myself. Like the little train that could.... just I wasn't saying, "I think I can...", I've been saying, "I think I can't.." And I couldn't, until now. Boy is it going to be one bumpy ride down the waterfall. But in the end, I'll have so much space and peace about it that I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

I am so glad to have friends who I can talk to. I was trying to help my friend, but it always ends up my friend helping me. By saying something, or by just being the person that he is. It's amazing how much God is there helping us, and we just don't give him any credit at all. God is always sending people into my life, and sending me extra hugs when I need it..

Life is great, and God is the maker of it. Today at work, the guys was talking about abortion.. It is sad to even think that people are doing it and not even know they are killing a life. It is sad to think about how many not-even-born-babies die from it. But what a Blessing it is to know that God loves those babies just as He loves us. If He didn't love them at all, then there just wouldn't have been life there at all. But He does, and He loves us too.

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's a Huge Soccer Game, God vs Satan, you are on God's team. It is close to Half time, and is a close game. God kicked the ball at you, you caught the ball with your feet, but as you was going to do a fancy trick around someone, they took the ball from you. So you ran after them, but they scored. What a bummer! Why must we think that we can do something awesome, something sweet, but in the end it just beats us as our own game. Life is hard, because we can be on God's team, but deep down want to be on Satan's because it looks like they are winning. We know that God's team is going to win in the end, but it just doesn't look like we are winning now. The only way we can outbeat Satan with each goal, is to give the ball to God. The ball holds everything that you are, and if you give it to Him, then He will take care of it and not let anyone else take it from Him. He'll pass a challange at us, and it is up to us to catch it and make a goal with it, otherwise, Satan's team member will take it from us and we'll just wish we never tried that fancy trick, or that one goal kick that went flying. Or what about this one, someone from your team passed you the ball, you ran to get it, but you triped and fall into a huge pile of mud. What a bummer it is to come so close to getting the ball, but yet was so far away cause of one trip. But after we fall, we usually get back up and go head on into the game again. But what if it felt like you just ran into a brick wall? Are you willing to get back into the game?

Why am I telling you about this game with God and Satan? Well, mainly because we are playing a game of Soccer, and we are on one or the other team. This pass few weeks, It seems like I have missed passes, and missed goal shots left and right. I havn't been reading the Bible much, and I still felt super bad for not being able to tell Pastor Dave ahead of time about not going to the missions trip {tho I found out myself the day before} Then, I went to church Sunday morning. {I went even tho I had about 4 hours of sleep the night before, and about 3 hours the night before that} It seemed as if God was kicking the ball to me left and right and I had no time to react to each ball, so they all hit me. After praying quietly to myself, I felt like I was at peace for a few seconds. I was able to stop a ball from hitting me. Now, I can use that ball to help the game out, Just I have to keep my focus on God, and keep up with where He wants me to be at in life, and in the game. because if I am not where I was suppose to be, then someone on the other team could get the ball and make another goal. It is hard to look at the posative side of things when we are too busy looking at the negative. But even in a hard game of soccer, there is posative all around.

When I was on the soccer team for a week, I felt really good about myself, even after running around the court a few times, and doing drills left and right. The team mates where always encouraging me to keep going, even when I felt like giving up- I didn't. It was all worth it in the end. I didn't made the team because of something that wasn't sent {my ACT scores}. I've learn a whole lot about the sport I love so much. I am not the best at the game, but just knowing that I can be better is a great feeling. Someday, I'll play soccer with my grandpa, and maybe even Jesus.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today is my Dad's birthday, He is 48 years old now. A friend of my dad at work didn't believe my dad when he told him that his birthday was today. We got off work at 12 am, which I was so happy about, and my phone started going off. I didn't understand why, because who in their right {maybe left} minds would call me at midnight?. When I looked at my phone, it told me that it was Dad's birthday. I forgot that I had set it to go off. "Happy Birthday Daddy," I said as soon as he jumped into the van. I was the 1st person to tell him that. Anyways, I have nothing to give to my dad for his birthday, I could never top off what Joy had given to Him for Father's day. Joy gave my dad a new son. A son that loves the Lord and loves Joy very much. Joy may not be 19082498732578% beautiful like you may see in show-business, but deep down inside she is more beautiful than any of them put together. Chris is very Blessed to have her in his life, and my dad is very blessed to have a daughter like Joy and a new son like Chris. But over all, just being ourselves is the best gift we can give to our Dad, even if we act like little monkies at times.

But there is no monkey buniess here, it is all serious. There is absolutly no fun that goes on, and no fights. We are just perfect angels, and no-one is scared of us because we have a normal family.

It's about time to say hello to our new life, and say good-bye to our old. The world doesn't go around us, it goes around the sun. It's funnie how we all go by what the clock says. Sometimes it is just great just sitting outside in the sun, and seeing how things change on it's own. The grass doesn't stay short, it grows. The Flowers doesn't stay hidden in the ground, it too also grows. Once upon a time it was just a little, tiny seed, and now it is a tree that is tall. It's great just seeing how it's not always sunny outside, or always night outside. The day changes each second, even if we notice it or not.

No matter how mad you get at someone, you still love them loads. Even if you think what they are doing is stupid or wrong. No matter how often I disliked Joy, for something she said or something she lectured me about, I love her so much and I am very proud that she is my sister. She is a keeper, even if she is 21 hours away from me. Chris is also a keeper in the family, and she is very Blessed to have met him.