Sunday, September 24, 2006

I have a hard time getting up in the morning and doing my devos, but i noticed that i am needing it now more than ever. Things here at home are going crazzie. If it's not one thing, it's another {almost like work, and the part i am always checking -which keeps you safe}. Well, we are almost done fixing up the house from that tree, but this week we've been having water problems. Can't take a shower without a pool in the basement. I woke up this morning {like i have been doing everyday since i was born, and lucky you- you too!}, and just as i was about to take that step off the bed- i saw water. O-boy! We have a house payment due soon, and things are going wrong. 0-wells, I know my Father can take care of it all. My dad, of course, wasn't too happy about it all, but i had to tell him before something really bad goes wrong. I never heard my parents fight since i was in the beginning of highschool, but they went at it for a while. It's alright now, but it was very strange to hear them yell at each other and not at one of the kids. I remember one time when they came close to seperating, i needed a freind but got none. But the more i think about it now, the more i see that i did had a friend throughout it all- and that was Jesus. I didn't need a human freind at all. At the time i was hurt and just wanted to be huged, but Christ was huging me the whole time. Pastor Marriott had said that when trials come along, don't shut the Bible but open it. {well something along that line}. That is so true, and when i opened the Bible, the first thing i see is how Christ loves me, and then i see how one Jewish girl can change things around for the kingdom and help many other Jews in the end. That is one reason why i love learning about WW2, because there were alot of people out there who were willing to help out one or two or more Jews. They couldn't save them all, but there were alot that were saved, and lot of them saw how the Lord was there thought it all. What a great God we have!

Scrapbooking! What a blessing it is to get your creative side out by using paper and scrap. When i first started getting into it, I was so bad. But at first, i was just putting pictures on a paper and putting stickers on it like crazzie. In the end, it looked like a tornado had hit. So i took it apart and thought i should start fresh. When i did, i love it in the end. Now i am making pages like the picture you see here. It's not one that i had done, but over the years i have learned that other people are into scrapbooking also. I take some of their ideas and add my own and put it into my scrapbook. That's what scrapbooking is all about, having your own way of making a page bring out a picture or two. Everyone's idea on something is different, and fun. One doesn't have to have all the "items" to make a good scrapbook. Just get a paper, and throw pictures on it, and then add other little things like a string or another paper. You can use the newspaper, or use a notebook, either way, it'll look great because it is you.

I thought about doing a scrapbook about my time away from school. But then i thought it would be so cool to do one about school. But the sad thign is, i don't have alot of pictures of school. 0-Wells.

Work! Who in their right mind loves to work? Okies, I am sure there are many people who love working. In fact, I kinda do too. Sometimes, working can just keep my mind off of things, or keep it on things. I believe that i do more thinking at work than i do at home. Crazzie ah? I thought so too.

Have you ever worked too much that it just tired you out? I guess that is what school is all about, sleep. One works to stay in school, to study, to pass the class, and to have fun. We all work at something or another. Right now, other than working at a job and trying to fit time in to have fun, i am working on getting to know Christ more. It's not very easy for me like it may be fore many people. I have a hard time really believeing that Christ loves me. I know He does, but it is kinda hard because I grew up being depressed and bitter for many years. It is very easy to get into that stage, but to get out is a million times harder. I am not 100% out of it, but i think i am almost there -with Christ's help i can make it. Well, whereever you are at and whatever you are working on, I do hope that you are not sleeping on the Job. My real job is to tell others about Christ, and someday I know that i will be able to tell others about Christ in a great way. But for now, I shall be myself and help. Help how? Well, by showing others and by letting them know that Christ is coming soon. I shall not be sleeping on this job, because i love helping others out. I thought about what i wanted to do with my life while i was in Highschool. At first, i thought it would be pretty easy, but it isn't. But it is what i want to do with Christ's help, and be able to help others out too. I want to be a couselor or a Psychologist. I wouldn't mind starting off with a job like a secatary, or something with computers {typing out letters for the boss.} What would be super awesome would be scrapbooking for others. Not many people know i am into that short of thing, but i am, and the more i get into it and see other ideals, the better i get. {Don't believe me, then ask my older sister.} But who would want a stranger do a scrapbook, or who would want me to do something like that? I don't care, i do it for the fun of it anyways. It is loads of fun, just like Soccer!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

We are all Human!!

"Plain people" seem to be very different from us "normal people". But no matter how different we may be, we are all the same in many ways. We are all human being, and we all came from One. The way we live may be different from each other. I often wonder what it would be like to live their life style. For a week, a month or a year or two. I wouldn't mind wearing a dress and a "prayer cap" everyday. The hardest thing for me will have to be working with no music. I can easily get use to of getting up very early, and working like the woman do. But to sew without any music will have to be very hard. But the best thing that I am sure that I would enjoy, would have to be all the cooking the woman have to do. I love learning how to make things, and to learn it from handmade would be very sweet. {I got this picture from another web-site}.

I know that the Amish people don't like their picture taken of their front without their permission. How I know this is from this kid {When my youth group was on a Mission's trip to Cornawango,NY} who took a picture of a couple who was riding in a buggie. Well, as they passed us by on the road, the woman kinda yelled out saying, "Shouldn't you ask before taking that picture?" The group i was with thought it was funny, but i thought she was right. It was kinda funnie how she said it, but it was very rude of the kid to have taken it without any permission. I also remember watching two girls {from my church} getting their picture taken by a friend. Just as the friend snaped the picture a buggy had pasted by. I didn't see the picture, but i am sure it was a sweet one, because they didn't planed it to happen like that at all.

Other than wanting to "hang" out with the Amish people, I wouldn't mind trying out what it'll be like to be in Juvenile {Juvi}. I wouldn't want to do anything bad to get myself in there, but just to know what they go through. There was this one girl who told me everything that went on in the Juvi, like what they do with their time and what they do when they act up. There was this one show on where there was this one guy who was living out in jail for 30 days. I didn't see the beginning, but i am sure that he didn't do anything bad. But it showed him being locked up in a room on this own for a few days. He went on saying how it was really boring because you have noone to talk to but yaself. I beg to differ, because God is always there with you whenever you need Him, even just to talk. I am sure if I went and did this, then it could help me get closer to God alot faster {mainly because i'll be locked up and have nothing else to do.}.

It's strange how one starting thinking about something and then when they go to church, the pastor preaches on that thing one was thinking about. Like the other day, i was thinking about death. I am not scare to die, but i often wonder how i am to die. Would it be painful, or would it be in my sleep? I wouldn't mind dieing for Christ in some way. Like someone is making fun of Christ, So i end up telling them otherwise. They get all mad at me and start beating me up leaving me to die. I really don't know how i am to die, or when, but i know that the Lord will use it in a great way. What would be very sweet is not being able to die at all. How? Well, by Christ coming, and I'll meet Him in the sky. If one doesn't know the Lord, then it would be hard for them to understand why so many people vanished.

I also wonder what it would be like to have "super powers". I sometimes wonder if i had a "super power" what would it be! To tell you the turth, i really don't know. I wouldn't mind being able to read minds, but there are too many people who think incorrectly that i am sure i wouldn't want to know. I wouldn't mind being invisable, but i already knows how it feels to be invisable in life. I wouldn't mind being flexable, but it'll only look strange to have my arms reach from one room to the next. To tell you the turth, having "super powers" would just be boring, because you'll just have the same one over and over. I guess if i could be any one of the X-men, i would want to be Storm. Why? Well, because she can control the weather, inside or outside. It would be very nifty to show my emotion by the weather. Sad-rain, happy-sunny, hurt-snow, lonely-foggy, mad-thunderstorm or just very windy, etc..

I really don't understand why people have to talk about my hieght everytime they see me. Or having to listen to people tease me way too much about my height. I think i know that i am short, so why bring it up? If i can change my height, then I would. I wouldn't mind just being 5'5, or 5'something. But lucky me, i am still 4'something. No 5' at all. O-wells. There is a reason for it, just will take time to see it. In the mean-time, I'll have to get used to of being teased too much, and the conversations.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anybody there?... Don't you, at times, feel lonely like a lonely box? Sometimes, being alone is good, but to feel lonely everyday isn't really good for a person. It takes over your thoughts, making you think that noone in the world could ever care for you. It takes over your heart too, at times, and make you wish to go back in time or worse. But the best way to spend your lonely time, is to spend it with God. When one does, then those thoughts go away. It's amazing how one thought can take over your life, but one look in the right direction can change your life around.

I've been reading a book that my sister had read, about an Amish girl who is crippled. Reading it made me think about my own life. I am like that Amish girl. When she was young, she took the fact aht she can't use her legs and made it into something very cheerful, but as she got older, she thought more about her crippleless than what God wants. When I was a little girl, I was so outgoing that noone scared me, but now..It's like i am more focused on how i look rather than what God wants. It is very hard to do such a thing. But, I am getting there. Slowly! The more i read the Bible, and the more i think about things, the more i realize that I need God. I need Him more than anything else.

But when i am alone, i know that God is there taking care of me. He loves me so much, just it is hard to believe such a thing at times.

Well, work is going alright. I have this guy hating me. I think it is very sweet, because i never had a guy hating me because i was feeling unconfortable with someone watching me work. O-wells. I'll let him be all mad at me, i can't do anything about it but to pray. Other than that guy, two other guys have captured me. What i mean by that, is that i love hanging out with them and getting to know them as friends. They are both married with kids, so no falling in love and no worries. both are Born-again, and both are very kind. I am spoiled around them, talking about God's Word or having them help me out with this or that. It's great.

My room will be getting fix sometime this week. I am excited, because not only is the wall being fixed, it'll be painted too. Kaytie and I are thinking that it'll look very sweet if we had it painted light purple then spunge light blue over it. mega girly and totally us.

Well, that is that.. Those who are at school, enjoy!! and those who are not, still enjoy life!! Peace Out!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Do you like to clean? Well, I am not like most people, I LOVE to clean. But i find it to be hard to clean when one back is hurting them loads. O-wells, at least I am able to clean while i am off work for the three-day weekend. Yeah thats what i said, Three-day weekend. The roof of our house is done, the tree is down, and the stump of the tree is gone {just a mess outside is left}. But now, we need our room to be fix, and the window to be repaired. So, Lucky me.. i get to clean out my room and Joy's room.

Books!! Books!! Books!!.. Have you ever seen a libray in a house before? Well, If we did had a library at home, we would be able to fit in 4 libraies. yeah, thats what I said. Anyways, I have no idea what to do with the books that is in Joy's room, and I am not sure how i am going to get the books that i like to be moved into Joy's room. It's just one crazzie thing.

Well, today my mom desided to "help" me clean Joy's room. Mom went threw the things i was going to throw away and asked me each time, "Couldn't you use this for this, or couldn't you use it for scrapbooking." So I desided to do something simple.. Look, many cloths.. So i went and grabed what i wanted, and had my mom go throw the rest. It was great, she actually threw things away.. "My lil girl is growing up.." jk.

What a blessing it is to go through my things, and remember things. Like, i have this wooden thing that my grandpa had made- which is painted orange. Just thinking about it made me smile, because my grandpa didn't really like the color orange, he just happened to have alot of orange paint that he tried to use up on things. It is amazing with how God was through it all in my life. He knew it was the best time to have my grandpa die, even if i wish he could've stayed a bit longer. But it is still a blessing to have been able to know my grandpa.

I found a little photo album Joy had when we were younger. It was strange to look at some of the pictures of when I was younger. There was a picture of kaytie and i outside playing around with sticks... well, my hair was chopped short {shorter then it is now}. The story behind that short hair-cut, My hair was long {down to my butt}, and my mom took hold of the sissors and cut my hair. Yeah, endding of the story, it was picture day at school, and my hair wasn't long anymore. .

Wowsie, it was strange. My mom and I got talking about men, and gentlemens. Who-ever thought that there really are gentlemens out there?.. Well, there are a few, but they are hard to find in a city. For-surely here in Michigan. Either they {the men} are too "cool", or they are too "ghetto".

Well, happy labor day all!! {I am glad to be able to have a day off work and get pay for it too...}