Friday, November 27, 2009


I had flew down to California to see him for 2 weeks {had 2 more weeks off of work}. I had a blast helping out with YEC, and a lovely time with Stephen. We played pool and a game of bowling. we ate out a few times, made dinner togther, watched movies, sang, and just hanged out whenever he wasn't at work. I had even walked up to his work one day and surprised him {tho, his boss told him that a girl was looking for him.. haha}. It was great being able to spend 2 weeks with him again. He is a sweet man.

He came up here to Alaska for my birthday. It was AMAZING!! I wouldn't change anything besides more time with him. We watched movies, played with the kids, shopped, ate out, sight-seeing, and just hanged out together. I truly am missing him ever so much. Not having him here is very sad. I love having him around. I love playing around with him and just being silly.

For my birthday, we took the family out and played a game of bowl. It was a blast watching the kids playing for the 1st time. Lil Delaney would roll the ball ever so silly... one time the ball stopped before hitting the pins down.. haha. Lil Jameson would yell out "I win" everytime he rolled the ball down... and he would say that before the ball even made it half way down the lane. Super cute.

Stephen and I ate lunch with the Pastor and his wife on my birthday. It was very awesome just being able to hang out with them for a bit and talked with them.. letting them get to know Stephen {and even me} a bit. For Dinner, i went to Barb's place... i go each Sunday night. This time i was super excited to be able to let Stephen meet more people i hang out with, and get to know them a bit.. Stephen had tooken a nap, and ended up not going because he wouldn't get up. I was ever so disappointed. I cried the way there, and was just bummed out during dinner. But then ended up having a great time once we started playing Dominoes. I think that is my new fav. game to play with them {enough to make me look forward to playing it}. I didn't win.... Jeremy ended up going out mega fast, and making me have 103pts in one round.. haha. It's alright- i had fun. I forgave Stephen for not going, but deep down felt sad about it all.. he truly missed out on a blessing, and for what? Sleep.. He surely could've slept in. But really, this is the only thing that got to me about him.

I've been learning how to edit pictures a bit.. doing more in-depth stuff.. This week we went over how to make eyes {or something} pop... So i did a pic of me and made my eyes pop.. SUPER awesome. it was ever so easy.. Surely will be doing this more often. We also did a pic in a bubble.. We had to make the bubble 1st, and then add the picture.. This 2 was easy.. at 1st i had to redo certain steps a few times in order to get it.. but now know what to do.. YAYS! I picked this one with Jameson and Stephen... I LOVE IT... the kids took a liken to him. When we went to pick him up at the airport- the kids were very exited to see him. {but not as much as i was}. I surely am missing him loads now- since he left to ho back to "life". I have a 4 day weekend.. YAYS! Ate dinner with the family, then hanged out with people at church. today i just hanged out here and slept in. tomorow i am going to hang out with Rekann {since she is in town.. YAYS!}, and then go to church on Sunday. and thats my life as of right now!!
Elijah had his 1st Thanksgiving.. I wonder what went on... like what their tradition is. Guess i'll have to find out another time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just to make you smile:

This is a list of comments from test papers, essays, etc., submitted to science and health teachers by elementary, junior high, high school, and college students. The spellings are the original ones.

1. H2O is hot water, and CO2 is cold water.

2. To collect fumes of sulphur, hold a deacon over a flame in a test tube.

3. When you smell an oderless gas, it is probably carbon monoxide.

4. Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin. Hydrogin is water and gin.

5. A super saturated solution is one that holds more than it can hold.

6. Liter: A nest of young puppies.

7. Magnet: Something you find crawling all over a dead cat.

8. Momentum: What you give a person when they are going away.

9. Vacuum: A large, empty space where the pope lives.

10. The pistol of the flower is its only protection against insects.

11. A fossil is an extinct animal. The older it is, the more extinct it is.

12. To remove dust from the eye, pull the eye down over the nose.

13. For a nosebleed: Put the nose much lower that the heart until the heart stops.

14. For head colds: use an agonizer to spray the nose until it drops in your throat.

15. Germinate: To become a naturalized German.

16. The tides are a fight between the Earth and moon. All water tends towards the moon, because there is no water on the moon, and nature abhors a vacuum. I forget where the sun joins in this fight.

17. Blood flows down one leg and up the other.
I am ever so excited.. I am going to surprise Stephen. He doesn't know when I am coming, though he knows that I am coming {only because I had ended up asking if he'll take Holloween off of work}. I am playing with ideas of what to do when I get there.... but I an considereing one of them. I just can't wait to hang out with him again in person. His roomie will be there when I get in, so I know I won't be locked outside for a few hours or whatnots.

Kids are going to their other grandparents. I am very glad for this break, yet- am scared that the grandma is going to mess up the whole nap time I have going on. I finally got it to the point where I can just put Jameson in the bed, tuck him in, and leave without him fellowing me out. Delaney is either watching a movie or had a story before sleeping {depends on her mood wither after school or throughout the morning}. The grandma loves to sleep, so I am scared that she'll get the kids used to sleeping with her for naps- and then expect it from me when they get back. They both were very cranky the 1st month they were back from their other grandparents, thati am also scared they'll be like that again. O-BOY!!

ANYWAYS-- I am super excited to see Stephen again. I am missing him tons, and it's only been a few months since I last saw him. Yeah, I am crazzie about him. *grins* I am also excited about being able to use his camera again... it's gonna be fun! I've been getting very creative with picture taking lately.. yays! Recently finished my own little project of the ABCs.. Its so awesome.. I am thinking about doing Numbers.. but I am not sure how I want to do it just yet.. either 1.2.3 or One.Two.Three. or One item. Two items.Three items. etc.. will think about it some more.

Well- thats that for now! :D

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Oh man.. i am having way to much fun with taking pictures and editing them. I've started my own lil project- along with at least a picture a day.. I am doing the ABCs.. like A= Animals.. B=Books..etc.. I am not all the way done, but i am getting there. Sometimes, something just comes to me- or i just know what i want to do for a letter. A girl on this mom-site i am going to, encouraged me to go with this plan i had by asking us to find something that starts with a Z.. i pretty much cheated and looked online to see what all started with a 'Z" besides zebra and zoo... there was a small list somewhere, and on it was a Zipper.. "OH DUH!!" i thought to myself.. i should've known that. It's so crazzie how something so simple can be, and we miss it or forget it. For now i am posting my ABCs on FB.. but will post them here when i have them all.. I am also going to print them up so i can add them to the journal i am doing for my favorite boy! {thats because i only have one boy right now}.

Oh man.. I can't wait to go to these places in these pics. Stephen had tooken both of them.. just seeing these pics, i already have creative way of taking pics that i want to see how they turn out. This one with the bridge is one of my fav that he tooken.. I was thinking to myself as i was looking through his pics of the bridge of how awesome it'll be to get a pic from the side.. and BAM- this pick came up. I love it.. I shall play around with editing it. {i know he won't kill me for it..haha}

So this other lady posted this site about this guy who did a wedding for someone {taking pics} and he was sooooooooooooooo bad. heads missing, etc.. It didn't look like any professional took it.. maybe he was from Wal-Mart.. anyways, he made the wedding look like it was in the 80s or something and not recently.. I for surely wouldn't want someone taking pics of my wedding like that. I have a few people in my head that i would love to do my wedding pics, tho i may just end up having Sarah do them- I love her work, and she really inspired me alot recently with getting into photography. I am playing around with edits, but also am taking this online class with a group- super awesome! Downloaded 2 sites, one is mega easy to learn and the other is mega confusing {but i am sure through this class thing, i'll understand it... then know what people mean by layering- and whatnots}. I found out what burning does- and its totally not what i thought it was.. it's mainly to soften the color... i thought it was to burn the edges as if you would put a picture in a fire and let the edges burn a bit. haha- crazzie me!

I am pretty nervous about going to the Nanny school soon.. I am not for surely sure what to expect besides classes. at least i won't have to worry about having a job or two just to kinda pay a bill. so yays!! so thats about $10,000 i don't have to worry about- YAYS! It's for 3 months, and going to be fun. At least i will also have a job right away and not have to go through a company or whatnots. Super yays! Then i plan on maybe starting my own scrapbooking business here.. Will make flyers or whatnots and see if i can make some scrapbook for peoples. I may not be a professional- but i surely would love to make scrapbooks as a side-business/hobby. So photography and editing will help alot i am sure! Even if i just use make a few of their pics to be background {like of a sunset or something}, i can edit so it's not too over-powering the other pics that will be over it. Oh-man, i am excited about it! :D

So Shayna called me today.. as we were talking, her other phone ranged. so she asked if she could call back when she is done... yeah- a few hours later and still no call.. but it's alright! Maybe she got busy and forgot {which i do many times}. But it was pretty cool to hear from her. Kevin is coming up in a few weeks.. i am hoping i can see Elijah- if not, then maybe pictures at least {that would be pretty cool}. I surely do miss him, and wonder what it would've been like had i kept him... I may not be this strong in my walk with God, and i may not be this into photography, i surely wouldn't be able to do alot of things with the college kids {mainly because i would be taking care of him}. but he surely is blessed where he is at. :D i sure do love my lil Elijah.. he will forever be my 1st born, my 1st son. Now i fully understand why it was mega hard on pharoah when the 1st born child was killed in Egypt, and why it was very hard on Mary to see Jesus on the cross {so i would think anyways, as a mom}.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So I joined this one group of this site i've been going to.. and they have a thing going on where you take a pic each day.. part of a 365 project.. So i've been doing it with the group since it started-- Sept 6th.. And i surely am getting into it, and just can't miss a day.. I am always taking pics, and loading them onto another site to post one pic. I am having a blast with editing pictures since i downloaded a few editing programs {free}.. yays! So here are the pics i have taken so far.. sorry.. not in order- but ya get the idea.. :D

Saturday, September 05, 2009

So, someone posted a think asking us to show our favorite shoes... I picked this one over my brown shoes.. Why? because I wear these everywhere and everyday. They are so comfortable. I am glad that i had brough a pair like these back in college- bc i am hooked on this kind of shoes now. I am having a blast taking pictures in new ways, and editing pictures. I am very glad that i joined this one site for moms. For me, i truely think this pic {of the shoes} is one of the best edits i've done. I just love how the colors just POPS... kinda as if i had tooken this pic from a magazine {which i didn't, those are indeed my shoes---tiny}

I got into watching this show about the guy who found Titanic.. It reminded me of how much we should be searching for God everyday. I mean... noone had found the ship, and this guy wanted to be the 1st to find it so bad. The Navy ended up helping him, if he only found 2 subs and tell why they disappeared {he went under cover for that, and couldn't tell anyone about his mission}.. by the time he found the sus, he only had 2 weeks to find the Titanic.. But taking in what he learned from looking for the subs- he was indeed able to find the Titanic. He was so determine to find it, that he wouldn't give up throughout that 2 weeks {and yes, he did find it.. back in 1985---sweet year!}. We should also be so determine to look for God each day- yet it isn't hard to find Him.. we should really be wanting to go to Him and do what He wants... Yeah, i know- i am bad at explaining this, but i truly believe that we should daily be seeking Him... and watching this show had help me see that more so.

I really need to seek Him out more. I am planing on getting this serious on this guy who preaches.. not just preaches- but puts a new AWE in2 people's lives... like this one he did about the universe, then about the body.. Laminin is indeed my new favorite thing about my body... I am being held by MILLIONS n MILLIONS of tiny crosses, and guess what??? you are too.. {rather you are a believer or not, black or white, tall or short, skinny or fat, old or young..etc}.

People worry about stupid things... "This pic isn't perfect" or "my job is laying people off".. Don't you think that God will take care of it all? A picture is only perfect as you want it to be, and if you do loose your job, then wouldn't God take care of you? Oh how much we take for granted, and how much we forget things. I forgot how much i love Him.. and having to give up Elijah helped me realized how much i do love Him.. He gave me life, and He provides for everything. I just want to walk with Him, and i just want to know Him... more than anyone.. I want to make people jealous {enough for them to want more time with Him}. I don't want to worry anymore, or be scared {tho, that is easier said than done}. I WANT TO BE A WOMAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART!! And for me to do that- i will indeed need help.. i will need to get into the Bible more, and i will need to be encouraged.

Well.. thats life for now..

Yesterday was mega crazzie.. had kids till about 5:30, then went to the Bible Study at 9:30-11:30, then a group of us went to the church and painted a few walls outside... got home at 2:30am then had to be up by 6:30. But, praise the Lord i only had to watch Jameson for a few hours while Delaney was at church, and then put them down for a nap after lunch- and then Daron came home just as kids got up.. yays! took a nap, then went for a walk {since it had stopped raining}. that was my day. Yays for a weekend!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I last posted...been pretty busy lately.

Let see- Forth of July came- it was a blast being here in AK. Daron and Jenice had a few people came over, and I had my best friend Kjerstin come over.. we watched fireworks with the family. The kids loved it, and I enjoyed hearing their "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" and "Wows". We went to the parade. Delaney was going to be in it, but decided at the last minute she didn't want to be in it.. So Jenice and Delaney was a few blocks from where Daron, Jameson and I was at. There were TONS of people {good thing there was no cruise ships at that time}

Jameson had wanted to get water out of the wagon, so he would climb in and then climb out.. then have Daron open it,, then when he was done he would climb back into the wagon to put the bottle of water back.. Super cute!!
Kjerstin and I went to the Sandy Beach where there are things going on.. so we let Delaney hang out with us. there wasn't a whole lot to do, but I am glad that we were able to take Delaney. Of course, Delaney was super excited about riding a horse for the 1st time. She loved it tons. {I wish I have a nice camera to take pics,, but I am glad that my phone takes pictures}.

After riding the horse, we walked up the street a bit to watch the fire-fighter's race. What is a fire-fighter's race?? Well, it's where they have 2 teams of 4 people, and they see who can connect the hoses together the fastest and spray the water. It was all just for fun, and it was fun to watch..

Then a week after 4th of July, I was able to go to CA and see Stephen. It was a blast. He has a very nice Nikon camera that he let me use.. and boy was I taking pictures. I went for walks when he was at work and snaped pictures, being creative or just snapping them at the right moment. I so wanted to ask to take it with me, since he barely use it- and i surely would put it to use {since i use my phone camera a TON}

Seeing Stephen again surely was a blessing. I got to know him better in person, and got to spend alot more time with him in person. Even though he had to work alot, we were able to spend a ton more time together than if I hadn't gone down there.

We watched movies, talked, cooked, danced, played around together {lagos}, and just spent time together. We also drove down to his dad's fiance's place and stayed there over the weekend. It was awesome being able to meet his dad. When we got there, Stephen went ahead and snooped around the house looking for his sword {which is a nice sword indeed}.

While we were at his dad's, we went to play bowling. It was AWESOME. I lost all 3 games, but it was so much fun that I don't care that I lost {i did got a few strikes in it-yays}. Lonnie {Stephen's dad} is super good at it, that he kept creaming us. It was very good.

I enjoy flying.. but leaving CA was ever so hard.. Stephen gave me a god-bye hug, and i didn't want to let go nor walk away. I miss him ever so much. even tho we talk on the phone at times, and text alot- its not the same as being there with him.

I had a week to myself with the crazzie dog... it was alright. i was able to clean alot, and hang out with Kjerstin before she left for NY. The day after i got back, I was able to see Rekann for a short time before she left bc of work. It was a nice week- tho i wished i had that time with Stephen... A few days before Rekann left, we went to the Glacier one night and saw some bears. It was very awesome being able to see them up close.

There was a Baby bear in the tree {pic} and a Mom bear walking around below the tree {close to us, but not close enough to harm us}. Then we saw the bears eat some fish- very amazin. The smell was bad- because of the dead fishes that was laying around. But over all- it was a great memory. I got Kjerstin a shirt she had wanted, so i gave it to her the night before she left.

I had gotten a recent picture of Elijah while i was in CA. He is ever so handsome.. still have my hair, eyes {color} and smile. I wish he was smiling at me, but i am sure he was just smiling at Kevin who was holding him. I so much wish i kept him, but at the same time- i know this is what is best for him. I had joined this site for moms, and a group i joined is on adoption.. alot of the members were adopted- so it is very interesting hearing their stories. And the sadest story i heard was how this one girl doesn't want to call her real mom "mom".. Oh- i so would love it if Elijah would call me "mom" when he meets me. He will ALWAYS be my SON-- not just Elijah or just another kid... he is MINE, and my 1st born. I see why God wants us to give Him our 1st fruits... I gave Him Elijah and He will bless me later on in life {i just know it}. Giving him up was the HARDEST thing ever- but hearing those adoption stories, Elijah has it ever so good.. He will have 2 parents loving him and 3 siblings... and also 2 real parents loving him and 3 half siblings. He will have a journal from me- and pictures of his birth. some of the adoptee's don't even know much of their young lives or much about their real mom. That is just mega sad.

The Sun has been shining here and there lately.. YAYS! I had tooken the kids out for a walk. They love walking to the bridge.. while we were on the bridge, Delaney just had to stop to look at a random bug. It's interesting watching the kids and how they interact with things. I am also learning how to edit pictures and have been playing around with different pictures i either have or have taken recently. {pic in a pic is something i recently found out about editing-YAYS!}

We had went to Downtown to walk around... there is a lil deck for boats. So we went on it and looked at the view and at the HUGE cruise ships. They are always asking to go on the deck now- or what joy it is to find cheap {free} places to go to.

I also had tooken them to the beach the other day. The sun is up, and so i am going to enjoy the sun while we still have it. It's been rainy lately. yesterday i tooken them to Eagle Beach and we saw a Star-Fish. Today, there were some Whales in the channel just outside the house. It was VERY awesome to see.. Jameson loved it loads, Delaney was in school at the time {so she missed out on it}.

The awesome thing about being here in AK is that wild life is EVERYWHERE... There are Eagles flying around, fish in the water, Whales, Dophines, Seals, Deers, Bears, and bugs {tons of spiders-- YUCK!}. I am learning more and more about being a mom {tho, it's not with my kids}. Jameson is about ready to be potty-trained.. so Jenice said she is going to get me a book about training the kids for that. And since i am with the kids most of the time, i get to be the main cheerleader. I feel bad for the parents, because they want to be here with the kids and take care of them- yet they want to continue working.

Well.. that is that.. there still is tons more to tell- but this will do for now.. :D