Friday, March 30, 2007

What a blessing it is to see how God can give us something so small- yet it seems so big to us. I heard about all those tornados out in TX... mega crazziness. To us, that seems to be something so huge- but to God, it's just a small thing. Almost like playing lagos- small toys to us and yet we can distroy what we made within seconds. God doesn't want to distroy us tho- just want to wake us up a bit. We are falling asleep- just like those men did the night before Jesus was nailed to the cross. But what a huge blessing it is to know that He rosed from the dead 3 days later, and washed our hearts as white as snow.

Now, this year off of college has been crazzie. There are days where I am having a blast, and others--well, not so good. There are so much going on, and yet nothing is going on. I've been going through some inner-challenges..and i've been beating myself up over it all, but once i prayed and gave it to God, things been getting a bit better. Well, ,maybe not better in a way i wish it would be, but my attitude is better. Sure, i do miss college {even the classes; and the homework; and the long hours of working in the kitchen without anything to eat until i get back to my room; and the time spent getting to know new friends n old friends; and the time being spent at church with those trouble makers.......i mean...Angels...}, but the Lord wants me home for now. I am not sure whatever why for- but there is a reason. I do believe that i have grown so much--maybe not in hieght, or in ways one wishes... but i have grown. I've learned to listen more, and to speak up more {mainly speaking up- because i am pretty bad at that}.. I've learned to not think about "What if?" , but to think more on "When?". When I am done with this war, I will be at peace; When this task is over, I will move onto that other task over that huge hill...

This week has been a blessing at work. I haven't worked on 548 for more than 6 hours total {besides today.. but i didn't mind being on it today- seeing how i had my own lil vacation being off of it}. I've been working on these "spares" type parts. I enjoyed it very much.. they weigh about 20lb each- and does ache ya arms after a while.. but i don't mind it. Yesterday, i got to work with Lil Joe {picture of him being himself- silly}...outside {which never happens}... so we were havign a blast.. then when it got a bit chilly, we moved inside. Big Joe came and helped us. That was a blast, the Joes and I. They are both very funnie in their own ways. I have one who makes fun of himself and the other makes it seem like he doesn't like me {but i know he does...}. He-Big Joe- told me that he got my laugh down-pack {which he doesn't. LOL}.. Today, I threw a glove at Big Joe- but he didn't saw me, so he threw it at Lil Joe,.. Lil Joe threw it back and hit Big Joe on the head.. then Big Joe threw it back {but missed}.. great fun starting things and not being in it all. LOL..

Well- that is kinda whats going on nows... Crazzie is normal- or maybe normal is Crazzie.. One may never know!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Waking up!

It was early in the morning in Scotland. I wake up and look into the room that was starting to show some light. I climb out of bed and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. I walk quietly down the stairs to the kitchen and grab myself a drink of water and an apple. I put on my shoes and walk outside into the cool air. Looking into the sky, i see a beautiful sun rise beyond the moutians. I walk to a stable and tend to the horses. When they are grassing in the distance, I take a shower and then sit on the porch as i read.

That would be a perfect place to wake up each morning. Waking up knowing that you will see the sunrise each day, and being able to spend your days with horses. I love horses!! I would love to also wake up knowing that i can help someone- somehow. I want to help people with their problems, or with something. I love kids, so if babysitting their kids will help them- then i'll do it. I babysat 3 boys during HS- but the mom always paid me. I felt very bad taking the money from her {even if it was $10}. When i was able to babysit as i was in College, i was able to convience the mom to not pay me. I wouldn't take the money from her, even if i needed it. I love helping someone out, enough to give them my money that i know i would need in the long-run.

I guess, it would be so awesome to wake up to a world where they don't judge you for your looks or by how you grew up. {One big reason why i love this new church i am going to.} I don't like all this killings that are going on. So a world where noone is killing someone just because, would be very wonderful.

OKies.. so this is Fun Monday #10... How would we want to wake up?!!? OKies- for my crazzie side of waking up!!!

It was a new day, and the sun was showing on this wonderful warm morning. I look up as I laid their and see purple carboard! Then I look to my right and see the ally-way that i called "Home". I climb out of my "house" and run to the end of the ally-way. I stop and listen to the cars drive by, then walk back to my "house". Thinking to myself, 'What a wonderful day! Noone is swearing, and noone is mad. Many smiles on the faces of people, and make helpful hand when someone falls. What a wonderful home i have. Noone else in the world has a purple box for their house. '

okies, i really don't want to live in a ally-way or in a box. It's just a crazzie joke i have with a good friend of mine. We claimed that we lived in boxes, then we moved onto cretes, then she moved onto dumbters. The truth of the matter is that we don't really live there... we live in houses. I couldn't mind a picture of a box that was purple!!.. maybe someday i will, and will post it up just because!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun Monday #9
We are to tell of our typical day. Tell of what we do on a normal day {what is a normal day?}

Monday Morning! I wake up and just lay there for a little while. {Yes, i have about 5 blankets- and i keep a kneenex by me because i was sick before and just never moved the box.} So I wake up anytime from 11-1. That bed is very confy, and it is bigger than a twin size- yeahhhhhhhhhhs..
Then I put the T.V. on for a bit and watch something or just do my bloging. Yes, that is Curious George. Then at 2 I get ready really fast {within 10 mins-tops} Then off to work I go.
I usually work on this one part that is for the safety belt. I make sure all the welds are on it, and that the right parts are on the right way. There is a lot to look for. {The picture is what i always see to my right}. We never know how long we are working until we get to work- and sometimes it's not until Lunch break when we find out. It is either 8 or 10 hours. So we get off at wither 11:30 or at 1:30am. I see if there was a show recorded- Survivor or Heroes or something else.
Then I come back on here and check my blog and see who of my friends are brave enough to be up. Then off to bed i go. This is my usually typical day from Monday-Friday {but on Friday, I sometimes stay up later- Watching movies with my mom or just talking to her.} Kinda boring ah? Yeah, I think so to. When I am at school, each day is always different. I work different days and do different things, I go to different classes each day, and the weekends are usually crazzie.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I think that it is kinda sad seeing how people are so against those who are Muslims. Sure there are some Muslims who maybe shouldn't even be here in the USA.. but there are also those who are not Muslims that shouldn't even be here in the USA too. I have nothing against Muslims, because i know that there are a few very good people who are Muslims. Sure, i may not like what they believe, or how they treat each other and others around them... but that doesn't mean i should be against them all. The Bible says we are to love those who hate us and to love those who are our nieghbor. So, why can't a Muslim family be my neighbor? In HS, I became friends with a girl who was Muslimic. I told her what I believed, and she told me what she believed. I wasn't trying to make her believe what I believe, and i know that she wasn't trying to make me believe what she believes either {even if she was, it wouldn't have worked.} I think that it is amazing how these Muslimic girls are willing to out in public wearing a covering over their head and not worry about whats in style too much. It's almost like they make up their own style--which is pretty cool.

Now- don't worry, I shall not marry someone who is a Muslim. I am wanting a man who believes everything i believe. A marriage wouldn't last if the two can't believe and do things together.

Beauty is where the heart is- and when God is in control. It's wonderful how we judge poeple and yet forget that we are to be judged by God. We should be more focused on pleasing Him rather than man or self. We often forget that God comes before us. I did my own little devotional today- and it was amazing with what i came across... Wait on the Lord. We are to wait for Him, and be ready. Just like that story about those virgins who had to wait... hlaf of them wasn't ready and had to go get oil and the other half was ready and went on. When the half came back, they couldn't go further than seeing the front door.

Just like that story- we are to be ready for the Lord... We need to keep going to Him, and keep Him close to our hearts. I find it is so easy to go to someone else for advice rather than going to God. As I was doing my Devotions today- I got thinking that maybe I am not ready for the Lord to come now... But I should really start getting ready. I been more focused on if i will be able to go back to school or not- when really i should be focusing on the Lord and knowing for sure that I have a place in His heart.

What a blessing it is to have a sister by your side. These two girls {Sade and Megan} were two girls out of many who were able to go to Oprah's school for girls. I had watched the show that was on t.v about this, and it gave the background to a few of the girls, as well as these girls. Their dad had a gun and shot their mom then shot himself in front of these two girls when they were only 5 and 6 years old. They've been together living with their grandma since. But they are not mad at their dad for doing that, they forgive him because they know that the Lord already did. They have a strong faith in the Lord, and they keep on smiling each day {or so i think they do.} Sade is the out-going one and Megan is the shy one. {She had admitted that,,, that is how i know this.}

Koketso is a girl who had asked Oprah, "After graduating from the Acadamey, if we want to go get further schooling, who will pay?" {or something along that line..} and Oprah said that she would pay for it. Koketso started crying. In Africa, they have to pay for school.. and alot of these kids have a hard time paying for it. Just like this one girl whose grandma is working so many hours and still have to borrow money in order for her to go to school each year.
Stuff like this makes me very glad that i was born in America. I do hope that someday, i can maybe help people like this.. even if it's in a small way. I am a giver, and i will be willing to give my heart out to someone if it'll help them one way or another. I may not have alot of money, but i have alot of heart and alot of free hugs {but after so many one must pay....jk}

Life is too short to be mad at someone, or to get angry at something. I know there are so many people who gets very mad at those who can't drive, or can't do something a certain way- but why get mad when ya can just be glad that ya are able to be in that car, or able to see a different way of doing something. One may never know that what ya said to someone was going to be ya last words to them.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun Monday #8.

We are to write out a recipe that will be yummy to eat. {well, not the way to make it, but ya need to make it before ya can eat it....duhhh!!}

I am going to tell you how to make the best Scambled Eggs... I shall call it my YUMMY YUMMERS!

First, you need to get a bowl and crack the eggs {as many as you wanna eat. I usually just do 3 eggs , but ifi am very hungry, i'll do 4 eggs} into the bowl {and throw away the shell}.
Second, you add a bit of milk {enough to look yummy.. but not too much...but you don't want too less either.}
Third, you mix that up with a fork {a fork, so you can mix it very well and break the york better.}
Forth, you add a little bit of butter to the pan {making it yummier and well, yummy}
Five, you pour the eggs into the pan
Six, you let it cook and mix the eggs around {making it scambleishlious--and yes.. that is a word -- now!}
Seven, grab a bowl {or just rise out the one that ya did use} and put the eggs into it
Eight, put ketchup on to it and mix
Nine, grab a fork
Ten, eat up... Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Will have pictures laters!! I don't usually eat in the morning- so whenever I make it- I shall post the pictures.... Enjoy!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

God's Creations Are Beautiful!!!!!
This is a picture that my sister had tooken while I was at work.. It was snowing out- but it looks cools.. This is just outside the house- looking down the street we live on. Pretty nifty ah? Well- this is where i live- kinda scarey at times. But it is very beautiful when God is involved. It's amazing how much we take for granted.

I mean- don't you think this is beautiful?? I just love when it is snowing- It shows that God is still in control. There are times when i forget that God is there next to me, taking care of me. But then there are times when I can just look outside and see how much God is there with me.

There are times when I feel like i have it very bad. I feel like stopping and giving up. But i am learning that i can't just stop or give up. I don't have it bad at all. The Lord is there watching out for me, and He is taking care of me. I mean- I am still here!! What more could i ask for? It is such a blessing that the Lord has something great for me in life. I may not be very smart in school, or have many friends, or be very outgoing- I have something much more greater than any of that, and that is knowing the Lord as my Savior.

As you know, I am a fan of Celine Dion. She has this Cd out {I don't have it, but there are always ways around that...}, On that one Cd, she sings this song that makes me think that God is the one who wrote the song and is singing it to me. It is called "Come to Me". It tells me that when things are going tuff I can always go to Him. I have wings to fly- even when i feel like i am falling. It's almost like how birds learn how to fly. Their mom will push them out of the nest and have them fall.. but she will catch them then try it again. She will do that over and over until the baby bird learns to open their wings and fly. Even if they can't go far after flying at first- but the more they keep trying, the further they will go. "If you ever need a place to cry; Baby, come to me; Come to me; I've always know that you were born to fly; But you can come to me; If the world breaks your hear;t No matter where on Earth you are; You can come to me." That is the chorus to that one song that Celine sings. {It's on my myspace if ya wanna listen to it...or Clickie Here to go to my myspacie!!!!}

Elizabeth Goerge said in one of her books, "God will take you as far as you want to, as fast as you want to go."; "God wants my heart- all of it- and me devotion. When i choose to give it to Him, when i choose to live totally for Him, my life counts in His eyes. He wants to be number one in my life, the priority above all priorities." What a blessing it is to know that He will not take me further on the road when i don't feel safe. But I can feel safe in Him and i can keep going. He won't make me do something, but He will encourage me to go one way over the other. Now, I've grown up not being enourage to do much, but this is such a blessing to me to know that He will encourage me more than i could ever know.

David Marriot preached one time at church {well, more than one time really...}, but as he preached, he said, "I am a begger, I cannot save myself." What a true statement that is. I keep that saying deep inside- because I know that I cannot save myself, and I cannot save someone else either..But the Lord can use me to save someone else. Just like He used Job, or Paul, or Joshua. What a blessing that He can use me to do one of a very few works of His. Mrs. Pastor Willes {Gina} said this today as she was talking at church, "You are not a defeated foe, You are a Victory foe." Tho we feel at times that we are defeated and that we can't keep going- We have to remember that we are victorous in Him.. We can win this battle if we give it to Him. {Picture is of David and His mom...Mrs. Marriot...Isn't she Beautiful? I think so.}

Going to Esther's church these past few weeks has indeed been a huge blessing. Esther pretty much adopted me into her family, and her family members just love me {and Kaytie too}. They pray for us, and are willing to come pick us up. Esther is going through a whole lot- but she is willing to give up things just to help me out. It's almost like she sees something in me that i don't even see. I am such a giver- i love to give {my heart, my time, my money, my life..etc..}, she saw something in me and was willing to give me something in return. She gave me a way to see how God loves me. He loves me more than i ever knew... and to think that what i see of Him loving me is just not enough--because He loves me more than what i could ever think His love is. But He doesn't just love me... He loves you too. What a blessing that is. Esther and her family loves to say "Hallaluia"... and so.. i just wanna say HALLALUIA... GOD LOVES US!!

I've been getting more hugs at Esther's church than I ever have had at Faith. I love hugs, and there was a time i needed a Hug... and the only one hugging me was God. At that time i was so ready to give up my life {like, kill myself..}, But my Kaytie stopped me. What a sad way to give my life away- I would have been missing out on soooooo much. I am very glad that I grew up at Faith- but there is a time when i need to leave.. and this is the right time. I don't hate Faith- nor the people who go there... I just don't see any point of me going there anymore.

I watched Extreme Makeover; Home Edition today... What an encouragement that was {Ruthanna, I did cry to this now ya can't say that i don't cry.}. A single mom with one son and two daughters's house went up in flames.. So they started to build another one. The son and a daughter went to go to the store for something.. and there was a car crash, the son died. So, Ty came and fixed their house up and made it for the three girls {mom and her two daughters}. But what was so encouraging about this is that even when things get tuff- there are good things that comes out of it all. Just like Job... Soo much went on in his life- he lost everything. His "friends" was telling him it was bacause of his sins.. but it wasn't.. God used Job to tell everyone that bad things can happen to good and faithful people,, but He will always be there to give us more than what we already have... All we have to do is give it all to Him. {Bet you that you can't guess what I am reading for devos.... jk}

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ever imagined that things were different? When I was younger, i use to imagine that the world was soo different. Like one day during the summer, Kaytie and I was outside playing in the sun. But we grabed a broken umbrella and used it as if we were homeless outside and that it ws raining. Or we would pretend that that was our house, and we would climb the tree to run away from all those mean animals. It is such a blessing that we can take something and use it as if it was something else.

Kids are such a blessing, and it was such a blessing to have been one. Sure i did get into trouble- and even cried when i was not the one in trouble. I use to take things so personal that i would think that i was getting yelled at too, but in fact- it would be my lil sis or lil bros. But- look at me now... I am all grown up {well, maybe not size-wise.. but who can be mad about being the only favorite grandkid to grandma??}

Okies.. So yesterday I was working on a new part.. YEAHHHHHHS. But for some odd reason {will let you know when i find out what that reason is} I was pretending that i needed to make these parts before the big bad men comes and give me to the michine to eat me. Pretty scarey ah?.. Sometimes, being a Kid will never grow out of you... You can stop looking like a kid, but you will never stop being a kid. Imagination is such a blessing, and it doesn't have to be just for kids only. Maybe that is why kids do like me after a while- because i am willing to play with their imagination with them too. Like- pretending that the tree is a monster and we have to fun from it and save the good guy before the bad guy comes.. Or something crazzie!

So today, Esther called me. Boy-o-boy, it was such a blessing. She told me that her two daughters are home for the week. YEAHHHHS.. So i get to meet her two oldest daughters. I know they are looking forward to meeting me, because they hear a bit about me- maybe as much as I hear about them. She has 5 kids, and 2 of them are away at college, and 3 of them are home. Her oldest is home- and had graduated. Then her youngest son is taking classes, and her youngest is still in HS. 3 girls and 2 boys. Anyways!!!! It was soo good to hear from her. She was laid off last week, so i've been missing her. I didn't go to church last Sunday because i was sick *sob sob*.. But it's all good. Friends are such a blessing, and Esther is such a blessing to me..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fun Monday #7.
We are to compose an exceptionally bad opening sentence for any piece of writing (not limited to novels...but not including blog posts) and to include a photograph or brief description of some aspect of that sentence.
I stand along as the rain came pounding down, the light flashing in the distance, and a voice crying out, "Can you hear me now?", but all I could see was noone around, and just as I turned around to see........*BOOM*.
Stay tune for next crazzie Monday!! I know the date says it's Tuesday-- but it is still monday to me. I am sure this isn't good enough- but it's all I can come up with.. o-wells. Better than nothing ah?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

We are all different!! What a blessing it is to know that i am not like you or your mom or your dad or you siblings or anyone you know. I am me! I am glad that I am not you- because i could never be a good you- mainly because i would want to be me. So, in the long run- you are better at being you than i could be of you. Besides, if i was you, then who would be me?
OK. So you are wondering where i am going with this- me too... But typing just for the fun of it is pretty fun too. I have noone to talk to, and nothing to do, So here is a random post from crazzie me!!!
The other day i was looking at some pictures off of my school's website. Well, maybe one needs to know a bit of a background about the school. It was a Catholic school one time, and they gave up the school to a guy and he made it into a Christian college. Years later- there's been stories about a Monk living on the 3rd floor of the Old Main {where the Catholic school mainly was}.
So i guess at school this year {sadly i wasn't there}, they did this game of Human Clue. The teachers were all over the place {like the Libary, or in a Class room..etc.}. But this picture was mega funnie to me {I am sure that Joy is laughing before she even read this}. They finally found the MONK... Hummms.. i wonder who it is really!!! But I guess all those Monk stories are really real...-jk.
OKies.. i like to be crazzie! Not sure if you noticed that yet. Yesterday at work- I was able to have a person work 10 feet from me. Usually the closes person to me is about 50feet from me. So it was nice to have someone pretty close by. Joe {the person 10 feet from me} and I picked on each other the whole night. I would throw some of his spongie thing back into the box that is he working out of, and he would put them into my michine in a way where my parts won't fall all the way down into the bin. LOL. {totally harmness}.. It was good.
He had grabed a dirty glove and folded it up and threw it at this other girl. When she turned around, she only saw me laughing. So she thought it was me. LOL. So during lunch, I took some of the spoungie thing and put it onto her table that she was working off of- so she thought that Joe did that. ROFLOL. it was great fun. She was getting into it also.
Nothing much new is going on. Been scarpbooking whenever i can, and reading during my breaks {when i am not eating or talking to my older sister}. Esther was laid off, and this guy from Days was fired {because he let some bad parts go to the company.. or something like that.}

This week's Fun-Monday looks like it's going to be a crazzie one. Boy- i need to put my thinking cap on and get cracking on figureing out a crazzie picture to post it with.
So, I think that you will have to wait and see how crazzie or un-crazzie it is. To tell you the truth, i am not sure what i am going to be doing. I guess it'll just be a last minute thing- those are always the best.
Anyways- I love hearing from my friends who are at school. I am missing them loads and loads more. I mainly am missing my friend Jolene...but that is alright. I was looking at David's blog yesterday. It was very awesome to see that there are still some crazzie times going on. I use to hear about some crazzieness from my roomie Ali.. but i havn't really been able to talk to her much. She is busy, and well, i tend to write out long emails {so it takes those who read them at school years to read it and to reply back.}.. I know that we talked on the phone one time, and she told me about her crazzie roomies and how they got a Footon {sp} into their room--which is on the 2nd floor. Crazzieness. I miss those Crazzie times- but then again, I make up my own crazzieness here. Like today, I was able to pick on Kaytie {from the time she got up to the time she thought about going to bed}.. To tell you the truth- i was the one who woke her up. I went into the room and took her pillow.. then took her covers.. then tickled her, then well, what every sister does- tease her. It was great fun. I don't get to do that much- seeing how I go to work before the kids get home from school, and they are all asleep when i come home from work. O-wells.
Soo.. this is a random post from Crazzie ME!!! Hope you enjoyed it-- and if not, Then go read another blog {ya don't have to read}..!!! Well, have a great random day!!