Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ever stand there just in awe of what God has done in your life and is doing in your life right now? Ever wonder what lays ahead of you, what's just beyond that mountian there? Ever wonder how you made it this far when you know you didn't have the strength before? Well, my dear reader... Anything with God is indeed possible. Nothing to God is impossible {well, God sinning is the only thing that is impossible.. because He can not sin!}.

I am in awe of all these beauty that He sends into my life- rather it's getting that "A" in a class, or witnessing a new believer's walk with Him, or the rain the falls, or even the sunshine. I know all too well that you sometimes have to wait for the beauty to come, or look for it within a huge mess. Beauty is always there... God is always there! Either He shows up when you least expect it, or you have to stop to see Him.

He has set you free from the chains that are holding you down.. it is up to you to stand up and show someone else the Mighty Power of God- to let them know that God is there and has taken the beaten for us-- the beaten that we should've gotten ourselves. The beaten that we deserved. Even if no one else is willing to stand with you, you need to stand and stand firm on the One who gives you the strength and courage to stand. Everything isn't easy, in fact- it is always hard and God never promised that there won't be storms in our lives.... but if we listen to Him--- if we just hush up for a moment, we'll be able to hear his soft whisper saying "Peace, be still".. The storm will calm down sooner or later, and in the end we'll be stronger than we ever thought we could be,, we'll be stronger than we would've been.

I recently watched "Facing the Giants", and the part that really stood out to me as i watched it was when the soccer-player boy was talking about joining the football team with his dad and asked "why am i so weak and small?".. and the dad said "to let you see how strong and big God is" {not 100% quote}.. We were made to be weak and small because we need to show people how strong and big He is-- to let them know that we are not going through this on our own strength.. we can't last long, but if we have faith in Him and know that He will take care of us, we too can carry a heavy guy on our back across the field.

Just something to think about really!! :D

It snowed here so much one week, and then the next week it rained so much. We've had sunshine this weekend. It shows how much power God has on our weather, and knows how much we can handle. He gives us that small break- that breather- before going on. I am very blessed to be apart of His family and know that He is taking great care of me.. even when it feels like i am alone, i can know that He is indeed there with me and rooting me on saying "Go Dayna Go! You can make it.. don't stop now.. don't give up!"

Thank You for reading! Have a wonderful and blessed day! :D