Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First Day of Job!

Dad mentioned to me that he thought it was strange to be taking someone to work with him, because the last time he did that was when him and my mom was dating or first married. But I can see in his eyes that he is very glad that i am able to work with him. I got thinking about it as i was working, and thought that it is a great daddy time. I was able to talk to a few guys already and get to know them a tiny bit. Dad's close friend, Chuck, seems to be a nifty person. Just most of these people are not Born-Again. I am a bit tired, and a bit sore from work last night... but over all, I am feeling greats. I am making $630 a week {not sure what i'll have for sure, because of Tax etc.} But i am making close to $100 a day, and that is more than what i made when i was at Northland camp.. There, i made $100 a week, and now i am making close to $100 a day.. I am sure i'll be making enough money to go back to school for a while. .. hopefully I can be able to come back, and work there again during breaks,,etc..

Anyways, I think it is great, because i can just reflect on God, and praise Him, and talk to Him,, as i am working. I can do alot of spiritual searching. I am excited for that. It is amazing with what God can do to someone if they just give it all to Him, and just have faith that He'll take you where you want to- or a few steps ahead-.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Wedding!!

Thursday we drove the whole day and night. We left at 5am and got to Tx at 6am {Tx time}.. We had met up with one of my dad's friend and ate dinner with her. It was nice. Kaytie and I got along pretty well with the daughter who is 12 {but looks 7}. The most funniest thing that had happen that day was when we met up with Jayme in Saint.Louis. My dad called Jayme and was looking one way.. Jayme came up the other way as he was talking to dad. He sat down and just kept talking to my dad on the phone. Then my dad turned around and was looking at Jayme, but was still talking because he didn't notice Jayme was there in front of him. It took him a while to notice why we were all laughing. It was great. We got to the Hotel we were staying at. Jayme and the 3 younger siblings went swimming in the pool that was there. It was fun watching them dunk each other. We ended up staying up til 12, because we played card games and was talking. Joy and Ruthanna stayed in the Hotel with Kaytie and I, as the twins went to Joy's Apartment with Chris.

Saturday, we went to a house and decorated it with flowers and stuff. Dad took Joy and I to Cost-CO to get Joy a card. It was good to get away from the house for a while. It was fun decorating and all, but it was just taking too long. Saturday eve. {after we went to take showers and whatnots} we went to the rehearsal {so we know what we were going to be doing for the Wedding}. I get to walk down with Dos {a guy name John really}. He was very sweet and kind. After we got things settled with that, we went off to get dinner together. I rose with Ruthanna, and my dad was fellowing Ruthanna to the place.. But since Ruthanna didn't know where to go, we ended up fellowing Chris's parents {Chris is Joy's husband.} The parents went to pick someone up first, so it was pretty funnie seeing us fellowing them into a small yard in order to pick one person up. {the person was Chris's grandpa- who looked 150% like a Taxan- noone else did}. We went to the place, and ate. Kaytie was wearing a crown that Joy had brought her. The pastor asked Kaytie what was up with it.. "Because I am a princess" replied Kaytie. It was great fun to get to know Chris's family a bit. Afterwards, the kids went to Joy's apartment and went swimming. We played Marko-Polo. It was great fun. I only was taged once and that was at the end when my brother cheated {cause he told me that I was cheating and I wasn't}. O-Wells.

Sunday morning, 6 am we got up just to get to Chris's parents's house. Amanda {his sister} could do our hair up. So we got our dresses on {just Ruthanna and I}, Amanda did our hair and makeups {Yes I wore makeup. Shocking ah?}. We went to the Pastor's house and listened to the sermon after singing some songs. {They had drums and a guitar..crazzie I think.} during the invitation, Those who were in the wedding left to go to the house. The guys hurried up to set up the sound system {they couldn't have done it the night before because of the storm we had}. Joy put her dress on--BEAUTIFUL!!.. A girl came and took lots of pictures of us and Joy. It was crazzie. Then it started, and the next I know is that my sister isn't a Hlatky anymore.. It was pretty boring afterwards because I didn't really know anyone who was there that wasn't part of my family. {Ruthanna is like a sister to me}. The lady came and took loads more pictures and had us in pictures or out then back in. It was very hot outside. Boy did I had a sunburn after that. Joy and Chris got their things and went off on their honey-moon after we went out to eat lunch. Being that it was our last night there, we went swimming again. Jayme went to his car to get a ball so we can play with in the pool. He came back and we started playing "Monkey in the Middle".. After a while of playing, Jayme notice that there was something in his pocket, it was his phone. It is dead {we didn't have a furneral for it}. We just ended up playing longer. Noone could get me in the middle. I kept throwing it, and they kept throwing it back at me. I almost made it in the middle about 5 times. The only time I was about to go in the middle was when Jayme gave the ball to Kaytie... but he went in the middle instead because he had treated. It was a load of fun. After a few hours of playing and dunking each other in the pool, we went to the apartment and watched Ice Age. Jayme was asleep within 10min. As they were watching the movie, I clean up the other rooms.

Monday morning, we went out to eat breakfest with Chris's family. Joy and Chris came and stoped in to give Chris's mom a card, and said bye to us {again}. We saw a few pictures of the wedding {they looked GREAT}. Chris's parents said they'll send us a Cd of all the pictures, so we can print them off if we wanted to. Joy said I could do a Scrapbook for them. I am so excited that I want to do it now.. But I can't right now because I don't have the pictures yet. the 4 younger kids and Jay, went off to Jayme's place for the week. We were able to go to Deanna's place a few time and hang out, go to the park and play Tennis and Freesbee. We went to a Lincoln Library place and watched a few movies about Abe Lincoln. Thursday, Mom and dad came to Jay's. We all ate Dinner at a friend's house and talked for hours. It was great getting to see Laura again and hearing about Yap, and how her Wedding is going to be like. I am so excited for her. She is moving here to MI with her soon-to-be- Husband. So we are planning on getting together and hang out when they are settled. Maybe we can do some scrapbooking, or talking about it or something else. I dunnos, I just know it'll be loads of fun.

I have a job now!! I am happy about that, but I am sad because I can't go on the missions trip to Nebraska.. O-wells. God knew this all along. I'll be getting $9 an Hour. then after 90 days, I'll be making $10 an hour.. so I'll be making about $1,000 a week.. So I can keep that in the bank and have enough to go back to school when Fall comes around {not this coming Fall but the next}. Yeahh. I can't wait to see my best friend again. Jolene and I will rule {okies. not really.. but close enough..}

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feild Trip!!!

Only two more days before we are off to TEXAS. I can't wait. About 21-28 Hours in the car--with the SAME peoples.. Tomorrow John is going to Cedar Point!! Wish I could go, but it's alright. Today, dad, mom, Kaytie and I went to Cosco {a big shopping place}, and got some stuff for the trip. On the way back, Mom wanted to go to this little craft shop nearby. So my dad droped us off there. It was cool just to walk around in there. So many things I could use for Scrapbooking. But it's alright.. I found the best place to do some of my scrapbooking items, a dollar store nearby. It is great to get something for $1 instead of the same item for $1.45, or $2.99.

For those who don't know, I am really into Scrapbooking. I got into that, because I was always alone when I was growing up. The first one I did was so bad, I laugh at it. I redid it after a while. I am also into writing Poems, and Writing letters.

Anyways.. 2 Days before we leave for Tx. We'll stay there a few days then the kids {Kaytie, John, Greg and I} will go to Jayme's place for a week. Mom and Dad are going to go on their honeymoon that they never had.. then they'll come pick me up on Friday. I'll sleep when I get home.. because i have to be up at the church at 5am the next day.. going to Nebraska with the youth group.. I am so excited. I'll have like $0.00 on the trip, but it's alright. Life'll go on.. Praise the Lord for that.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Walking forever!!
Ever took a full day just to walk? What a blast it is to walk for miles on end, and see how people poeple use modern day items now for ways to get to places. In the Bible time, the only way to get around was to walk. What was a car to them? I am sure it would've been just a strange tool humans made in order to get money {well, in their time, items} Tuesday's is a day for College Students to go play Soccer up at the Church's School. Each Tuesday, I want to go, but can't. So this past Tuesday, I thought it would be a nifty thing to walk up there. I thought it'll only take me about 4 hours to walk there. 4 hours after I left the house, I was nowhere close to the school. I was so mad at myself..O-wells. I turned around and walked back home. Boy did my legs hurt {it hurted so badly that I felt like quiting...to stop walking home.. but I kept going}. I stoped at the church on my way home, and found someone to give me a ride {which saved me an hour walk.}. Over all, It was a great day. It was 82 degrees, and cars were flying by. It made me wish I had a car, but once I thought about the people in the Bible, I felt very quilty for even thinking that. Because they would walk the whole day, or week in order to get to where they need to go. Moses and his people had to walk for 40 years. What a Blessing it would have been to be there to see all the things the Lord had for them. Water from a rock, food from Heaven {even if it did got "old" to them... They should've been glad to even have food.}. The Lord does this to us now even..just not as dramatic. We all need water every-day, and food from Heaven, Just sometimes we think we don't. When we do need water, we want it NOW, but sometimes the Lord tells us to Wait..just so we would thirst for Him even more. No matter how much pain one may be in, or what little they have, they can just trust in the Lord to be there for them. I am still learning this, because I sometimes think that the Lord could never Love someone like me, but He does Love me {more than I could ever know}. What a Blessing it is to know that No matter what little I have, or how sinnful I am {or have been, or will be} the Lord is there for me.

It's been kinda crazzie here at home these past few weeks. I love to clean.. {Yes, It is a Crazzie thing to love doing, but I do}... So ever since I've been home, I've been taking a few days and just cleaning. It is very hard, because I really don't like cleaning when I see someone just sitting there watching t.v., or playing a game,, etc,,. I like to have Music on, and the Windows open, and I love to sing as I am cleaning. Don't you just love it when ya clean, and someone comes in behind ya and make a mess? Well, that is how I grew up. Sharing a room with Kaytie can be dangerous, because I love to be clean, and she loves to be messy. Before I left for College, I had my half of the room clean. When I came home for vacation, It was a mess. I had no bed anymore, because she uses my bed like a dresser, and uses the dresser as a bix box for her items {like Drawing things, etc}. It is crazzie. I use the Dressers as they should be, and extra space, I'll use up for other things.. Over all, I love to be clean. I hate looking at something and seeing a 5 thick in. Dust on an item, or clothes in the frontroom.. O-wells. Life goes on... When I get my own place, I wouldn't have to worry about seeing such things. Hopefully, my future husband will like things to be clean {I wouldn't care if he doesn't like cleaning, as long as he likes things to be clean and not a big mess.}. It is hard to find guys like that. The scary thing is, one of my best friends-Stephen {known him since 2nd grade} is more of a neat-freak than I am. It is great, and he is a great friend to have.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ever felt like you were lonely? Boy do I often feel like this. Depression wants to hit me left and right. Usually as I read my journal from start to finish, I see how much I have changed deep down. I went from thinking i am 100% Alone in this world, to thinking I am shorta loved. Here is part of an entry that I started out, May, 7 05', "Singing Praises unto the Lord is not as easy as it sounds like, or looks like. There are so many people out there who are very great at doing th is...Not me. It is so hard. for surely when I think about Grandpa Scott awfully a whole lot. I need to trust God, He'll take care of everything is i will only trust Him. It is hard to trust God when ya feel like He isn't there. I know, I know, Jasper has told me that it isn't based on feelings. I guess it is, because I don't want to believe that he is there for me. I know that i am nothing, and that i am not special at all, yet to God I am speical to Him. It is just very hard to see and believe that when i never really had anyone to let me know -everyday- that I am very special."
Summer Camp has taught me a whole lot. Like here, I wanted to play soccer so badly, but noone wanted me to play. So I ended up beating myself inside and crying outside. The next day, Steve Pettit was talking to us about the week ahead. I guess I can be very stuppern wanting to play soccer, even when I have a spranged ankle. June, 21 05', "I'm starting to see that God has me here for a reason, What? I don't know. But getting cloer to Him is one of the reasons. I was beeing selfish the other day, and I do feel really bad, but the Lord was there with me and knew that i was going ot be like that -even before I did. Steve Pettit was right though, I should've been cheering others, instead of thinking about when I can go in, etc..I felt really stupid when we was talking, and he was looking straight at me. How stupid can I be? VERY.. but God knows all, and He is in me heart and is with me always. Forgiving me when I need not to be forgiven."

Isn't it great how God can use something like a preacher, or His own Words. Sept., 20 05', "[Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life...] The Word of God is beautiful and wonderful, because they are His words...It's what He wants us to know, to understand." This is so true. Whenever we are down, we can go to Him by reading the Bible, His Words.

But sometimes, I get kicked down by thinking about the past, and how much people had helped me up when I needed someone the most. I don't have to worry about that too much now, because I FINALLY have a very close friend to talk to. Undated-date, "Today, as I was looking as some blogs, I got thinking about Highschool days. Mom and Dad were awfully fighting a whole lot... I ended up telling the youth group about it - because i really needed some 'Godly' friends who'll help me through this. Now the sad part of this story, is that I had no 'Godly' Friends to help me. The people who did help me, were those who could care less about God and what Jesus did on the cross. Now as we are much older, I realized that things are where they should be."
Sometimes, I wish I wasn't alone anymore. But there are days when I know that I am not alone, even when I am. I know that in the end, things will be for the better.