Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This week, I have been reading a book from Elizabeth George. She was talking about having Joy.

"Our lives are filled with disappointments, crises, tragedies, heartaches, affliction, and struggles- Just as Jesus said (John 16:33)! But the good news is, that as you and I encounter disquieting rocks that impede our progress, disturb our tranquility, break the surface, and redirect our path, God can give us the joy we need to produce sounds of praise to Him. Beloved, Jesus desired that our joy might be full (John 16:24), but affliction, loss, stress, and pain can too easily rob us of any sense of joy. But, when we turn our gaze upon God in the midst of our suffering, we suddenly find the power we need to praise Him despite the pain and to give thanks for His goodness... even when things are not so good."

This is soo true- we can get so caught up in something, that we will forget to stop and see the joy in it. We all go through something or another, but sometimes we have to take a step back and just look up. We need to see that God is in it all, and that He will help us to grow. It's like He gives us strength to keep going- even if it seems like we can't go on anymore. Like, going for a jog.. we jog that 1st block{for a few miles- whatever is that 1st block to you}, then the second block comes up and we're out of breathe, But God gave us that extra energy that we have and we are able to jog that second block without passing out. What is that 1st block in your life? For me, it's helping other people out. What is that 2nd block in your life that you are needing extra energy for? For me, it's relying fully on God- to stop and see that I truly am Beautiful and that He does love me {more than i could ever know}. It is very hard for me to really know that, because it is hard to see my dad loving me a whole lot. I know my dad loves me, but he doesn't know how to let me know that he does- or even want to spend time with me. So for me, it is hard for me to really have a relationship with him.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

I was looking at someone's album on facebook, and I came across this... I saw my friend Chondra in the back, then I looked over and saw my sister... How COOL is that? Awwws, Joy you look mega beautiful. Love ya loads sis!

Thought you would like to see this picture!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Untitled from Dayna Hlatky on Vimeo

This is Kaytie- wishing she was a star... I am turning her around as she is trying to tickle me.. LOL

Untitled from Dayna Hlatky on Vimeo

This is Jolene and Kaytie- laughing their heads off, over nothing. Yeah, they were pretty hyper. This was in November when the youth group went to MBBC for a few days.

Untitled from Dayna Hlatky on Vimeo

This is Ruthanna- trying to eat her icecream... what a great friend i am!

Untitled from Dayna Hlatky on Vimeo

still at mbbc.. eating at China Buffet with Ruthanna... Listen to the conversation.. ROFLOL.. too funnie- but that is Kaytie for ya!

yeahhhs for finding a way to uploads my videos... enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Lord is ever so good! I can't believe that God is letting me take this breathe. I am only a sinner and don't even deserve this breathe.

Kim {Esther's sister} picked me up today for church {Kaytie didn't go because she was out hanging with a friend} and on the way to Esther's place, we got talking about school. I do miss school ever so much, but i know that once i leave here- i will miss them ever so much. They all have a place in my heart. It was very nice to talk to Kim a bit. It seemed like her needed some encouragement, and I was glad to give some out to her.

At church {we visited another church, because Pastor John was preaching there.. turned out to be his old Pastor... which is pretty cool..} he spoked about how God created us in His image and how He gave us each breathe. He talked a little about Ps 139:14... and he said that he looked at it at another way and it said, "You are Full of Wonder and Full of Fear".. to be a man or a woman of God, we need to be fearfully---full of fear. But we are also to be wonderfully-- full of wonder. Which is very true. Ps 139:14, is indeed my fav. verse- mainly because it helped me to see that I am really wonderful- even if i don't think so at times.

On the way back from church, Jeral was driving- Esther was sitting in front of me, and two of her 3 daughters was sitting next to me.. We got talking about dating.. it was very interesting to hear a guy's side of dating thing.. and it's pretty cool how Jeral's thinking is alot like mine. To tell you the truth, i am really starting to like Jeral. Each week, i am liking him a bit more and more. But i keep myself back, because i am not really sure if he is the right one for me.. besides, i am sure he wouldn't wanna date a white girl.

I think it is ever so funnie... Pastor John is always saying, "do something different, something you never do or would ever do.." there at church-- and as he is saying that, he is looking at me. LOL. I have to laugh, because being at that church is something different and new. I can't be like they are right away- because i grew up differently then they did. I grew up in a church where ya have to be quiet {unless saying Amen here and there- but the guys usually does that}, and when we sing, ya stand in one spot and sing from there- not all over the place. At church, we shake hands and hug a few people... but at my new church... it is soooooo different. I am still trying to get use to of it all. They can't really expect me to do this 100% change within a few weeks.. it'll take more than a few weeks for me to get use to of a few things.. then after that then a few more things.. And i am still trying to get to know them all- and it is hard, because they pretty much grew up with each other {mainly because they are family..} But they are all very encouraging and supportive, and i am with them too {or so they tell me anyways.}

I gave a card to Jana'e, because her birthday was last week {told her i was going to give her a card- but it'll be late because i didn't know how to spell her name.. she just laughed at me.}. So her mom, Gina, was showing off the card to a few ladies at this church we were visiting- and they came up to me and said that the card was very beautiful. Hehehe... i guess they like pink too.. LOL.. Jana'e told me that she loves pink- so i made a Pink card {thats like the only color that i used besides white.. LOL}.. Anyways- it made me feel good to hear these ladies tell me that.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kaytie Graduations went pretty well--- kinda boring really. There were people fighting over seats and then people yelling names out {someone they know who was Graduating..} it was crazzie.. Kaytie went to a Senior All Night party- and she had a blast.. but i had a great time playing games with Jayme and just having him around.

We went out to the mall and walked around. We saw some carts out- so we brough them in... but as we did that, we had to be silly somehow.. Greg looks like he is mean-- i guess that is what you are supposed to look like when you are pushing a cart around.. As we were at the mall- Greg and Jayme was sitting on a thing and i took a picture of them on there.. then a cop came by and told us that we are not supposed to sit on that and not we are not allowed to take pictures... Now that is just crazzie---no picture taking as you are at a mall??? Why not? O-wells.

After the mall- we went off to see POC3. Kaytie and I rode with Jayme and the twins rode with Dad. I was sitting in the front and i took a picture of Kaytie--- and when i looked at the picture i've taken, this is what i saw... LOL.. She is one silly girl. She almost looks like my old roomate-Alison... soo funnie..

We went out for a walk the other day- So Jayme hurriedly finished off my bowl of Rice--- Busted!!! O-wells. Yes- this is how he alwyas eats.... it's true!

So that is my great time of Jayme being home. playing games, doing things, or just talking, or going for walks. It was a blast- and i am ever so glad that he was able to come down.