Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Crazzie Day!!

Oh Man!!! What a Crazzie Day i had!! Was told in the morning that there would be some guys coming in to switch refridgators about the time i need to leave to drop Delaney off of school.. So i waited for them as long as i could... but they never showed and i didn't passed them.. Getting Delaney, Jameson and the dog into the car was a crazzie job today-- but that's ok.. it's what kids do best. After dropping Delaney off, and making it back home safely with Jameson falling asleep in the car.. i was able to get a smal break as Jameson slept. {YAYS for breaks!}. Then Mr. Charter and his step-son Mike came to work on the stairs for a bit. {Which the fam is getting a new set of stairs to an empty area- and will make it into a library}.

Jameson got up and was all over the place in my apartment.. he was crying up a storm and i didn't know why. He was fed, watered {had his own bottle thing filled with water} and didn't need a diaper change. He didn't want to be held, but didn't want to be left alone or play with anything. I sure wanted to put duct-tape on him..but he got lucky that i don't know where there is duct-tape {jk..}.. i wouldn't really do that.. just felt like it. When i took the dog outside to go potty, Jameson was of course by the door crying until i came in... and just walked away as if nothing happen.

So i had to go pick up Delaney today, because both of the parents were in meetings at that time. Which is really no biggy for me- done it a few times and didn't have any problems.. Then about 30mins before i had to leave, the guys for the fridge called {well, asked if Daron was home... then asked if there is an adult home... hahaha.. No, we usually leave lil kids alone without any adults around!!}. and they said that they'll be here within 10-20 mins.. O-BOY!! So they came, and i signed whatever i needed to sign. and they said that they won't be able to fit it through the door, but they would be able to put it in the garage- but won't be able to hook it up bc they would need to go through a door to get to the kitchen from the garage. So i got their # and said that'll be fine.. Daron and Jenice can call them later if needed.

Mr. Charter-- poor guy.. had moved his car out of the way for the other men... but had moved it behind the van that i needed to go pick up Delaney. But he was sweet enough to move it one more time. And off i was to pick up Delaney with 4 {kinda} strange men alone in the house.. But nothing bad happened {that i know of anyays.. haha}. I desided that i should pick up food for the kids for lunch {mainly bc Jameson was getting mighty cranky}.. So after i picked up Delaney, i got some food for them and came back to find out that my side door was locked {not sure why..}.. So we went through the front door {after i putted the dog back into the car so she won't be barking at Mr. Charter and Mike when we come in-- mainly didn't want to fight with her and try to get the kids down to my apartment without bothering the men working on the stairs}.

I then was able to get the dog inside, the food inside and the kids inside- and they were all eating!! YAYS!! After lunch, it was nap time. They each slept for about an hour- then was up wanting attention like crazzie.. Jameson crying- and Delaney wanting me to play with her with this or with that. I was glad when she pulled out the dress up clothings.. That meant just taking random pics of her on my phone and then delete about 99% of them after showing them to her. She sure does love her picture being taken!! {And now am glad that my camera will send the pictures bigger.. YAYS!!} So i mainly did that till the parents came home.. Jameson was enjoying it.. The parents weren't too happy about the fridge- but knew it wasn't my fault at all. So they hooked it up and got the water turned on {after figuring out how to}...
As they were doing that- i was watching the kids. Delaney was crying her lil eyes out and throwing herself a trantram... so i ignored her as she was sitting near a corner pouting about having to stay downstairs {usually she just wants to stay down-stairs.. o-wells}.. So i played with Jameson.. we "colored"... more like grabbing the cryons and draw a line then try to dump the bucket of cryons to the floor.. hahaha.. then we went to play in the pool of balls.. As soon as Delaney saw that Jameson was having fun without her- she slowly crept her way to where we were. {she had finally stoped crying by now} and then started playing with us. Then i grabed out my phone and she was all wanting pictures taken.. then when i started shooting vidoes-- she wanted me to take her doing this or that.. hahaha.. {of course i also deleted about 98% of them}. Then when it was time to go upstairs- she was in a better mood.. YAYS!! It was fun playing around with them.

Then my busy day got not so busy!! I was able to make myself something to eat, and relax... so i came online and thought i'll just write out my busy day.. I shall go ahead and read for awhile!! YAYS for time to read! :D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's just Amazing how we all go through a path of life and each one is different and we cross onto each other paths and leave the path in different directions. The Lord is always there with us and gives us what we need and when we need them.

Today was indeed a beautiful day outside- very bright and lovely... but the temparture was indeed COLD!! But my day was ever so amazing- because i was able to be reminded of how much He loves me as it was sunny outside. It was as if He was telling me "Dayna, I am the light of the World!! I am here and I love you!!" What an amazing love note that is!! :D

I am ever so glad for my friends that i've made!! They each hold something special and they each encouage me in different ways- or just remind me of things that i forgotten.. I am just blessed for the Godly friends i've made as i've been here.

1st I became friends with Hans... Met him at church, and it was just pretty cool how we kinda just clicked. During the Chili-cook off at church one Sunday, he wanted to sit with me. I thought it was nifty. Turned out that we both were new to the church and was just not sure what to do. So i knew i wasn't totally alone with that. I pick him up at times for church on Wednesday {to help out with the kids program} and just our conversations on the way there and back is always on God- what we read or what He is doing in our lives. Just been a huge encouragment to be able to tell someone in person that. He is very serious alot, but his silly side is pretty cool too. I am just glad that the Lord let us be friends. {Pic, he saw Andrew's random pic of him doing sound effects with a punch... So Hans just had to do that too... hence why i was laughing}

Then i became good friends with Eric. I met him on this site that i started going to. Just wanting to make some good friends to talk to. I always enjoyed talking with Eric {and still do}, and how we managed to just be honest with each other and talk about random things. I enjoy all the silliness and the seriousness that we have going on. My favorite is just being able to throw something at him and he throws it back. I like that about a guy- someone who is willing to tease me back and know that it's only for the fun and not in a mean or rude manner. He is always encouraging me to be a better woman after God's own heart.. just by the little things he says. I am very glad that we could be friends and just praise the Lord!! He seems to make me smile when I am feeling down- and some of those times he doesn't even know it. But then again- alot of my friends are like that!! :D YAYS for friends!!

Then i started to get more and more involved with different activities at church. The more i spent time with them, the more i got to know them. Its just awesome how the Lord placed me in a group of wonderful people who doesn't judge ya or who are just "too good" to be ya friend. These people accpeted me into their group really fast, and i enjoy hanging out with them and just doing silly things yet being able to talk about what He is doing in our lives or what we got out of the reading that we are going over. We are all so different, yet we can all come together and just praise the Lord!! You can't beat that at all. I am just ever so blessed with these friends i've made here.

Then on the same site i met Eric, i met Stephen. Stephen just has been a great friend.. and i honestly am starting to like him alot. But not to worry, we are only being friends. If the Lord wants me to be with Stephen, then He'll show me. For now, i am just focusing on Christ. I am encouraging Stephen to also stay focus on Christ {just like he does with me}.. and it turned out that i am also encouraging him in other ways too.. I didn't even know that i was or even trying to. Such as his schooling. He is taking classes so he can be a Mechanic- so i guess just having a friend he is excited to share what he is learning in class.. Although it all goes over my head alot, i am always excited to hear about it. I am also ever so glad that God is the center of this friendship also.. I love how we can praise His name together and just be thankful for the little things that comes our ways. I enjoy telling him whats on my mind or how my day went. Stephen is very silly yet very serious too. I love that. Although he is slowly learning that it's ok to throw things back at me... but i am sure he'll get the hang of things soon enough...hahaha.
So last night i got talking to this random guy named David. At 1st he seemed very nice. Wanting to be a pastor someday, and knows the Bible very well. But then after he realized that i was giving the baby up for adoption, he started to tell me what the Lord's will was for my life. which is to keep the baby, marry him, and never talk to another guy again because i have finally found my man!! {according to him anyways}. He says that he has been praying for a woman like me and waited 6 years and now just wants to make me happy. So today after going through this yet again with him.. i ended up telling him that i liked someone. I guess he got really jealous and said that he didn't want me to be talking to any other guys.. that a true relationship is taking the effort to get to know one person and not waste your time or others by getting to know them when you have someone. I truly don't know where he got that from.. but OK!! At least he isn't bothering me anymore... so i am happy about that!! YAYS!!
So.. thats that for now!! :D till next time... Adios!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

So i've decided to start in Daniel today.. The 1st chapter was pretty good... What i got out of it is that Daniel had a right attitude about things and he continued to stand strong for what was right. Instead of getting angry or try to make a point out of something- He simply asked kindly for things.yet know what is right and go that way. Kinda like going to a public school- and when they are watching a movie in class that you know is not right to watch- simply ask if you can sit out in the hall-way. I know i've done that a few times.

Its amazing how much the Bible tells us about today and how we live now. We can still apply the same messages the people back then were applying to their lives--just a little different. Like don't ride a drunken camel back then and now don't drink and drive. :D but seriously... i think it's amazing how we can still stand up for what it right- even if we are to die because of it {like the muslim people coming to know Christ and being beaten because of it}... they were being beaten also back then.. We can read the Bible and think that they had it easy- but i am very sure that they didn't. They still had to face people who wanted nothing to do with Christ.. in fact- people wanted to kill Christ because He would help others out {on Sabbeth}.. I think that we should be willing to help others- no matter what day it is... rather it be just giving them a helping hand with something or a listening ear.

I am indeed pretty excited about going to see my friend Stephen in CA. I wanted to go to TX- but Sam wouldn't have room for me, and i would only feel like a burden if i was to go to Joy's {even tho she recently told me that i wouldn't be... but they are going through alot too}. I just wanted to get away from Juneau just for a small bit- and was tempted to go to Hans's place with him... but then something told me to go to Stephen's. So i am. I like him- but we are just friends and going to stay friends for a long time. we were both in need of a friend when we met, and we both want to keep this friendship focus on Christ. And so we are indeed. :D I enjoy hearing whats going on with him and how the Lord is changing something in his own life {like how he use to drink and after he came to know Christ as his Savior he stopped drinking }. Not to worry-we won't be doing anything crazzie {like things that freinds don't do}.

Joy thinks that just because i am emotional- that all my decisions that i make are emotional only now... Like regiving Him my life was emotional- or knowing that i found the right family was emotional... but i honestly am not basing anything off of emotion.. I'm letting God take control of everything and He is leading me this way and that way and through this and through that and over that and under this and around that... etc... It's amazing how much i have changed since i came here and how much i am going to change and it's not at all emotional only..

But i agree with Joy- I am not ready to date anyone yet.. I just got out of a relationship with Juan and am still needing to deal with this pregnancy.. I do not long to be with Juan, or even hear from him at all {tho, i know that i will at times, because he really wants me to be "friends" with him... like he always wanted us to be..}. I enjoy having friends who are helping me through this pregnancy and are letting me know that they are there if i need them. I enjoy my friends here in AK, and even online {like Stephen and Eric} and even from MBBC {like Sam and Jo}.

It's so much fun being able to do things with my friends here. Like going to a Bible Study Thursday Nites, playing Basketball and Volleyball on Saturday Nites, and seeing each other at church Sunday Morning. My b-day party was a blast, and those that went enjoyed a day outting at the bowling and at my apartment. I am glad that they decided to go bowling after church this past weekend instead of snowboarding-- i was able to hang out with them. It turned out to be a blast {and about 15 or so came}.

I am starting to show in my pregnancy, but not many people are able to see it yet {being that i wear baggy clothes at times... for surely my hoodies b/c it's COLD!!}. I am enjoying being preg. and love feeling the lil guy kick--even tho it's keeping me up at night sometimes. I don't mind.. I get to work this week and part of next week.. get a week off of work {and have the house to myself}, then leave to go to CA to hang out with Stephen. I am indeed excited about all of this.

Today as i was writing in my journal i couldn't believe how far into the journal i already am.. I started in the beginning of Nov, and now i am almost 1/2 way done with the book. My last one lasted a few years from like 05-08.. Guess i have alot to say now-a-days.... :D told ya my life is changing around lately. :D I'll end it here!! till my next post- Later Gators!!!