Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Grandma is not doing so well. She had a few strokes and is in a nursing home until she can get a bit stronger. She keeps falling, and she keeps hearing and seeing things. She keeps saying that she is ready to go see the Lord. So I am guessing that she may not make it very long. Don't get me wrong, I love her very much.. but this is what we get because Adam disobeyed God and ate of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I just hope that I will indeed see her in heaven. I honestly am not sure if she is Born-Again or not. It's between her and God. 

I wonder why it's so hard to forgive someone. Yeah it's easy to say "i forgive you", but to really forgive them. It's not so easy. There is indeed a lot of hatred going on in my family. And those that are hating are missing out on a HUGE blessing. I pray for them, they they will learn to forgive, to stop doing what they are doing, and to seek Christ.

My Uncle Dale is not doing so well either. He might have cancer, or they were able to get rid of it.  I really am not 100% sure what is going on. I just know he had surgery and is doing ok. I am very glad that he is a Born-Again Christian.... everyone on my mom's side are Born-Again.Which i am very glad about.

Here in TX... things are going pretty well.. I got a Nanny job and start tomorrow afternoon. I am super excited. It is $150 cheaper than what i was making in Alaska... but it's better than nothing right now, and i really need to pay off my phone bill and rent. I was able to make cookies the other day. It was a blast making cookies with my niece. She is a cutie! Of course, i had to take pictures of them. I really like taking pictures and editing them. I still have a whole lot to learn with taking and editing pictures.

My Nephew is a cutie! He is 11 months old right now and soon will be 1. My sister got him a Tiger outfit. He looks so cute in it. Kinda wish there was a tail--- tho i know that he will only try to eat it, or pull it off. We keep getting creative with blocking him in the frontroom. For now, we are using a toy-box and other boxes. Seem to be working right now {until he can climb over the toy-box}.
 I am so glad that my niece loves to take pictures. She even got creative and put all her dolls in the couch and took pictures of that. Of course i was letting her use my ipod... she took 300 pictures of random things {her foot,  the wall, her dolls..} if she sees it, she took a pic of it. So i took a picture of her moving towards her next item... haha. I just love her..
My nephew is soooooooooooooooooooooo silly. He loves to try to squeeeeeeze himself through things, and of course get stuck. I just love seeing what trouble he will get into--- hahaha. I can already see his personality showing... i just know he is going to be ALL over the place... a climber, a joker. haha  Lately, he has been sounding like a little baby dragon.. it's so cute and silly at the same time. :D

I love how God is always there when you need Him and He is always there even when you do not need Him. I love that He is always providing, even when we do not realize it at the time. I Love God!!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kids these days!

 I really do miss this kind of view everyday. Mountians, morning air, sunrises and sunsets, wild life, and my friends. I even miss driving and the family i worked for, I was very welcomed into their family and pretty much adopted them into mine. I really want to move back to Alaska. But i am willing to live anywhere the Lord leads me, or leads my future husband {if i have one}.
 I Love Scrapbooking and making cards. I am learning new ways to do things, and figuring out what works best for me. So far, {pic} this is my most favorite card i have ever done for someone. I surely will have to do it again for someone else, and use different colors. I know for me, i am hooked on black- background and using black. I think it makes the colors *POP* more. But i am learning to use other colors too.
 My nephew is getting big so fast. He already learned how to crawl, and is walking along the couch and holding on to your legs as you walk. He can now stand on his own for a short while and even took a few steps here and there. He sometimes just leans forwards or backwards not knowing if anyone will catch him. He loves to climb, and loves to be all over the place. He enjoys hitting things, and pulling things. I just love his smile and laughs.
 He had a blast at the park. He LOVES the swings so far. He hasn't really gotten to be on the slide besides to sit on it for a wee-bit. He also loves my phone and so when he sees it, he just has to go for it. haha.
 I helped kept the kids quiet during church last week. It was nice, just i had to keep hushing Reyna and making her play with the quiet toys. Near the end, when she was getting noisy- i brought out my phone and snapped a few pictures. She is a silly girl indeed!
 My older sister sent Reyna outside to play for 10mins before dinner so she can finish dinner. Reyna just cried and cried. she pulled her chair into the shade and cried loudly. The parents and I were inside laughing. It wasn't like they were punishing her for anything, they just needed her to be outside for a short time. It was just funny. So of course- i had to snap a picture and will tell her of this story.
 My little sister goes to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. The workers loves it when we bring Isaiah with us, as he is all over the room and playing with things. He even took a few steps the one worker saw, so she brags that she saw it and the others hadn't yet. haha. Here she is playing with him on the ball that Reyna was sitting on. super cute! :D
 {pic} view from the door to the building that the Chiropractor is at. I just love it. I think it looks so cool.
 Little Isaiah is all over the place. He LOVES to crawl into the kitchen and go towards the table. Not sure why, but he does. And if there is anything on the floor, he picks it up and tries to eat it. So you have to keep a watchful eye on this little guy. But he is a cutie when he crawls. :D

Isaiah loves his mom very much. He always has a smile for her, or cries when he isn't going to be held by his mom. Although, this is a very cute picture of my older sister picking up my nephew after he thought it would be cool to hit his head on the oven. Silly boy, don't you know that the oven isn't for hitting your head on?!?

My little cousin is getting married. I am proud that he is seeing what happens when you have sex before marriage and wants to do things the right way. I am excited for him and for this girl who wants to marry him. I pray that the Lord will guide them and lead them in their marriage together. I just think it is funny how he didn't invite my parents or us cousins, but he invited grandma. Now, my grandma is living with my parents.. Yeah- he hates my dad, but what about my mom? Why can't she go? After all, he will know that grandma is being taken great care of during the wedding. I know that when i get married, i will indeed invite my cousins- even if they can't make it, they will at least know they are invited and that i do not hate them {as they told my sister that i am the biggest hater in the family.. which i honestly can't see because i am the most loving and trusting person they may ever know-- i just happen to bring God up a lot}. Anyways, I hope they will at least invite my mom so grandma will have a ride to the wedding, and know that she won't be left behind or have to stay longer if she is ready to leave early {not because she doesn't care, but because she is old and need her rest}. Maybe they will see the change in my dad someday- and maybe truly forgive him and us too {since they hate us for some kind of reason}.

well... that's life for now! :D

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another TX day!

 My Pastor's son in AK is going to be a Fire man for a while. I am super excited for him. I could see him being a Fireman or a Policeman. He is a tough guy, but he is very sweet. I know that he will make a great husband for a special lady someday {someone about his own age}. I am very blessed to have gotten to know him a bit over the year. {my last year there and their 1st year there}.

I've been reading in Isaiah {not because my nephew's name is Isaiah}, and it got me thinking about paths. Each path is different and each situation is different. Sometimes you can see where you are going, and other times- you do not. But it's how to handle it that can make it or break it. As a king, you either are a follower {of Christ} or a leader {of selfishness}..In the beginning of Isaiah, it starts off by talking about how the people were not listening to God. They were like a kid being punished over and over on the same thing- but it wasn't fazing them that they were being punished. Later on, Isaiah {the prophet} told the King what was going to come- a sign... that a virgin was going to have a child and call Him Emmanuel. I then came to where it talked about how Christ was going to come and restore the throne of David {compared to the book of Rev. 17 and 19}. Since Christ did came from a virgin, we know that He will restore the throne like He says in Revelation. So, which path are you on? Are you on the path that follows Christ or are you on the path that leads to Hell?

I recently got to babysit a 5 year old girl. I had so much fun that i enjoyed it a whole lot. We mainly just drew pictures and played games. She had to take a bath, so we played with her bath toys together for a bit before getting washed up and dressed. Then we read a few books, and drew more pictures. It was fun. She surely didn't want me to leave, and yet wanted me to come back again- everyday. I had started to head for my car when she came outside to tell me that she loves me. It was super cute and i just wanted to give her a hug. :D i love working with kids!

 I am hoping for a job soon. I really need one so i can help pay rent and pay my own bills. I hate having to depend on others. I really want to help out more, but i am stuck feeling like there isn't much i can do. I do try to help clean up around the house, and help with the kids, and try to keep Reyna out of trouble. I am trying to teach her manners, and how asking nicely for things may be better than crying and whining about it. But that is all part of growing up and realizing how things works. :D I know i was at that age once upon a time. :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

 Aug 26 2012, I broke it off with my boyfriend of 4 years. I love him so much that i wanted what was best for him and i know that this is what was best for us. I am glad that he said that he still want to be friends, and i really hope we continue being friends. I know that if we were meant to be, then the Lord will work things out. But i know for a fact that i need to grow more in Christ and to let Stephen grow too. For now, i can be a friend and encourage him to grow too.

After doing the 2nd hardest thing in my life, a sweet reminder of the 1st hardest thing in my life came to my phone. A picture of my son! He had just gotten his hairs cut. Even without his curls, he looks ever so adorable. I just know that many girls will have a broken heart. I am indeed very blessed that i am his birthmom. I love his blue eyes, and his sweet smile. It was a great surprise and at the perfect time. It surely made my day much brighter.

I love my nephew, i really do.. but does he have to get up at 6-6:30 every day? I mean, it is okay to sleep in till 8 or 9. He is crawling everywhere, squeezing his way through things, walking along the couches, and singing more. He is getting big, but yet he is still in the 3% of height and weight.

My niece, also LOVES to be up super early. If i sneak out to use the restroom while my nephew is drinking his milk... she is right there wanting to get out of her room. So my choice is then- either tell her to go back in bed and have her wake up her other Aunt, or have to her out and drive me insane with her noisy self? So, i've been putting on a show for her to watch to keep her hush up, and feed her something for breakfast. She has gotten better since i've been down- but there are times when i just wanna tie her down. I am sure every kid is like that--- just not my son. jk! She is starting school, slowly. Homeschooled, and it seems like she is catching on to some things pretty well. Just getting her to see what she knows is hard because she keeps saying she can't do it. guess she needs to learn that she can indeed do it.

 While we were at a Disney store at a mall nearby, i saw this perfect princess dress that i want to make for myself for my future wedding that i hope i will have. I would love to have it look just like that and maybe add a wee-bit color {purple or pink} to it. I would love to get married to a great godly man. Someone who will challenge me with my walk with the Lord and encourage me. Someone who will do the will of God no matter what-- even if it's hard and hurts. Someone who even if they do mess up and did something stupid, will move forward and not go that way again. And i too need to be that woman who does the same.

 I am still looking for a job and hoping for one that will work out perfect.One that i can have fun and something i enjoy doing. Getting a job at Hobby Lobby, or a cleaning job, or another nanny job, or dishes in a restaurant would be amazing. I do have a babysitting job this week. I am super excited, and so it the little girl i will be watching. I am glad that they live nearby.

I will leave you with this...

Ps 37:24
"Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand."

I came across this quote from http://en-colourfullove.blogspot.com 's page... "God uses brokenness far more than He uses strength or talent. Talent makes you look good. Brokenness makes God look good.." That is ever so true.

I also came across another blog {which i happened to X out before i could save it}, that talked about how FB has taken up her time and how she missed writing letters with a penpal and listen to someone. It got me thinking- We are indeed often just "too busy" to listen to God or just want to tell our own story... when really, we should be wanting to listen to God's story and tell His story to others. His story is far more important than my own-- tho, my repentance and testimony is important to share too {a way to show how truly amazing He is}. I mean- He did came to pay our penalty that we could NEVER pay... He victoriously conquered death, and paid the price i deserve to pay. AND..... He loves me still.. Very awesome. I am glad i came across that, but sad that i didn't saved it.

God is just too awesome. http://fccwomensministry.blogspot.com/ 's last blog touched my heart. They talked about when Abraham went to give God his only son, Issac. This story hits close to home because of my son. I was willing to give him to God, to this family... and because i was willing to do that, i in return was blessed far more. It's not always easy doing the right thing, but it is worth it. I mean, i have a story to share to those that think abortion is the answer-- when really, there is adoption and LOVE! What was also very cool about this blog, is that it's from a woman's group. I miss my woman's group in AK! {Tho, they made mention that i should be their next retreat speaker! Now that would be scary yet amazing!}

Friday, August 03, 2012

Texas Summer 2012

It's crazzie to think of how much the Lord has guided us on this new path. I helped out one weekend moving a friend things to their new apartment. Their family was super impressed with me. They thought I was very young and weak, but they were shocked once i started carrying the heavier things and helping out with the big things. It was great! Then the next weekend I helped moved my sister's things to the new house. Spent a week unpacking mostly all of my things before i was asked to help out with something..

My brother in law's grandpa is dying with lung and brain cancer. He is slowly getting weaker, and some days he is weaker and other days he is just very stubborn. It is hard to understand him at times, but for the most part it isn't too hard. I am strong enough to help hold him up {he weighs about 85lb}. The family is taking it hard and in their own ways. I am glad that i am able to help and to just be here for the family. I pray that the Lord will work in his heart before he dies. Would be very awesome to see him again in Heaven. I spend the days with him and a few all-nighters {I just can't sleep when i am on duty}.

My grandma isn't doing too good. She is having low- blood pressure. She had a seizure the other day and was in the hospital over night. She is doing better now, but i would not be too shock if she dies soon too. I love her, don't get me wrong.. but she is indeed old and have seen a whole lot. She made mention to my older sister that she hopes to go to Heaven when she dies. Which makes me wonder if she indeed Born-Again. I really would love to see my grandma in Heaven. But if she doesn't know that she is going to Heaven, then how can I be sure? I made mention of it on one of my cousin's status about Grandma... and her little brother jumped in and was very upset with me. He told me that i am pathetic and he hated me. So i emailed him asking why he hated me. He then replied back saying it was because i am not sure if Grandma is going to heaven and i shouldn't have said that... he then went on saying how she deserves to go to heaven more than i do and that she has been to church every Sunday and has been good for so many years. Well, i do not know what Bible he reads, but God says in Romans that we ALL fall short to the glory of God... that the wages of sin is DEATH. If we do not have Christ in our heart, if we have not repented our sins to Him, then we will go to Hell for all eternity being separated from Him forever. We ALL deserve to go to Hell because of our sins. We can not pay that debt- no matter how rich, or how good, or how much we go to church.... But Jesus paid that price for us, but we have to accept His gift before we can enter into Heaven. We are invited to be His Bride-- but how can we be His bride if we reject Him? We surely can-not. Anyways.... my little cousin says he hates me, but i know the truth... he really hates Christ. If you really are a Christian, a child of God- then you would do what He says... LOVE! Love your neighbors, Love your enemies, Love everyone! Yeah, it is possible to Love someone but hate what they are doing. Just like a mother loves her child so much, but may hate what they do. Just because they hate what they do, does not mean they hate the person. I love my cousin dearly, just i hate the choices he makes {and the same goes for his brother and sister and mom}

I really do not know how I can help them. They want to live a "stress-free" life, yet they are surrounded in stress. More than if they really go to God with everything. I think they are just very jealous of how simple my siblings and I are... and how different we are than our dad. I know that they try to look for the bad in us, but it is not easy..Well, they only have one thing on me, but really- it's not on me because i admit it and have grown from it... other than someone else. I had a kid out of wedlock- i was trying to run from God and find love somewhere else... but honestly-- His Love is all that matters. I have done the HARDEST thing a mother could do... i gave my child up for adoption and gave God total control over the matter. And the result-- a great family, pictures each year, and a wonderful child who will grow up knowing i love him dearly. God continues to bless me...even when I don't deserve it at all. I mean, i've been to China, see my son at age 2, Disney World, Vegas, CA, MI, TX, GA, and another Alaskian town. But no matter where i go, He is always there with me. He directed me to come move to TX... and as i was giving Him control- He made me available to help with a dying man who does not know the Lord. So, even tho i am being eaten by flies- this is so worth it... to be able to witness to him with my action and with God's Words. I can only pray that he hears me and is listening.

 One of my cousin's little girl came to know the Lord as her Savior the other day. I am super excited about that. I have a new sister in Christ!! Praise the Lord! Amazing how He works in people's heart and at different ages too. My 2nd cousin is 5yrs old. I am indeed looking forward to hearing that my son had come to know the Lord also. Oh what a joyous day that'll be for me. So i can tell that my cousin is ecstatic about this. :D

A friend of mine posted on his FB that he has moved to Douglas Island. That was where i lived when i was in Alaska. {pic, my view}. I am super excited for him. I was always teased about living so far away... as someone told me- i lived in China.. but i loved living out there... surely with the view of Downtown Juneau, and the perfect spot to admire God's creation and wild life. So-- congrats to my friend for moving to where it is cooler {well, it is cooler in my opinion!}

I keep being asked if i am enjoying the heat here in TX... I honestly can say that i am. So far, it's been up to 107 degrees and i am stuck inside during such temperatures. But when i am able to get out, i love it. I love that it is sunny almost every day, and that you can see beauty all over the place. The beauty here is different than the beauty in AK-- but it is ALL God's creation that He made with Love for us. I mean, can you not see His Love within each Sunrise/set? or with each Rainbow He sends your way, or the blue skies along with rainy days? I just love Him dearly! I can not help but bring Him up a lot.

 I really do hope that i can go back to AK again. I really loved it there. I want to marry someone who would also love to move there and protect me from bears. Someone who loves to take pictures and do things outside. Someone who wouldn't mind the rain and the snow and the more rain. Someone who loves to cuddle and shower me with love in return. Someone who will encourage me to try new things and to know he is there with me. But mainly, someone who will challenge me and help me grow stronger in Christ. Someone who will tell me i am wrong or right and show me in the Bible- and pray with me and read with me. Someone who has and wants to be involved in church. Someone who is great with kids and willing to raise a few with me.

I love my little nephew. He is growing up so fast. He is already slowly starting to stand on his own. He is already climbing on things, and trying to get out of his swing. I am glad that i am sharing a room with him... Life is great! {pic- hanging out with his friend after he climb onto that bin}. haha.

Well.. i think i shall end it here. May you have a Blessed day that the Lord has given you!

Friday, June 29, 2012

My TX life!

 So much has happen within a few months. I have moved in with my sister to help her out with rent and with the kids. But, I miss Alaska and I miss working with these two kids. I miss the parents and I even kinda miss the crazzie dog yapping away. I felt so much apart of their family that I surely didn't want to part ways at all. I do know that I could have been able to make it on my own in Alaska while the family moved away. I could have stayed with a friend till I got my own place and car. I could have worked at the preschool and maybe get a night-time job at Freddies or somewhere. But alas, God called me to Texas for a reason. I am not sure what that reason is at all right now. I am jobless, carless, and friendless here. My relationship with my boyfriend seems to be drifting away and I am feeling alone {even in a room filled with people}.

So far, I have gone to the park a few times, ate out, went to the movies, and to the mall. My niece seems to not like me very much- even tho I am the only aunt that seems to play with her and try to do fun things with her. So, it makes me not want to do much of anything with her {for surely when she is mocking me and being mean to me}. My nephew seems to love me tons. He smiles a lot at me and I can even get him to laugh. He is fun to be around.
The view from Alaska to Texas surely is different. There are NO mountains here, and no ocean or as much wild life like there is in Alaska. I miss the sun coming up at 3 am and going down at 12am. I miss all the rain they get. I miss the roads and how un-traffic it is. I miss my friends there tons. I have fallen in love with Alaska. 
I have indeed found beauty within this flat land that they call Texas. And my niece isn't always bad- just when she isn't being good. They have a lot of sunshine here, and a lot of bugs, and a lot of crazzie drivers and a lot of beautiful sunsets.
I was able to get an update on my son. He is such a cutie. I am super excited that he likes singing, and is into sports. I wonder what the Lord has in store for him. I just know that he is going to have a lot of girls after him... kinda like Justin Bieber. haha. I watched his documentary of Around the World tour. It's pretty crazzie how people are. But it is super awesome how he likes to interact with his fans and do free concerts for them. 

Anyways- that's my life right now... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Oh what a blessing it's been these past few years. I am now getting ready to move. All my books, scrapbooking things, clothes, and other stuff are all packed up. I have about 28 more boxes to mail out {had already mailed out a bunch}. I am not only busy packing, I am busy cleaning, helping out in a class room or two, hanging out with my friends, and doing my job. I also made a book for the teacher that I have been helping out a lot this year. I've been taking a bunch of pictures of the kids working, playing, or learning. I have gotten to know each one of these kids, and a few even have hugged me before leaving. My tasks at helping are... cleaning the table, helping with the crafts, give the kids new words and new paper, set the snacks, clean up, and help calm the kids. 15 kids, 1 teacher and 1 helper. I wouldn't mind it at all if this was my job everyday.. to help a teacher out and play with the kids. :D

My friend Kjerstin was in town for a week. I thouht that I was going to have one more week when she gets back from helping her sister out.. but it turns out that I am moving a lot sooner than planned. My friends here are trying to get me to stay longer, but I have a huge feeling that I am much needed in TX right now than here. I love it here, and someday I hopefully will return. Until then, I will do what the Lord is telling me to do. Anyways... I had a blast with Kjerstin when she was here. We went to the glacier with Jameson, and even had waffles together. :D We even took some time to do a photo-shoot since she had graduated and wanted pictures.

I am going to miss it here tons. I've enjoyed exploring Juneau and Tenakee. Even watching the Glacer fade away within these past 4 years. Wonder what they'll do when it is gone. I enjoyed walking on the ice to get closer to the Glacier, and enjoyed hiking a mountian for the 1st time. I've enjoyed tons of card games, and bondfires with friends that i've made here. I've enjoyed watching the wild life and seeing eagles fly around each day.

My little boy turned 3 this year. It's so crazzie to think that he was in my stomach for 9 months and now is a young boy. I love this picture that I have received, because it shows how tall he is now. Amzing! I so much want to spend time with him and get to know him- what's his favorite color? what does he like to do the most? what does he want to be when he grows up? does he know about me yet?..etc.. But mainly, i want to know when he ask Christ to be his Savior too-- oh what a glorious day that'll be. :D Too bad i do not recieve pictures more often.. i've waited 10months for this pic. But i love every picture that i am able to get of him and love every little fact that i am able to know about him.

 God surely is a blessing in my life. In Sunday School we have been going through Psalms. We received a book to read about the 23rd chapter... and WOW.. everything i look at reminds me of how we are Christ's sheeps and how much He puts into our lives... from working the field getting the green grass to grow, to directing us the right way and protecting us from other animals that want to eat us. He also kees us calm and relax, as well as gives us oil when flies bothers us. He is always reminding us of His love for us through His creations... like a rainbow, or how the sun hits a mountian as it is rising or setting.
 I am pretty excited to be spending a lot more time with Stephen when I am in TX. I will also get to know my niece and little nephew better. I will try to train my niece to keep her room clean.. Good thing i don't have to share a room with her.. I decided to share a room with my nephew- who can't mess up a room too much. :D I can put up with his crying, and changing his diapers... after all- that's what i've done for a few years here. I look forward to getting a new job, hopefully it'll be a fun job {like cleaning, washing dishes, or something else}. But over all.. I am glad to be getting to know Stephen better, and get to hold his hands more often. I will get to spend time with my sisters and also get to know my brother-in-law better. I am sure he'll see how different i really am from my sisters. It'll be awesome. I will try to get a car while i am there, and hopefully i won't get lost a lot. Driving there surely won't be like driving here-- too much cars there!

So... Farewell Alaska! It was great introducing myself here instead of just being here. Now i will introduce myself to Texas. It won't be the same, but God will be there with me just as He was here with me. *grins* So until next time... It was great seeing you Alaska!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ever stand there just in awe of what God has done in your life and is doing in your life right now? Ever wonder what lays ahead of you, what's just beyond that mountian there? Ever wonder how you made it this far when you know you didn't have the strength before? Well, my dear reader... Anything with God is indeed possible. Nothing to God is impossible {well, God sinning is the only thing that is impossible.. because He can not sin!}.

I am in awe of all these beauty that He sends into my life- rather it's getting that "A" in a class, or witnessing a new believer's walk with Him, or the rain the falls, or even the sunshine. I know all too well that you sometimes have to wait for the beauty to come, or look for it within a huge mess. Beauty is always there... God is always there! Either He shows up when you least expect it, or you have to stop to see Him.

He has set you free from the chains that are holding you down.. it is up to you to stand up and show someone else the Mighty Power of God- to let them know that God is there and has taken the beaten for us-- the beaten that we should've gotten ourselves. The beaten that we deserved. Even if no one else is willing to stand with you, you need to stand and stand firm on the One who gives you the strength and courage to stand. Everything isn't easy, in fact- it is always hard and God never promised that there won't be storms in our lives.... but if we listen to Him--- if we just hush up for a moment, we'll be able to hear his soft whisper saying "Peace, be still".. The storm will calm down sooner or later, and in the end we'll be stronger than we ever thought we could be,, we'll be stronger than we would've been.

I recently watched "Facing the Giants", and the part that really stood out to me as i watched it was when the soccer-player boy was talking about joining the football team with his dad and asked "why am i so weak and small?".. and the dad said "to let you see how strong and big God is" {not 100% quote}.. We were made to be weak and small because we need to show people how strong and big He is-- to let them know that we are not going through this on our own strength.. we can't last long, but if we have faith in Him and know that He will take care of us, we too can carry a heavy guy on our back across the field.

Just something to think about really!! :D

It snowed here so much one week, and then the next week it rained so much. We've had sunshine this weekend. It shows how much power God has on our weather, and knows how much we can handle. He gives us that small break- that breather- before going on. I am very blessed to be apart of His family and know that He is taking great care of me.. even when it feels like i am alone, i can know that He is indeed there with me and rooting me on saying "Go Dayna Go! You can make it.. don't stop now.. don't give up!"

Thank You for reading! Have a wonderful and blessed day! :D


Saturday, January 14, 2012

My life surely has changed over these past few years. I had a baby that I gave away, and was able to see him when he was 2 1/2 years old. I watched 2 kids grow up and change within 3 1/2 years. I've walked on Ice and came close to the Glacier, I've walked in the Glacier cold water, I've road on a Ferry for the 1st time, and flew 1st class. I've been to Disney World, GA, CA, TX, China, MI and Tenekee. I saw 2 other Glaciers, watched a bunch of Whales and Sea-Lions n Otters, saw bears, and see tons of Eagles. I even climbed up a mountian. My Picture taking skills have gotten better, and my Scrapbooking skills have improved far greater than I ever could've thought. I even got my purple bedroom, and my own apartment {granted, it's with the family- but it's more than I expected}.

I could have never come this far if it wasn't for God. He truly had directed me and helped me through life. And to think, I had came close one time to killing myself. I would've missed out on all of this and missed out on helping people. I've been asked to speak at a Woman's Meeting about my story of Adoption. There will be some teenage girls there who are considering abortion.. I truely hope that my story can help them see a happier side of life. :D I know that God will give me the right words to say, because I always tell my story differently with those that i tell it to.

I was able to go to DisneyWorld this past summer. It was truly AWESOME! The kids had been to DisneyLand, so seeing MickeyMouse and Princesses was nothing new to them. I, on the other hand, had a blast. I even got a day to myself and even was dorky enough to see Tinker Bell in person. I was the only non-kid that was waiting to see her {that's how dorky i was}. I didn't care. I got to get in line faster because people thought i was apart of "that" group. Got to go swimming at the Tycoon Park before having to fly back to Alaska.

We spent a day at EpCot, walking around- trying different things with the kids. There were some water sprouts here and there, and Jameson was brave enough to go play in one. Yeah- i was able to catpure a great moment {pic}. hahaha. He stood in the way of the water jumping. I must say that this is indeed my favorite picture of that trip!.. Totally Priceless!!

My favorite park of DisneyWorld would have to be Animal Kingdom. We hanged out in the Africa area and even went on a Sarfari ride. It was great! The kids totally loved looking at all the animals and loved these fishes the most {so they said}. There were hidden Mickey's all over the park, and if you look for it where'ver you went- you may find one or two. :D

I always manage to work with kids where ever i am at. I am a Nanny, and i help out in Awanas, and i often help out in the Nusery. We often have just girls in there, but this one time i was in there we got a boy who was super shy. So i went and got some cars and that track thing. Needless to say, the boy opened up and all the kids were all over that thing. Of course i had to take pics! I think it's my job to take pics at times! In fact, i recently was asked to take pictures for the Church's Website--- of the school, and activites. I am super siked, and will be starting with the school's pics this coming week.. Yays!
I have to be honest... I am moving this summer to TX. Going to help my older sister out, and of course get to know Stephen a lot better. He moved out there recently. :D I can't wait. Tho... I will really miss these kids, and Alaska tons. I love working with these kids and doing things with them {like go to the Glacier or the park, or play with their toys}. I love hearing them laugh, and love seeing how much they grow. They are two very different kids, yet seem to get along pretty well.

I am going to miss this boy tons. I seem to spend the most time with him, since Delaney is in school longer. He knows how to push my buttons, and i know how much he can handle {like how much food he'll eat or if he needs a nap rather than a rest}.

I will miss these great chances for great shots. They don't happen all the time, but if you are looking- you may come across something great. Like a great foggy day, or the water all clear, or a great sunrise/set that happens after a rainy week. {pic} it was a super cold day, and i had to take the dog to the groomers. After dropping her off, i came across this Docking area and just fell in love with the view. So i snapped some pics, and even got down on the frozen ground for some pics. Hey- sometimes you gotta get dirty and cold to get some great shots. :D

Sunsets and Sunrises will always be my favorite thing to shot. When i see Orange, i think of my friend Jolene {she told me once that she loved orange sunsets the most}. So i often think of her. My favorite Sunsets are the ones with Pink, Purple and a bit of Blue. Fall time the sun rises as i am taking the kids to school- so i was able to get some great pics {when it wasn't cloudy or rainy}.

I just love Scrapbooking. This is my lastest page i've done. I love it tons. I may add to it later- but for now, this works! :D Took me a long time to put all those pictures into a heart, and to put those Eyelets things through the papers. On the back, i tape it so that it won't scratch through the other pages. :D I do love scrapping and someday would love to go Pro with it. But- that's just a dream i have.

And well.. that's life for now.