Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Grandma is not doing so well. She had a few strokes and is in a nursing home until she can get a bit stronger. She keeps falling, and she keeps hearing and seeing things. She keeps saying that she is ready to go see the Lord. So I am guessing that she may not make it very long. Don't get me wrong, I love her very much.. but this is what we get because Adam disobeyed God and ate of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I just hope that I will indeed see her in heaven. I honestly am not sure if she is Born-Again or not. It's between her and God. 

I wonder why it's so hard to forgive someone. Yeah it's easy to say "i forgive you", but to really forgive them. It's not so easy. There is indeed a lot of hatred going on in my family. And those that are hating are missing out on a HUGE blessing. I pray for them, they they will learn to forgive, to stop doing what they are doing, and to seek Christ.

My Uncle Dale is not doing so well either. He might have cancer, or they were able to get rid of it.  I really am not 100% sure what is going on. I just know he had surgery and is doing ok. I am very glad that he is a Born-Again Christian.... everyone on my mom's side are Born-Again.Which i am very glad about.

Here in TX... things are going pretty well.. I got a Nanny job and start tomorrow afternoon. I am super excited. It is $150 cheaper than what i was making in Alaska... but it's better than nothing right now, and i really need to pay off my phone bill and rent. I was able to make cookies the other day. It was a blast making cookies with my niece. She is a cutie! Of course, i had to take pictures of them. I really like taking pictures and editing them. I still have a whole lot to learn with taking and editing pictures.

My Nephew is a cutie! He is 11 months old right now and soon will be 1. My sister got him a Tiger outfit. He looks so cute in it. Kinda wish there was a tail--- tho i know that he will only try to eat it, or pull it off. We keep getting creative with blocking him in the frontroom. For now, we are using a toy-box and other boxes. Seem to be working right now {until he can climb over the toy-box}.
 I am so glad that my niece loves to take pictures. She even got creative and put all her dolls in the couch and took pictures of that. Of course i was letting her use my ipod... she took 300 pictures of random things {her foot,  the wall, her dolls..} if she sees it, she took a pic of it. So i took a picture of her moving towards her next item... haha. I just love her..
My nephew is soooooooooooooooooooooo silly. He loves to try to squeeeeeeze himself through things, and of course get stuck. I just love seeing what trouble he will get into--- hahaha. I can already see his personality showing... i just know he is going to be ALL over the place... a climber, a joker. haha  Lately, he has been sounding like a little baby dragon.. it's so cute and silly at the same time. :D

I love how God is always there when you need Him and He is always there even when you do not need Him. I love that He is always providing, even when we do not realize it at the time. I Love God!!

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