Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Crazzie Day!!

Oh Man!!! What a Crazzie Day i had!! Was told in the morning that there would be some guys coming in to switch refridgators about the time i need to leave to drop Delaney off of school.. So i waited for them as long as i could... but they never showed and i didn't passed them.. Getting Delaney, Jameson and the dog into the car was a crazzie job today-- but that's ok.. it's what kids do best. After dropping Delaney off, and making it back home safely with Jameson falling asleep in the car.. i was able to get a smal break as Jameson slept. {YAYS for breaks!}. Then Mr. Charter and his step-son Mike came to work on the stairs for a bit. {Which the fam is getting a new set of stairs to an empty area- and will make it into a library}.

Jameson got up and was all over the place in my apartment.. he was crying up a storm and i didn't know why. He was fed, watered {had his own bottle thing filled with water} and didn't need a diaper change. He didn't want to be held, but didn't want to be left alone or play with anything. I sure wanted to put duct-tape on him..but he got lucky that i don't know where there is duct-tape {jk..}.. i wouldn't really do that.. just felt like it. When i took the dog outside to go potty, Jameson was of course by the door crying until i came in... and just walked away as if nothing happen.

So i had to go pick up Delaney today, because both of the parents were in meetings at that time. Which is really no biggy for me- done it a few times and didn't have any problems.. Then about 30mins before i had to leave, the guys for the fridge called {well, asked if Daron was home... then asked if there is an adult home... hahaha.. No, we usually leave lil kids alone without any adults around!!}. and they said that they'll be here within 10-20 mins.. O-BOY!! So they came, and i signed whatever i needed to sign. and they said that they won't be able to fit it through the door, but they would be able to put it in the garage- but won't be able to hook it up bc they would need to go through a door to get to the kitchen from the garage. So i got their # and said that'll be fine.. Daron and Jenice can call them later if needed.

Mr. Charter-- poor guy.. had moved his car out of the way for the other men... but had moved it behind the van that i needed to go pick up Delaney. But he was sweet enough to move it one more time. And off i was to pick up Delaney with 4 {kinda} strange men alone in the house.. But nothing bad happened {that i know of anyays.. haha}. I desided that i should pick up food for the kids for lunch {mainly bc Jameson was getting mighty cranky}.. So after i picked up Delaney, i got some food for them and came back to find out that my side door was locked {not sure why..}.. So we went through the front door {after i putted the dog back into the car so she won't be barking at Mr. Charter and Mike when we come in-- mainly didn't want to fight with her and try to get the kids down to my apartment without bothering the men working on the stairs}.

I then was able to get the dog inside, the food inside and the kids inside- and they were all eating!! YAYS!! After lunch, it was nap time. They each slept for about an hour- then was up wanting attention like crazzie.. Jameson crying- and Delaney wanting me to play with her with this or with that. I was glad when she pulled out the dress up clothings.. That meant just taking random pics of her on my phone and then delete about 99% of them after showing them to her. She sure does love her picture being taken!! {And now am glad that my camera will send the pictures bigger.. YAYS!!} So i mainly did that till the parents came home.. Jameson was enjoying it.. The parents weren't too happy about the fridge- but knew it wasn't my fault at all. So they hooked it up and got the water turned on {after figuring out how to}...
As they were doing that- i was watching the kids. Delaney was crying her lil eyes out and throwing herself a trantram... so i ignored her as she was sitting near a corner pouting about having to stay downstairs {usually she just wants to stay down-stairs.. o-wells}.. So i played with Jameson.. we "colored"... more like grabbing the cryons and draw a line then try to dump the bucket of cryons to the floor.. hahaha.. then we went to play in the pool of balls.. As soon as Delaney saw that Jameson was having fun without her- she slowly crept her way to where we were. {she had finally stoped crying by now} and then started playing with us. Then i grabed out my phone and she was all wanting pictures taken.. then when i started shooting vidoes-- she wanted me to take her doing this or that.. hahaha.. {of course i also deleted about 98% of them}. Then when it was time to go upstairs- she was in a better mood.. YAYS!! It was fun playing around with them.

Then my busy day got not so busy!! I was able to make myself something to eat, and relax... so i came online and thought i'll just write out my busy day.. I shall go ahead and read for awhile!! YAYS for time to read! :D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's just Amazing how we all go through a path of life and each one is different and we cross onto each other paths and leave the path in different directions. The Lord is always there with us and gives us what we need and when we need them.

Today was indeed a beautiful day outside- very bright and lovely... but the temparture was indeed COLD!! But my day was ever so amazing- because i was able to be reminded of how much He loves me as it was sunny outside. It was as if He was telling me "Dayna, I am the light of the World!! I am here and I love you!!" What an amazing love note that is!! :D

I am ever so glad for my friends that i've made!! They each hold something special and they each encouage me in different ways- or just remind me of things that i forgotten.. I am just blessed for the Godly friends i've made as i've been here.

1st I became friends with Hans... Met him at church, and it was just pretty cool how we kinda just clicked. During the Chili-cook off at church one Sunday, he wanted to sit with me. I thought it was nifty. Turned out that we both were new to the church and was just not sure what to do. So i knew i wasn't totally alone with that. I pick him up at times for church on Wednesday {to help out with the kids program} and just our conversations on the way there and back is always on God- what we read or what He is doing in our lives. Just been a huge encouragment to be able to tell someone in person that. He is very serious alot, but his silly side is pretty cool too. I am just glad that the Lord let us be friends. {Pic, he saw Andrew's random pic of him doing sound effects with a punch... So Hans just had to do that too... hence why i was laughing}

Then i became good friends with Eric. I met him on this site that i started going to. Just wanting to make some good friends to talk to. I always enjoyed talking with Eric {and still do}, and how we managed to just be honest with each other and talk about random things. I enjoy all the silliness and the seriousness that we have going on. My favorite is just being able to throw something at him and he throws it back. I like that about a guy- someone who is willing to tease me back and know that it's only for the fun and not in a mean or rude manner. He is always encouraging me to be a better woman after God's own heart.. just by the little things he says. I am very glad that we could be friends and just praise the Lord!! He seems to make me smile when I am feeling down- and some of those times he doesn't even know it. But then again- alot of my friends are like that!! :D YAYS for friends!!

Then i started to get more and more involved with different activities at church. The more i spent time with them, the more i got to know them. Its just awesome how the Lord placed me in a group of wonderful people who doesn't judge ya or who are just "too good" to be ya friend. These people accpeted me into their group really fast, and i enjoy hanging out with them and just doing silly things yet being able to talk about what He is doing in our lives or what we got out of the reading that we are going over. We are all so different, yet we can all come together and just praise the Lord!! You can't beat that at all. I am just ever so blessed with these friends i've made here.

Then on the same site i met Eric, i met Stephen. Stephen just has been a great friend.. and i honestly am starting to like him alot. But not to worry, we are only being friends. If the Lord wants me to be with Stephen, then He'll show me. For now, i am just focusing on Christ. I am encouraging Stephen to also stay focus on Christ {just like he does with me}.. and it turned out that i am also encouraging him in other ways too.. I didn't even know that i was or even trying to. Such as his schooling. He is taking classes so he can be a Mechanic- so i guess just having a friend he is excited to share what he is learning in class.. Although it all goes over my head alot, i am always excited to hear about it. I am also ever so glad that God is the center of this friendship also.. I love how we can praise His name together and just be thankful for the little things that comes our ways. I enjoy telling him whats on my mind or how my day went. Stephen is very silly yet very serious too. I love that. Although he is slowly learning that it's ok to throw things back at me... but i am sure he'll get the hang of things soon enough...hahaha.
So last night i got talking to this random guy named David. At 1st he seemed very nice. Wanting to be a pastor someday, and knows the Bible very well. But then after he realized that i was giving the baby up for adoption, he started to tell me what the Lord's will was for my life. which is to keep the baby, marry him, and never talk to another guy again because i have finally found my man!! {according to him anyways}. He says that he has been praying for a woman like me and waited 6 years and now just wants to make me happy. So today after going through this yet again with him.. i ended up telling him that i liked someone. I guess he got really jealous and said that he didn't want me to be talking to any other guys.. that a true relationship is taking the effort to get to know one person and not waste your time or others by getting to know them when you have someone. I truly don't know where he got that from.. but OK!! At least he isn't bothering me anymore... so i am happy about that!! YAYS!!
So.. thats that for now!! :D till next time... Adios!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

So i've decided to start in Daniel today.. The 1st chapter was pretty good... What i got out of it is that Daniel had a right attitude about things and he continued to stand strong for what was right. Instead of getting angry or try to make a point out of something- He simply asked kindly for things.yet know what is right and go that way. Kinda like going to a public school- and when they are watching a movie in class that you know is not right to watch- simply ask if you can sit out in the hall-way. I know i've done that a few times.

Its amazing how much the Bible tells us about today and how we live now. We can still apply the same messages the people back then were applying to their lives--just a little different. Like don't ride a drunken camel back then and now don't drink and drive. :D but seriously... i think it's amazing how we can still stand up for what it right- even if we are to die because of it {like the muslim people coming to know Christ and being beaten because of it}... they were being beaten also back then.. We can read the Bible and think that they had it easy- but i am very sure that they didn't. They still had to face people who wanted nothing to do with Christ.. in fact- people wanted to kill Christ because He would help others out {on Sabbeth}.. I think that we should be willing to help others- no matter what day it is... rather it be just giving them a helping hand with something or a listening ear.

I am indeed pretty excited about going to see my friend Stephen in CA. I wanted to go to TX- but Sam wouldn't have room for me, and i would only feel like a burden if i was to go to Joy's {even tho she recently told me that i wouldn't be... but they are going through alot too}. I just wanted to get away from Juneau just for a small bit- and was tempted to go to Hans's place with him... but then something told me to go to Stephen's. So i am. I like him- but we are just friends and going to stay friends for a long time. we were both in need of a friend when we met, and we both want to keep this friendship focus on Christ. And so we are indeed. :D I enjoy hearing whats going on with him and how the Lord is changing something in his own life {like how he use to drink and after he came to know Christ as his Savior he stopped drinking }. Not to worry-we won't be doing anything crazzie {like things that freinds don't do}.

Joy thinks that just because i am emotional- that all my decisions that i make are emotional only now... Like regiving Him my life was emotional- or knowing that i found the right family was emotional... but i honestly am not basing anything off of emotion.. I'm letting God take control of everything and He is leading me this way and that way and through this and through that and over that and under this and around that... etc... It's amazing how much i have changed since i came here and how much i am going to change and it's not at all emotional only..

But i agree with Joy- I am not ready to date anyone yet.. I just got out of a relationship with Juan and am still needing to deal with this pregnancy.. I do not long to be with Juan, or even hear from him at all {tho, i know that i will at times, because he really wants me to be "friends" with him... like he always wanted us to be..}. I enjoy having friends who are helping me through this pregnancy and are letting me know that they are there if i need them. I enjoy my friends here in AK, and even online {like Stephen and Eric} and even from MBBC {like Sam and Jo}.

It's so much fun being able to do things with my friends here. Like going to a Bible Study Thursday Nites, playing Basketball and Volleyball on Saturday Nites, and seeing each other at church Sunday Morning. My b-day party was a blast, and those that went enjoyed a day outting at the bowling and at my apartment. I am glad that they decided to go bowling after church this past weekend instead of snowboarding-- i was able to hang out with them. It turned out to be a blast {and about 15 or so came}.

I am starting to show in my pregnancy, but not many people are able to see it yet {being that i wear baggy clothes at times... for surely my hoodies b/c it's COLD!!}. I am enjoying being preg. and love feeling the lil guy kick--even tho it's keeping me up at night sometimes. I don't mind.. I get to work this week and part of next week.. get a week off of work {and have the house to myself}, then leave to go to CA to hang out with Stephen. I am indeed excited about all of this.

Today as i was writing in my journal i couldn't believe how far into the journal i already am.. I started in the beginning of Nov, and now i am almost 1/2 way done with the book. My last one lasted a few years from like 05-08.. Guess i have alot to say now-a-days.... :D told ya my life is changing around lately. :D I'll end it here!! till my next post- Later Gators!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am ever so blessed to have friends here. Even though i can't just talk to them all the time, i know that they are there for me.. I love getting to know them and being able to praise the Lord along with them. So far- the closest friend i have here is Hans.. mainly because i am able to spend more time with him than with the others. But i don't get to talk to him a whole lot- because of school. I have 2 very close friends from online.. Eric and Stephen. I am ever so blessed with both of them. I enjoy talking with them both each day and getting to know them more and more.

So in my Bible reading {of Hebrews} I came to the verses {11-12} that says "And every prist standest daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins: But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God:" This is saying that we are all still standing because we are not done with our job {telling others about Christ} and we can't sit down till we are done, and honestly- we are not done nor will be anytime soon unless Christ comes or we die. But Christ's job is done when He took upon Himself our sins and paid the debt. When He said "It is finished" He meant it--- IT IS INDEED FINISHED!! So He sits down to rest- just like God rested the 7th day of creation. {in pic is Tom Ferrell, another good preacher i like!!.. I remember how he broke the prodium one year at camp--- but thats another story..}

In the book that i am reading- it got talking about how Christ brings us to our desires- Just like he did with the blind man that He healed. Or like the rich young ruler who didn't want to give up his riches. He has them see where their desires are at before He can work on them- or not. He brings desires to us and even gives us new ones. The desires that we do have- if it can be focus on Him, then it can be used of good {like the desire to be married.. He doesn't let us not have that desire- but if it's focus on Him, then the marriage that we do have will be a blessed one}.

So i am about done with the 3rd chapter of that book, and seem to be interested it in and writing tons of notes in it {which means its a good book to like read again later on with my notes}. A few more books came in the mail today- am excited to start reading a few of them..but will wait a lil whle before i do. {this way, i am not reading 10 books at once and getting confuzzled with whats being said}.

So i've been researching about Mennenites... and each site i go to talks about coverings... yet whatever photos they share, noone is wearing a covering. Just makes me wonder if they live what they preach- like really!! I know that Eric was telling me how he is kinda against girls wearing pants {and has Scripture to back him up on it}- yet i notice that the pics on all these sites are girls wearing pants. But over all- it seems like Mennonites believe alot of things we do but mainly Saved by Grace and not by works. Which is indeed important!! I enjoy learning about the Mennonites-- just wish they would give more information out for someone who doesn't know much about them.. 0-wells. life goes on. If i knew what to ask- i'd ask Eric, but i'm not sure what to ask.

well- guess thats my life for now!! Friends and reading... Oh yeah- Kids... Kids here are alright.. the parents are wanting them to be in my apartment or in the toy room more.. so i have been doing that... trying to keep Jameson away from buttons and away from pulling things off my shelf is a "fun" task. other than that- he is normally good and loves to play with toys-or open and close doors or just hit a toy into something making a banging noise {grrrs.. i mean.. Ahhh sweet sound}.. Delaney is usually good- but does have her cranky moments.. She just needs to learn how to ask better. she knows how to- but doesn't. I don't always give her what she wants because of how she asks me and i let her know that too. She knows better- and will learn that she can't always have what she wants and when she wants it.

Will find out if i am having a boy or a girl on Kaytie's b-day. :D Am excited to see the Ultrasound-would love to have a friend or two see that too... I love sharing my joy with others and would love to share this joy with those around me. I am feeling the baby kicking more and more now.. i like it- strange ah?. My belly is starting to be round like a preg lady {wait--- i am preg.. DUHH!!}. and soon i shall be showing- i just know it. I am alil scared abou that--because i will be fat.. yet i know that it won't be forever... so i am ok with it... I guess i can wait till after i am preg to try to lose the weight that i wanted to lose. {another 20-30 lbs and that'll be it}. Would love to be about 120-130 instaed of 140-150... but we will see when the time comes that this lil one comes out and the weight i gain from it is gone...

k.. that is it for now- that i can't think of any else right now!! Till next post- Later!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I had A wonderous 23th birthday.{in pic are Kayla and Sean}.. So my family either texted me or called me to say happy birthday. It was nice to hear from them. I made sure that everything was cleaned before i left {although it was already clean}. I was very excited to be spending the day with people. Then i went off to the bowling isle- had the directions in my hand. I happen to have passed the street to turn on, soi turned around as Hans was calling me. He said "Hey Birthday girl, you are late for your own party!...." yeah- but that's ok, it's my party and i can be late if i want to.. besides, it shows that people care if they are willing to wait {hahahaha, just made that up!!}. So i saw the bowling place and went to go park- but there were no parking spot, so i went to look for a good place to park... turned around and went to the store across the street and parked there. They were excited to see me come in, and looked like they couldn't wait to lose {so i pretend that i was good}.

{in pic is Andrew with a Gutter ball, and Avery with his normal look at Hans-jk..but gotta love that look} They gave me hugs and lots of smiles and a few cards. Am glad that they didn't go all out and buy things for me. I didn't want anything really. But two of them gave me gift cards- 1 for anywhere and 1 for the Waffle house {guess it's a must go place or else i haven't lived kinda place-haha}. So that means i haven't lived yet-just a dead body walking around {lol}. 1st game i bowled a 90 {the only strike i got in that game was due to a granny shot that i did just for the fun of it}. It was fun and funny seeing the guys try to out beat each other. Sean was very good and so was Avery. Hans is.........ok.....jk, he was very good too. 2nd game i got a 133 {got a turkey- meaning 3 strikes in a row... yays}.. It was tons of fun.

Then i invited them over to my place for cake and whatever. So they all fellowed me to the place. Delaney was ever so shy {haha, which is normal when you 1st meet her.. but she easily warm up.. but seem to want to stay away from us when we were in my apartment.}. Hiedi {dog} was barking like crazzie.. guess she did that the whole time {feel bad for the Daron and Jenice to have to put up with that}. {In pic is Dan- He came in late, but still bowled with us and hanged out with us. He was the one who taught us how to play "Garbage Man"--yeah, Dan is a crazzie one!!}

So we came back to the place and talked a while. then Daron and Jenice came in with cupcakes in the shape of 23. Jenice said "there are 23 cupcakes here, but you can only make 21 wishes because 2 candles went out.." haha. Dan asked if he could have one and i said yeah... but he waited before he asked again. as soon as Dan had one.. Hans yelled at him- but i said that it was ok.. so Hans said "oh good, because i wanted one." LOL.

Oh-As soon as they were in my apartment, they were all shocked. They loved the view, the size, and the couch. They even loved Delaney's horse- haha. {Hans here is wondering if he should take the horse to his room} So we all ended up playing this card game called "Garbage Man"... It's a confusing game to explain, but it was fun. Played that game over and over and just had fun. I was the "President" 4 times in a row-YAYS!! Oh yeah, Jenice came down with 2 gifts and a card. I opened the gifts- it was a 2 in 1 paper cutter {SWEET!!! I know i'll use that alot for my scrapbooking, or even for projects} And the other one is a pen set- 84 colorful pens... so if you ever need a colorful pen, you can come to me. :D I have from yellow to black, from blue to pink, from brown to green and from orange to any other color you can think of..

Then we played basketball and volleyball at the rec-center. That was fun.. :D Kayla was covering me on Basketball and just wouldn't leave me alone- so i kept poking her. hahaha. just having fun! {In pic is Avery with his sister-in-law Kayla, Andrew and Sean. Hans is in the background Maybe staring at the cupcakes or talking to Dan}

So that was my b-day. I wouldn't want to change it for anything, because i was able to spend time with friends and just have a great time with everyone and i am sure that they had a great time too. :D It's not every day that the b-day girl throws herself a party.. haha

In my Bible reading- i am just amazed each time at how much He truely loves us. And how much He put Himself in our shoes and lived like we did. He let the temptation come- but being that He was and is perfect, He didn't do them. But He knows what we go through when we are tempted. It's just amazing!! I praise Him each day for what He has done for us, and for giving us so much. We don't deserve anything, and yet He continues to give us things and gie us strength to make it through a day or a week. Each trail we go through, He is there. I am ever so blessed to know Him as my Savior!!

I am blessed with my friends- each one of them is a blessing to me. From my freinds from college to the ones i made since i've been here. I can't ask for better freinds than what i have. and i have the greatest friend of all time- Christ!! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am ever so blessed to know that we cannot lose our Salvation- no matter what we do. He forgave us and continues to forgive us when we repent and go to Him.

There still is light- and He is the Light of the World. He lights my pathway and maketh a way for me through trails {not to go through it but to go through it with our minds set on Him}.
I am beginning to see that a true relationship after God's own heart has to be with both people working together to Honour Him and to give Him all the glory. How can one person be on fire for God and the other not and still call it a godly relationship? There just isn't any way that could be. Both people need to encourage one another and by doing that they need to be in His Word 1st and to be seeking after Him 1st. Then they can encourage their friend or mate. It helps out loads when they can also encourage you too.

The past few days i got talking to this guy name Stephen. It's been ever so encouraging to be ble to encourage him and have him also encourage me too. His testimony is just amazing. He was in the Navy when this Christian was talking about Christ. Noone wanted to listen to him, but Stephen did and was interested in what he was saying. So the guy gave him a Bible to read. Stephen read in the back one day of how to give the Gospel to someone.. and as He was reading, he realized that He needed Christ in his own heart 1st. So he came to know the Lord as his Savior and have been changing his life around ever so much. There is more to it than just that- but i thought that this is just amazing and just know that there will be many who will see Christ through him and want to know Christ. It's only been a few days that Stephen and I talked- and somehow i know that this is going to be a great friendship. He is very sweet and just want to know more about the Lord.
Since moving here to Ak, i've been able to start some very wonderful friendship with people who loves the Lord and am seeing that i need to be a friend who loves the Lord too. All my relationships i have now with my friends are God-centered. I am finding that i enjoy hearing what the Lord is working on their hearts about. Hans and I got talking last night, and it was just ever so encouraging to just praise the Lord together. I told him what i was learning and in return he started telling me what he was getting out of the Bible. I wasn't expecting it at all-but was very glad that he did..made me realized how encouraging it is to hear other testimonies of what the Lord is doing. I am ever so thankful for the friends i am making here and just praise the Lord each day for them.

I know that Saturday will be ever so wonderful..just having a good time, yet praising the Lord together. I think that i might just ask someone to give a blessing before i even blow out the candles. This way- we are giving all the glory to Him and letting Him know that He is indeed invited to the party. Yays!! I do hope that the people are not planning on giving me much gifts.. the only gift i want is for them to show up and just have a great time. That is way better than anything they could ever give me.
I started reading a book called "The Journey of Desire" so far it's alright.. in the middle of the 1st chapter the arthur wrote, "Even our troubles and out heartbreaks tell us something about our true destiny." So i had written down, "How we deal with troubles and heartbreaks shows other where our desire lie...may it be on ourself or on God. I pray that it'll just and only be on God-then we can face those hard times ever so much better than if we don't." Which is ever so true- because if we are not desiring to go to Him, then we are only desiring to do what our sin bids us to do.. In the end of the 1st chapter, he goes on to say "To desire something and not to have it-is this not the source of nearly all our pain and sorrow?" I wrote, "we can have a desire to love someone and to be loved back by them.. then when we find out that it's not meant to be, we are ever so heartbroken. we still have that desire to love someone and to be loved, just the heartbrokeness may take a while to heal a bit before we can truly love another. But sometimes giong through the pain and sorrow and heartbreaks we learn new things and grow from it. We end up with a new desire to get out of the pain or sorrow, and we will after we deal with it and give it all over to Christ." If we give it to Christ, then a new desire will be placed in our hearts- we will want to learn more about Him and just receive our love from Him.. His love is greater than anything or more than all the love there is to offer.
Well.. this will be it for now- May you have a blessed day!!
In Hebrews, I have been chellenged to stand firm in Him. Why would i want to go elsewhere? He is the reason i live, the only One who can really be there for me. he made Himself lower than the angels just to pay the debt that i could never pay for anyone-not even myself. He is the same today, yesterday, and forever-why would i want to go to a "god" that isn't the same but changes?

O'may i not be hardening my heart as i am tempted but to be open and to go to Him when i am tempted. If we hear His voice- O'may we reply "Yes Master, thy servant heareth!" and may we do what He tells us-even if we don't want to go to that place {like Jonah}. If we don't believe the truth that is given us, then how will we believe Christ?? We need to search the Word-and see if the preacher is indeed telling the truth of the bible. May we continue to work till He comes. Serving Him shouldn't be just a job, but be a motive to do our best always and to strive to be better.

I am really seeing how much communication means a whole lot.. Why won't someone talk things out? It only destroys relationships. Mom and Dad didnt' talk to each other much and because of it they suffereed alot. I am sure they could've been much more blessed in their relationship had they talked things through instead of argueing or ignoring each other.

I am indeed finding it worth w hile to get into God's Word.. The more i read the more i want to tell others and the more i tell others the more i want to read the bible. I just long to have someone to be able to tell me what they are getting out of the Bible too. Someone who wants to listen to me and be encouraged yet tell me too so that i may be encouraged also.

I am slowly starting to open up more to my friends and showiong off this new me that i am today. I got talking to his girl name Jessica and i realized how mature i have become already-though i do still need to grow.. but at least this is a great start. O'may i continue to grow in Him and be more mature in my walk with Him. I am not only all about being silly or feeling alone- i am now all about serving God and knowing that I'm not alone-ever-.

I am excited to see where God is leading me, and to see how He is going to lead me there. And He will lead me all the way as long as I am willing to give Him control each step of the way.

Been feeling the need to talk to people- so i've decided to write in my journal alot and also look for people who are willing to listen to me and to encourage me. I am ever so thankful that i am starting to get a bit closer to the friends i've made here.. but i do feel kinda out of place with them all being in school and knowing each other very well. It's amazing how the Lord is working in my heart and i just want to share it with others. i guess this is one of the new desires He has placed in my heart. But i guess writing in my blog alot from now on may help me slow down on wanting to just talk to people- Because most of them are just mega busy with school and work and other things. I do not like bothering people-so i try to find ways not to bother them too much.

Well... thats it for now- I am sure that this isn't the end of this new journey that i am taking. A journey to serve God more and to let Him have control of my life Always!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

The weather here today has been a huge encouragement to me..as if God is saying- "Look at me!" There was a beautiful sunrise this morning {cloudy as can be, but a section showing off the sun's ray and brightens te land and the mountians in the distance.} then i went to take Hiedi {dog} outside and saw my fav. kinda of clouds-as if God was saying "Dayna, I care about you and know you. I want you to be happy and you will as long as I am in control!" that just made my want to read the Bible more-and so i finished John...and was amazed at how much i was reminded of Jesus's death for me {and everyone}. I was encouraged to remember Christ and what he went through. I remember Doctrine {and theology} calss and all that we talked about on this {Christ's death}. to know that i don't have to go through that- and that it's all paid and He gave me much more...it just does wonders to me.

As i was playing with Delaney with barbies {mainly just holding the thing as we watched Enchanted for the millioneth time}- I looked outside and saw a rainbow. God promised not to flood the world again. But when i saw this rainbow {5th one since i've been here} I was reminded of how much he loves me-as if he was saying "remember me-for I have loved you first! I bring the colors into your life as well as brightening your life!"

Then i had to take Hedi out again and was amazed at how blue the sky was and filled with only my fav. clouds..it took my breath away-and i was all in smiles as i was looking at it. As much as i am in love with someone, i haven't lost my breath like i have today. Amazing! Someone to me is indeed amazing too--but that is all in God's timing. All i can do is wait and try to give Him {God} everything-even my love for this someone.

I recently regiven my life to the Lord- and have only been amazed at how He is already working in my life. I fell in love with someone over the past few weeks- something came up and now my heart is broken. I am ever so confused and yet i just want to talk things out and work it out with this guy... but it seems like he just wants time to himself only. It pains me ever so to not be able to talk things out with him and just get our focus onto God... but i cannot force him to talk to me- he needs to talk to me when he is ready to talk.. and i pray that we can at least still be friends--no matter how much i do care for him.

I was aching to just to talk to someone and a random guy Imed me earlier today on a site i was on.. and was only amazed at how much our conversation was on God more than anything else. It was amazing and i long to have more conversations like that with people--for surely with this certian someone that i care deeply about. This random guy that i had talked to had mentioned in his profile that he has a tender heart... and it got me thinking- what a nifty way of saying that he wears his heart on his sleeves. :D

I am also wanting to learn how to mature better. I am determined to become a better woman after God's own heart. I asked Jayme to send me my copy of the book "A Woman After God's Own heart".. I have tons of notes in there that i know will encourage me and help me out now. I am seeing that i am growing a lot since i came here.. and meeting this someone only made me a better woman of God than i was before. I only pray that i was of some help to him too and had encouraged him to continue to fellow God more. To me- from the day i met him and till now, i see that he has indeed grown into a better man.

So- this post is indeed very personal... but i just wanted to get it out and just come back to it someday later and be encouraged that i had done the right thing- or something.

O--if you are reading this... and you have any suggestions or advise as to how i can better mature myself in many areas {i am not sure of them all.. was only commented from someone that it seemed like i was immature... so now i am determined to be better}.. then please do tell me... I would love to hear them. Just tell me how it is.. don't just sugar coat it at all...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life can be hard and challenging. We want things to be different, to go back to where things were better. But honestly, we can never go back in the past and change something. Rather it be something we did, or what was done to us-we can't change it.
This past year i got into something that i shouldn't have, and i never really stood up to what i knew was right. I just let someone walk all over me, and i did not search harder for someone to talk to. I just let it go, and i kept falling into the same thing over and over. The result was only me hating myself very much, and because of that i lied to those that i care about most.
We don't realize at times that changes can happen very fast, and we have to think ahead really fast. How do we react to the change as it is being done is what can make us a better person or not. What i did with a change, i did not become better. But after thinking about what i've done and being able to get advise from others, i know that i need to change my way of thinking now.
I need to fix the problem and correct the lies that i spread, and to stand up more for what i know is to be right-even if it hurts me or makes me lose other's trust in me. I am learning that i need to stand up for myself, because i let people walk over me, and i let them talk me into things.

But just because i got rid of that junk-doesn't mean that i can't still grow. I am going to change things about me, and will not lie in order to look good. I am going to take what comes my way, and I am going to go forward. I keep looking in the past, but i need to be looking ahead and live each day as if it was the last one i have. I need to get things right with my Savior, and i need to keep it right with Him.
There is one person that i miss the most, one person i would love to spend just one day alone..and that is my Grandpa Scott. I know that if he saw me now, he would not be proud. But, i know that he would be proud that i am wanting to do things that are right, and want to get back on the right pathway. My cousin sent me a letter, and i couldn't believe that she did that, because we never really did get to hang out alot. But i am very blessed, because she helped reminded me that the Lord does love me, even through this hard time of my life.
I ended it with Juan, of course he was very upset with me and said that i was only going to listen to one person.. but i have been doing alot of thinking and i am glad that i finally stood up for what i know is right. If i stay "friends" with Juan, then i will only fall more and more.. and i honestly do not want to do that anymore. I am very glad for my decision. And if he wants to think that i am sinning when i do not answer his calls or texts, then be my guest-but i know that for a fact that it isn't a sin to not answer or reply back.
So, this is it for now. Things in the past cannot change- but things in the future can.. and i can start now!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The other day I received a text from Sam {Samantha}, saying that she was in the USA now. We called each other, and talked for a bit. It was amazing to hear that the missions trip to Turkey went very well. Sam has saved a bird from drowning, but we agreed that she really saved the cat who ate that bird. It sure was great to hear from her again. John and her are amazing together, and I miss being around them both. Sam continues to tell me that when she has a baby, she will make me move in with her and John and be a Nanny to her kids- even though she is going to be a stay at home mom. haha

I love hearing updated on my niece. When I received this picture, I was jumping for joy. She is takin after me, and I am not even there for her to take after from. But I love how she is drinking the bottle like a little monkey that is going to be. She learned how to crawl forward, and is ever so cute. I just wish I could be there to watch her grow in person. But I am blessed to have been able to see her in person and to hold her when she was only 3 weeks old. What a cutie she is!!

Now it's me, things have changed since I went to school last. been jobless- but still have hopes that the Lord has one out there that is perfect for me. I can't wait to see what it is, because I know it has to be very great for me to have to wait this long. I think it will be great to be a Nanny and be around kids all the time. I will only miss the kids that I have started to get to know on Monday Nights for our bus kids program {which this week's it was Crazzie with 22 kids for my class}. Other than Monday nights with the kids, I don't feel like I belong at Faith anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pastor, and I love some of the people there... it's just, when I am there- I feel alone. Have felt that way for years now and is one of the reasons I joined another church. So I have been slacking off with going to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

I met this guy online at random who never heard anything about Jesus Christ. So I sent him a Bible and will be able to give him the Good News and have him read it himself. This seems to help get my mind back on where it belongs.

A friend of Juan's died the other day. So when he came to pick me up, I was able to be of some comfort to him by being here for him. I am a bit sad, because I know it's not easy loosing someone that close to you. We didn't do much, but just being there in his presence had help him out a bit. I am glad that I could be there for a friend in need. :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

School is over, and now i am home. I can't believe how much i have learn and changed since the 1st day of school. Things are different, even i am different. New things yet to learn, and yet things to remember.

I had my very 1st interview. It turned out to be for sales {meaning i would go to houses to sell items}.. Not my cup of tea at all. I much rather be in the dishpit or cleaning {with no spiders}. I just want to work, but i guess i am a bit picky with what i want.

I haven't been able to go to my church yet, and it's been almost 2 weeks now. Everytime i call for a ride, noone answers. Im thinking that their phone was turned off or something. I really want to go to my church and not Faith.
Tomorrow, Jayme is taking us up to watch the new Narnia movie. I am excited and can't wait. I am glad to be home -kinda- Because i get to see Jayme and hang out with him more than i usually do.
China had a 7.8 Earthquake a few days ago. Many people are still traped and many are dead. Much more are homeless, and not enough food or water for them all. It is really sad really... knowing that there isn't anything that i can do to help them, besides pray for those who are still alive.
The News is now saying that the Nazis are still alive and how they are still against the Jews. And yet, the Jews are just trying to keep their land. Why not just leave them alone and go on with life?? Why must people be so mean and want to kill others? They wouldn't want someone blowing them up or anything, so why do that to others? It's just stupid.
Why must we be in a war when we are all humans and are very alike--just serve different gods or serve the one and only God. He will be coming soon... i just know it. But at the same time, i am struggleing spiritually ever so much.. just people are making more drama over one situation and not willing to help me spiritually. So of course i will go towards what they are trying to pull me away rather than trying to help me see spiritually. Jayme got me thinking a bit more about it all, by telling me that this is adultery, but that was about it. Noone is willing to help me stay focus on Him... maybe it's best if i just forget about it all.. about going to church, or having friends or having family. It does seem like i am alone anyways.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another year done of college!! This has been a fun, hard year. So many things happened- from things given away to disappointments. But in the end, it all worked out for His glory. I am still friends with my best friend, and I learned a lesson from all of this. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and can be hard. It is best to have communication with one an other- and if the other doesn't want to talk, then just give it to the Lord. He will take care of it in time.

I am excited that I am done with Finals and now can relax and have a good time with my friends and family. I shall learn new lessons and shall face new trials. But for today, I shall rejoice in His name, because He got me through this year. I wouldn't have been able to do anything if it wasn't for Him.

There is still light at the end of the road, i just need to get from here to there. Even though it may be hilly, or long or never ending, the Lord is the one in control of the driving by telling me what exit i need to take or when to take a rest stop. the Lord knows when we need a small breakm and He gives it to us. He doesn't give us what we cannot handle. :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My older sister had a baby on December 5th of 2007. The baby's name is Reyna Ruthanna Allen. She is ever so cute. During Christmas break, i was able to fly down there and see my little niece. I loved holding her and watching her many faces that she made.

It was a blast getting to hang out with Ruthanna, Kaytie, Chris and Joy. I was able to talk to Chris a bit here and there, and i was able to talk to Joy- which we haven't done much of since she got married. It had been different between us, because she is now married and have a job and now a baby to take care of. And i am working and going to school.

I love her blue eyes- but all babies have blue eyes when they are born, then it changes into the color that is theirs forever. Chris has brown eyes, and Joy has hazel eyes {like me}. Reyna looks alot like Chris and a bit of Joy {what a shocker, i know!!}

Anyways, School is going alright. Taking 3 computer classes, 2 Biblical Counseling classes and 1 class that i had to retake. I love my classes and do enjoy it. 2 of my classes i have no friends in, but that is alright!! I might not be able to do my work if i had a friend in there. :D

I love working with the kids at church. They are ever so cute and adorable and trouble makers- it's great. Wednesdays, i get to watch 3-6 year olds. I even help out with the puppets, GO PUPPETS!!! Then i am on the bus playing around with the kids and making sure they don't go into the back-back of the bus or crawling on the floor {YUCK! the floor sure is dirty!} and Sundays, i work with the 2 and 3 year olds. It is fun. :D

Well- thats all i can think of to update you with. :D Yup- still am alive and breathing. Praise be to Him!!