Monday, June 21, 2010

Can you guess what i did this summer? Yup.. I went to Asia! It was so awesome to go there. It i s such a huge cultural shock- everyone speaks another language. They drive very wild and their laws is so different than USA {not sure its a good thing}. The historial places were pretty awesome, and the wild plants were very awesome to see.

A friend i met there showed us around this huge garden- with tons of Cherry trees and other places and some historal buildings. I really much had a great time taking tons of pictures. We were able to get into deeper conversations. This freind was hitting on me until he found out that i had a boyfriend. I realized how great a help i was to bring guys over- made it very easy to get my friend talking to them in their language on some deep important issues.

I was able to hang out with some kids a few times. My friend that went with me noticed how my face light up when i am around kids. My friend was able to get to know me and saw things about me that she didn't even know about. We were able to talk alot and point each other to Christ. I am so blessed with my friends that i've made!
1st week there, we taught in some classes and did an Alaskian theme {shocker ah?}. Met tons of people. 2nd week we just did fellowups with those that we met in the classes. a few took us on a tour to a few places, and some just ate with us. A few friends even came over to the house and made dinner. we taught them how to play "Spoons".. one of the greatest card game ever created!
I had a great time and surely wouldn't change anything. We rode in some insane taxi rides, some wild bus rides, and did some suicide walking as we crossed some roads. We ate some AMAMZING food... Asian food in USA will never be the same. I was able to watch them make their noodles {or should i say, one very long noodle}.

The trip back was ever so long and much longer when we missed a few flights and had to take other flights. Last flight i was in Anchorage {1st time-- but friends where out of town} for 6hours.. I was ever so glad to land back home and was ever so surprised that a group of my friends was there waiting for me. It was ever so awesome! I was able to run into a guy that i had given a ride to a week before i left for my Asian trip- thought it was cool that he noticed me and even remembered my name.
Vegas trip was amazing... and i surely am missing Stephen tons. We was able to play card games, go for walks, eat out together, cuddle, and watch The Lion King on stage {super amazing and way better than the movie}. Stephen had a rose sent to my room after he had left- was shocked and super happy... 1st rose from a guy {not related}! Yays!! So one more trip before i am fully back to work and ready for a crazzie time with kids and kids and more kids.
It is brighter longer here... meaning, the pic above is what it looks like here at Midnight. Yeah-- I love living here! :D