Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Missions Trip!!

Last Sunday, Pastor Dave {my Youth group Pastor} came up to me after Sunday School. He asked me if I would be willing to on the Mission's trip as a Leader. I told him I would have to see when I get back from Joy's wedding. Joy's wedding is June 18th. Afterwards, all us 4 younger kids are going to Jayme's house in ILL. He has to work the Sat. morning. But the same day {Sat. June 24} is when the Mission Trip starts {they'll be leaving from the church at 5 am}. Jayme told me that He was going to see if he can switch his work hours with someone else. Boy do I hope he can. The youth group is going to Nebraska this year. {a small town just above Lincoln.} I think it'll be Super Great. I'll be able to get to know the teens a bit more, and be able to help Mrs. Anderson out a whole lot too.

Joy's wedding is just around the corner. My dress is being taitored {sp}. Yesterday Morning about 7 am - 8 am, Joy kept calling me. I was sleeping {because I had stood up the whole night during laundry for my mom and making sure it was empty for my dad}. I had about 10 Missed calls when I was able to get to my phone. Crazzie I tell you. But it's alright. I called Joy, and she only wanted to talk to Mom. {Because Mom wasn't answering her phone- which was in her purse, in the other room, and mom was falling asleep}. It's alright. My mom thought it would be a great idea to do a prank on Joy. It is going to be GREAT. It's better than the prank Jolene and I did to Heather's room {Btw, could I have a copy of the Pics you have of it, Heather?}.

I was flipping through the t.v channels yesterday for a little bit, and came across this one talk show {Ellen D.} She had danced around the audience and took two girl's purses and was going through them. She used one girl's phone to call the other girl's house to talk to the grandma. She ended up getting the answering michine and said something like this "Hi, I am ashamed of you, you would be home right now. I am not sure where you are, but I am here. Besides, It is time for the kids to go to bed. Sweet Dreams. and By the way, I am Ellen." I thought it was funnie because it was in the middle of the day when she was saying this.

For lunch, I made Ramen Noodles. I was just about to take a bite when I saw a car drove up to the house and was just sitting there for a little bit. a girl walked out and was walking to the house. It looked like my friend Ruth {Who is in FL right now working, and will not be home til late July.} But as I went outside, I notice it was my Terror Twin, April. April and I have been good friends since 7th grade. {Met outside the school as we waited to get in. We ended up having a computer class together, and she didn't want to believe me when I told her that I was crazzie.--She does now!!} Anyways, our 12 grade was different, because her mom and her moved south of Det, and so April went to a Different school. Prom night came, and my other friends buged me to go. I was thinking about going, then I thought better of it and told them that I wasn't going to go. So a friend of mine paid my way. So I ended up going. We all met at Mai's house {My locker partner in HS and good friend since 7th grade also- Met in drafting class.. Both of us ended up being partners in that class, and ended up being good friends.} April was at Mai's when I got there, and boy was I shocked to the bones. Prom was alright. We mainly just talked and had a good time. I had my mom do my hair for me, and it looked great, all curly {for once} and lovely. But before we got to the place, it rained and my hair wasn't curly anymore.. O-wells. It was fun just talking and what-nots with my friends. ... Sorry, off topic. Anyways, April and I walked up to the high-school and talked with some of the teachers {Kaytie joined in when we passed her on the street} It was great catching up a bit.

Kaytie and I had walked up to the store for a few things, and we ran into Robin. {an old friend we had when we were still in Elementry School. But we ended up growing apart because of the other friends we choosed}. We didnt' talk much, but she told me that she has a 6 month old baby now. which really wasn't a big shocker to me. She had ended up picking the wrong friends and I didn't want to go that way. She starting drinking {like her dad}, and smoking {diff. things}, and had a bf. She looked better now though {maybe because she couldn't really do any of that stuff as she was having the baby}.. I am so glad that I didn't went the same way, and that I kept going to church {even though I had no friends at church}. If I hadn't kept going to Church, then I wouldn't have gone to Maranatha, and I wouldn't have met Jolene {Who is my dearest and closest friend I've ever had}

I wanted to go to bed early last night, because I was tired. But John and I ended up talking about WWII and other History things until 1 am. It was good talking to him about that. He thought that the main reason why Hitler came into power was because of a teacher who didn't like his paintings, so he was kicked out. But the truth is that Hitler just didn't want to take the Final exams for his classes. O-wells..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

C-Club Fair Night!!

Pastor Bryan had about 50 different sations open up for the kids with games, games and more games. There was games to win candy, or a gold fish {alive}. Kids where hyper as can be, but it was a blast. I did one sation with a Toy ice-cream cone. The kids had to stand behind a line and shoot the ice-cream into a bucket.. The strings weren't on the item, so it was easy for the kids to shoot it over the railing and onto the stairs.. Of course, the Kids ran and got them for me when they shoot it over.. But it was fun. I let the smaller kids lean over if they wanted too, and the the older kids I had them take a big step back and can't lean forward. About 10-15 kids made it in. I made it in a few times. It is THAT EASY!! Over all, it was good. Afterwards, I ran into my friend's mom and started talking to her about college. Tiffany {my friend} is thinking about going to Maranatha {YEAHHHHHH..} Tiffany and I will be doing something together this summer. I can't wait!!

Ever wonder what it is like to be me?? Well, now you can!!

50 Pts for the Shorty
30 Pts for being creative
+20 Pts for Michigan Fishing
= 100 Points for Life

Monday, May 22, 2006

I wonder what it is that the Lord wants in my life. It seems like I am getting nowhere. I work hard, and study, but I get nowhere. In fact, I get to stay home. It's the gift that I recieved from the school. It wasn't my choice, but it's alright. My dad says that if my ACT scores had came in, and hadn't been stupid to go with Jasper my 1st year of college, then I would be on the president's list. HA!! That's a joke, because I am not that smart. My brain has to be the size of a Mustard Seed. I thought I was doing very well, and I was even working very hard on staying in school. Guess I was too much of a hard worker that they didn't want me to come back for a semester. O-wells.. they can't keep me away too long . I shall return, and ready to take on anything. Well, I might've had to stay out a semster anyways.. It is what I like to call, Being poor. O-wells.. Today was the 1st time we were able to get food in the house. It's been 2 weeks now. 2 weeks without much food, been living off of Easy Mac, and cerele {well, whats left of it}. Now we have meat, and more meat.. Stuff to make things. All I need is baking powder, then I can start making things myself. . I think that is just proff of how much money we have.

I have been putting Aps. in all different places. Places I can walk to, but noone is calling me.. O-wells.. My dad is going to try to get me to work with him in the factory. I'll start with a pay of $9 an hour. That is $3 more an hour than I am use to of. Hope I can get it, I am a hard worker and love to be on the move. {Henceforth I love working in the dishpit.}

One thing I've learned this past week is that, Ya don't have to be in a hurry. I don't have to sit here and wish I was smart and had money so i wouldn't have to worry about not having food, or wish I was a somebody and not a nobody. I am who I am, and I am a child of God. The hardest thing anyone can do when they have nothing to give, is to give it ALL to the Lord. Giving Him your whole Life, All the money one can earn {a few pennys}. Just giving Him everything is hard, but once it is ALL given to Him, your life is changed for the better. No worries, no fears, no regrets. It's a Blessing, and you receive blessings from left and right. One blessings I've received this past week is getting to know my grandpa better. All my life I only known of him from my dad. My dad, My Uncle {Grandpa's brother}, and my Grandpa fighting about this or that. But now he has changed a bit, and is now wanting to spend some time with us kids.

French songs are nifty. Never thought it would be,but it is. sad thing is, I have no idea what they are saying. Maybe that is why it is nifty. So I can sing french now.. "Tout l'or des hommes Ne vaut plus rien Si tu es loin de moi Tout l'amour du monde Ne me fait rien" "All the men's gold Isn't worth anything anymore If you are far from me All the love in the world Doesn't do anything to me" No matter what we can recieve on earth, it doens't worth anything to what we can receive in Heaven. If we are far from God, then all the love we can recieve on earth doesn't add up to what God's love is. It's amazing to know that God loves me.. I think this is a hard thing to commprehend..Because it is hard to see how much He loves us, even tho it is just so mega loads.

So ya see, I am smart.. just not Books Smart like many people I know. O-wells... Good for them!!

A life without Kaytie, Is a life of Boredom...

Ever wonder what studing and hard working looks like? This is the shocker of a life time, a one time deal. Kaytie doing homework at home. What a blessing. Anywhos... Kaytie has been growing up with F's coming from the left and right and all over the place.. but this year, she is passing all her classes with 2 A, 2 B, 1 C, and 1 D. NO F's... Praise the Lord,, Miracles do happen..

This is what fun looks like. Trying on new things in the mall. It's a new look, a new person, just a Crazzie Kaytie comeing... so watch out, she might be near your stores today..

Now, this is the look that will be in style someday.. pretty nifty ah?. Don't worry, this is her normal look. Wait till she gets in her non-normal look..

Jayme has her beat, winning in 1st place with his Weggie War constume. All one need is PJ pants that has pockets. Sweetness. The scarey thing about this, is that the Twins are into this too. What a crazzie thing to do. But hey, this is Jayme when he is up 3,855,478,651,078,451,068 hrs a day.

So, when you get bored, just give us a call.. Peace out!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!!

3 simple words to tell a Mom. Sunday was starting off great. Jayme called mom and talked to her for 1/2 hour before we went off to church. After Church we walked into the house. Someone was hidding from us, guess who it was!! JAYME!!. It was super awesome to see him. Noone knew he was coming, not even mom or dad or even himself. It was a last minute thing. So we all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few hours. Mom was getting tired {she had to work that night too}, so we were heading out. Kaytie and Greg went into the van to leave with Mom and Dad, and John and I was going to go home with Jayme. But before we could get into the car, {Mom and Dad was about to drive off} the Van stoped in front of Jayme's car, Greg and Kaytie got out of the car and told us that dad was taking mom to the hospital. Earlier in the morning Mom had said how she couldn't breathe well. The kids went off home and waited to hear something from dad. about 5:00 ish, he called, saying how mom is going to be staying in the
hospital overnight. She felt like someone was sitting on her chest and jumping up and down. Today when I woked up, dad asked me if I would go with him or with Jayme {who went back to bed for a few hours} to the hospital. I told him that I would rather go with Jayme {so i can wake up}. 11:30 Jayme and I went to the hospital. Mom looked very pale. She slept on and off the whole morning and was throwing up everything. I wanted to cry, but i held it in {even now}. My thoughts kept taking me back to my dreams {dreams about my mom or dad dying}, but i kept kicking those thoughts out of my mind. When I did, another thought just comes to mind. The last time I was in the hospital was when my Grandma wasn't doing so hot, she died. It was very hard on me, because Grandma had wanted me to lay down next to her for a few minutes, just like i had done with Grandpa before he had died, but I refused. That was the last time I saw her alive. So seeing my mom there in the bed {looking pale like Grandma did} it hurts. I was indeed very glad that Jayme came home, because he kept our mind off of worrying a whole lot about mom throughout the night.
Weather for Michigan: RAIN!! RAIN!! RAIN!! and RAIN!! It is true, the forcast for this week is RAIN!! But not just any old Rain, it is RAIN, Fast Rain, Slow Rain, Striaght Rain, Sideways Rain, Hard Rain, Soft Rain, Hale Rain, Thick Rain, Thin Rain. Any kinds of Rain, We have it here people. If you don't like Rain, TUFF deal with it---FOREVER!!!. Want to know what it'll be like tomorrow?? YES you guess it, RAIN!!!!
There is nothing more precious of a kid than to see their Smiles. Smiles helps the world to go round {well, God is the one who makes it goes round, but a smile helps some I am sure...}... I do love seeing kids smile. At church, we grew about 100 kids since last year. It is insane, but GREATS. lots of smiling kids, but some of the kids needs to have a change of attitude. O-wells.. Kids are so much fun. I was able to sit with 2 lovely girls Wednesday night for C-Club. It was good to see them. I ended up staying with the 4-6th graders. I felt very short. So I might try out the 1-3rd graders this coming Wednesday. I can't wait to get to know these kids. Jasmine sat with me on the bus. She has an attitude problem and LOVES to yell. I tried to talk to her, but she didn't really want to talk. O-wells. Maybe by the middle the summer she'll want to talk and not yell. Pastor Bryan is very good with kids, but is very bad with dealing with a over-full load of kids on a bus who all wants his attention. He had me lead the kids in some songs, but the kids didn't want to sing, so I just went to the back and talked with the kids. O-wells. You know you have to say "AWWWW" to this little kid smiling. She is so adorable. I was looking through the web and came across someone's blog who had mention something about her daughter being so tiny and how she is always a few inches shorter than everyone in the class, and how her daughter was saying some silly things "Mm m gwabby" because the little girl was all messy with dirt and had mashmellows in her hair from a bombfire. I thought it was a cute story. No the picture is not from that story. My cousin had her baby boy in December. When Joy was here this past week, we went over to Grandma's house. Maria {my cousin}, was there with the baby. He is so cute. Maria had grown up so much, but still has alot of growing up still. She is very overly protective over the baby. o-wells.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sisters are a Blessing!!

A few days after I came back, Ruthanna, Joy, my Mom, and I went out shopping for new dresses {for Joy's wedding this summer}. I never thought we'd find one for Ruthanna and I to match that'll look good on us. But we did. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it is un-checkable. So I'll have to be creative and make it checkable, so I could wear it to a play or something when I am at school. Joy and I had a day where we just chatted away about God and other things. I loved it. She is gone now though. I had a blast the other day with Kaytie. She has this little crown thingy that she wears a whole lot and knew that Joy liked it. So the day that Joy left, my Mom went and hid the crown in a bin {where she could see it if she was looking}. Kaytie came home from school and started looking for it. of course she didn't see it, so she called Joy up and started asking her where the crown was and asking if she had it {or course she didn't}. so I grabed the crown and put it on {In front of her}. She was looking at me a few times and was looking at the crown too, but seem to not notice until she realized that i was laughing and looking at her the whole time. It was very funny.
Pets are fun too. I have black Shepard/ Lab dog. She is very smart and might sniff someone to death one day . She is getting old now though. It is very funny how she walks up the stairs though. most dogs use their front legs first, but not Shadow {my dog},she goes back legs then front legs then back legs then front legs. . Very funny I think.

Friends are such a Blessing. I do miss Ali loads, because she and I would talk alot. She is a huge blessing to me because she is willing to talk to me about God, and other things too. I need friends like that. She had showed me whats it like to have a good friend. I may not be beautiful outside, but inside I am beautiful, and Ali helped me to see a little-bit of it. What a blessing it was to see that Heidi put a comment in one of my post. She too is a Blessing to me the past weeks of School. Always have a smile on, even in Life of Christ class. Boy was that class hard for me. I never heard of many of those topic that Mr. Morris was talking about, or what was in the book. i studied and studied and didn't pass. Praise the Lord Mr. Morris was willing to give me a chance, and let me do extra credit. I did more on that extra Credit than I was expected too {about 6 paged more} . But I passed {not sure what I got in the class.} O-wells. Jolene was my 1st best friend that I've made on my own in college. She is alot like me, stubbern and silly. Without her, I am sure I would be on my own all the time. Praise the Lord we all can have friends and to be able to know people. It was so funny the other day when I was talking to my friend Stephen. You see, Boys have to stay on one topic. We were talking about life {like Marxism and Dawinism, etc}, He said something to the point where Life has no meaning. So I said something to the point of "If life has no meaning, then there would be no meaning to Christ dying on the cross for us." It is true. Stephen was so confused on how i came to that point. It is so sad though, knowing that I can't save his life. All I can do is be his friend. He is one of my best friends, but boy are we changing with each step we take.

"Foot prints of Jesus, that makes the pathway bright. We will fellow the steps of Jesus, where-ever they go." This song had impacted my heart today. I feel like I have fallen behind, and there is no way I can catch up. But Christ is always there with me, even when I have fallen way behind. He carries me when I can't walk anymore, and He lifts me up when I fall down. What a great God we have. Yet I know that I do not deserve anything {friends, family, a home, my life, etc.}. But Praise the Lord I can call Him my Savior. I once was a lost sheep, and my Shepard found me behind a rock, half-dead, and He healed me. He healed ME... a sinner... a sheep who have ran away.

Today I was able to help my grandpa out with his paper rout {sp}. Boy was I shoken wet from head to toes. John {one of the twins} came with me. Grandpa let him drive, SCAREY. Afterwards grandpa took me a parking lot that was mostly empty, and let me drive around a bit. I hit no curves and I even parked inbetween the lines. YEAHH!!!!.. Grandpa was so pleased about that. . I was going to get my permit, but it turns out I need to have my eyes checked again. Sadness. O-wells. So I might be able to have my permit after the wedding. I still haven't found a job . O-wells. There is a new week to try.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home!! The trip down was a blast. I was able to talk to Ruthanna and Joy a bit, and just hanged out with them {well, I couldn't really just jump out of the car on the Highway}. My dad and siblings were outside waiting for us as we pulled up to the house. It was good to see them again. I am not officially un-packed and settled down {It only took me about 2-3 hours or so}. Sunday we were off to church, YEAHH!!!. It was good to see people. I was sadden because one of my friends just didn't want to talk to me much. O-wells. After church I played a video-game, and did some reading in my room. Joy came in and asked what time church started, "6:00, I think" I said, then I looked at the clock "6:02". OPSIE.. o-wells. it was too late to get everyone ready and out the door. So we ended up watching a movie or 5. We watched a bit of Extreme Home-Edition shows that my parents had recorded. It was great, Ruthanna was crying and I had tears in my eyes that I wouldn't let go. Mom, Joy, and I ended up going through some pictures of when we were younger. It was great seeing them.

Jayme and Joy and I in our BIG swimming pool.

Joy, {Cousin} Juan, Me, Jayme, {Cousin} Maria.

This is my way of planning of escaping out of the door for a little walk around the block. The problem is: I was only 16 months old.

Grandpa and I time!

Winter Time!!. This was the year that we had recieve loads of snow. Joy and Jayme both built an Ingloo out of the snow. It was a ton of fun detroying the Ingloo a few days later.

The four little Tykes. John, Kaytie, Me, and Greg.

What a life it has been. Being a cutie to being adorable.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today has been a blessing beyond a blessing! Joy is here!!!! I awoken to an excitement within, knowing that my sister is here-well, on her way. I went to take my LAST final exam, and was done with a good attitude that I am done with school for the 2005-2006 School Year. I called Ruthanna, and ended up having to wait for 20 mins. Then as I was waiting outside, Joy came running out of the car and giving me a HUGE hug. YEAH!!! Joy, Ruthanna, Bethany, Jolene and I went to China Buffet for lunch. Boy did we talked away for about 1-2 hours. Jolene and I had to be at work at 1, so we were on our way to the Main Building when we saw Bradley and Stephen walking down Main St. So Ruthanna and Jolene both yelled out "STOP!!!!" So Bethany stoped, in the middle of the road, with a car coming behind us. So we drove into the drive way and stoped. Ruthanna, Joy, and Jolene got out of the car and pretty much attacked them. {no touching of course}, and talked for what seemed like hours {but it was only aboiut 5-10 min}.. Off to work we went. It went faster than I thought it would be. I walked to Ruthanna's and then Joy drove me back to Main so we can pick up Jolene. But we went on a tour to Mrs. Price's office, then in the Dinning Hall, then in the New dorm {very nice}. The Dorm Sup will be happy.. Many parties there for sure! Then we came back to Ruthanna's and talked, as Ruthanna and her neighbor, Pam, was making a dress for Ruthanna. It was good. Chris {Joy's fiance} called Joy, and as they were talking, Ruthanna and Jolene was trying to take Joy's shoe off. Joy wouldn't let them, so it took both Ruthanna and Jolene to take it off. Fun times!! I am sure Heather was very pleased to see Joy again, even though she was busy with kicking people out of the dorm {well, checking them out}. Summer is here!! Friday, we {Ruthanna, Joy and I} are planning on going to Chondra's new house for the day and do something or another. Jolene is leaving tomorrow morning at 3am. So Joy, Ruthanna, and I will be driving Jolene to the air-port. It will be a sad day for sure.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Blessing Upon Blessings!!
School has been a huge blessing to me. Last year I was alittle jelouse over those who had friends already and I was only a Freshmen. But this year, I was able to come back and have some friends. I was so looking forward to seeing my friends again, and now I am going to be leaving them all within these next few days. Classes will not be the same, because there are new students coming. New faces to see, and meet. New friends to meet, and Old friends to get to know better. New Room-mates to know, and to play tricks on {if there is time}. Why just sit and listen to the teacher, when one can just be goofy .

Roomates are such a blessing. My Pc, Elizabeth {Middle}, has been a blessing to me this year. We were able to have a real conversation one time, and to open up to each other. She is very girly, and loves to laugh.

Last year, my Pc was Katie. She surely knows how to make people smile. She is now the RA of Gould. What a blessing it is to see her play. She usually is smiling, but I guess she was bored on this day. Cheer Up!!

Jolene is my best friend here at Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Last year we were friends, but not close because we both had a guy. But this year, since we both had a guy problem, we were able to get closer. Now, you can't really take us apart from each other. Heather thought that she can just move Jolene to another dorm and be safe . Here Jolene is working on some Sodokus and listening to music {checkable}.

This year has been a Blessing, because of a new Dorm Sup, and new friends and new room-mates who loves pizza.

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to have school done and over with? Ever feel like wanting summer to be here, and not have to worry about a thick winter coat? Yes, we all think about this all the time. But here at Maranatha, there is always fun going on. From On-Campus, to Off-Campus. If one thinks about Summer all the time, then one will miss out on the simpliest blessings of friendship, or of life. One doesn't have to have loads of money, or have to be smart, in order to have a good friend. Friendship comes from the heart. To have a good friend, one have to be a good friend. One can have fun with just a simple camera, and a good laugh. What a blessing it is to have good friends to spend some time together to talk or to have fun. Here is a good advice, "Don't worry about what others think about you". They may think you are crazzie and stange, and you might be, but to have a posative attitude toward things will make the day go better. And you do not only have to be On-Campus to have fun. See here, Bethany {an Off-Campus student, on the right} is making a sweet face with Rebecca {an On-Campus student, On the left}. Sweet Glory-Ann!!!!