Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I got into Scrapbooking when I was in Middle School. I was always on my own and didn't really do much outside. Never really had many friends close to me to be able to do things. So, one day I did a Scrapbook. It wasn't all that great, but it was ok. I used whatever i had laying around- cryans or stamps.. etc. A year later, I took that book apart and redid it. I did better than I thought i would. Years later, people found out that I was into scrapbooking or card-making, so they would give me things {like paper or whatnots}. And now, i don't know what to do with things at times.. I use to be able to use a huge desk to do my work- but now, i just have a lil space. But I don't really need a huge space in order to do a great job. If you don't believe that my job is good- just ask Joy.. I did her Wedding book for her. I had a blast, and I would love to make more--for anyone! Joy tells me I should go into a business for that, but i am not sure how to go abouts it. O-wells!!

After a huge branch fell onto the house and went through my lil sister {Kaytie} and my room, we took everything out of the room and moved it into my older sister's room. Then after the guys came and fixed the wall, Kaytie and I painted the room {well, she and the twins mainly did it because i had to work at my job.} We painted it purple with a light blue "spounged" onto it. Well, it looks more like a mess than anything else. So Kaytie has her own room, finally!.. and I.. well, i am just all over the place. My things are in Joy's old room {also with many boxes and stuff and junk and whatnots--not shown in pics because of how messy it is..} I love to read and enjoy reading whenever i can. If I am not reading, then i am writing or blogging or chatting or working or sleeping. Not too hard to find me . I find that using jars or shoe-boxes can come into use for many things. Tho it looks like i have food there on the 2nd shelf.. it is not food.. It is indeed where i keep my quarters {a good use for when i am at school... laundry isn't cheap..} I know- it looks like a mess.. and it pretty much is.. But i know where things are..if not, it's around in that small area .. Gotta make-do with what ya got.

Well, there's my scrapbooking side of me!! Hope it doesn't scare ya... Work-- it's going alright. I work on the same job over and over and do get tired of it. But- I know that it's not my life-time job.. i think i want to die before having that job forever... But the plus side of working- is that i get to talk to Esther during our breaks. She is such a blessing and is funnie. Like today, She asked me for my phone to call her man because she left her phone at home. After she called him and left a loving message {with me in the background saying "See YA" as she was hanging up}, she went to move her sweater and found that her phone was in the pocket.. LOL. So, now i have her man's number..... Nah, i won't do anything.. If i knew him, then i might give him a buzz and say "Hey, whats up!!?!".. But i dont' know him..only met the man one time and he was sitting on the other side of the room at the time too.. O-wells. Yeah- if you don't know me, ya soon find that my title fits me very well..2Crazzie4u...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun Monday #6

For today, we are to post about our blogging environment. Well, my blogging environment is in the Dinning Room. Nothing special. But this is how it looks- Crazzie ah? Well, It is very easy to get distracted by the t.v, but that is alright sometimes. It is usually messier than it is now, but i usually clean up whenever I can. I am not sure what to say really. It's just a room where we eat at times, or do homework, or watch t.v, or play video games, or play on the computer. I am sure that Joy is missing this- okies, not really. We all use the printer alot for different things- well, to print things {of course} and also to copy pictures or to scan pictures, or to make a picture black and white.. the list goes on. I like it- and it is good for scrapbooking too. If you don't know, I am big on Scrapbooking. If i am not scrapbooking, then i am making a card for someone. I enjoy being creative and showing it off in different ways.

Well, thats that. This weekend I was able to go to a birthday party for a friend. She was turing 1 but her parents was throwing a party. It was a blast watching the kids play around. As they opened the gifts, the mom {Gina} just knew there was going to be something creative in the bag. When she saw the card {that i made into a lil scrapbooking thing} she was very happy. But there was alot of new clothes {and none of them were the same} for the Baby {Shekinah} and there were a few toys. The grandpa gave her a baby set of a guitar {since he plays the guitar..} it was very cute. After that, the grandma stayed back to watch the baby, and 15 of us went out to eat. It was Crazzie Awesome!!!! Pictures are to come! {I kinda forgot to bring my camera, but Gina is going to be giving me copies so I can make more copies for people---off of the cool printer}

Well, Happy Random Day- Yes!! Today, Tomorrow, Ten years from now--are all Random Days.. It's a Random Day out of this Random year with many more to come. It is up to you to make this Random Day a good one.. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun Monday #5.

We are to take a picture of what means alot to us and tell why they mean alot to us. Well, here are my items, and as you can see, there are three things {not including the background}. These three things has a meaning to me in such a way other things does not. But the one thing that I can't take a picture of, is of all those who helped me throughout the years {including an Angel}.

The first item is my poem book. I love to write poems when someone had touched me in a speical way, or when I feel like writing something down. In my poems, I don't have to have things be a certian way, but they are all in a pattern some how- like first letter starts the same, or each paragraph has a special meaning. It's nothing fancy and nothing to brag about. But it is something that i love doing for the fun of it, and enjoy doing. I had a friend asked me to write her a poem, so I made a silly but sweet poem for her. I later found out that she did like dancing, which i had written about in a poem. It's funny how things can happen like that.

The second item is my journal. I love to write, and so when something is bothering me or when i learn something that the Lord has revealed to me through His Word or by someone else, I write it down. Verses from the Bible, I write in a box- then talk about why that verse is there. Like if it has a meaning or if it helped me through something. Like one time, I was very down about not being able to play soccer with my friends. But the next day, the preacher spoked about something that helped me to see that i was only being selfish. My attitude changed, and i knew that i needed to repent to my Lord. But what a blessing it was to be able to learn that then rather than keeping that same attitude throughout the week or month. Little things like that or big things that i can't tell- i write them down. I try not to write when i am mad- because i might end up saying something that i ought not, so when i am calm- i will write. It is also a good way to see how I have changed throughout the year. Like being alone to being un-alone.

The third item is my Bible. Without reading the Bible, I will fall away from what is true. Jesus died for my sins- sins that I've done, am doing, and will do. I am not a slave to those sins anymore- although I do still do them. I have 3 favorite stories, and 1 favorite verse. My favorite stories are of Joseph and the many colored coat. I love how he kept his eyes on the Lord even when he was going through so much- like his brothers selling him off, and how he became a slave then thrown into jail for many years beign forgotten, then coming along saving many lifes including his brothers lives. Another one is of David and how he was just a small guy that was willing to kill off a giant in the name of the Lord. Noone else wanted to defend God's name, but David steped in and helped many. He later became king and even tho had people wanting to kill him, and himself killing others for wrong reasons- God still consindered him as a great man. So even through his sins- God loved him very much. My last favorite is of Stephen. He stood up to God's name, and was willing to die. He was stoned to death and King Saul didn't stop the men from doing so, althrough never threw a stone himself. But Saul came to know the Lord and became Paul- who helped many to the Lord. My favorite verse is Palms 139:14. There was a time in my life when i wanted to give up fully- of course I didn't. Someone gave me this verse, and i kept it within my heart all these years. "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvalous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."Palms 139:14

Sunday, February 18, 2007

People make Valentines Day into something that one must have a mate in order to enjoy a day, or one must do something special for someone on that one day. But what a blessing it is when we can love others and show that love to them- it doesn't have to be with one person, it can be with many {family members, close friends, pets, etc...}. For Valentines, it was such a huge blessing. Esther and I, during our breaks, read the Bible together and prayed for our co-workers. It was very awesome.

I love being single and not having to worry about a guy. I have plenty of options and i don't have to pick one just now. Waiting is the journey that we all have to take, and i am on that journey right now. Who knows- i might be better off being single for the rest of my life, but i am not alone- I have God.
I found out recently that two of my friends are now engaged. I was so excited that i was even jumping in my chair {which is pretty scarey}. But it is such a blessing to see them being together forever now. I know they will keep God in their relationship and will stay together for a life time. Now i can just ask her if i can do her scrapbook for her for their wedding.... I did my sister's and had a blast. I love making scrapbooks. Today i made a card for Esther's niece for her birthday- but i made it into a whole scrapbookie thing for her. Looks pretty awesome!
What a blessing it is to be able to love someone. I love my sisters and my brothers and my parents and even my friends. I love being able to help people and love making them smile. I also love encouraging people, even for random things. I love being random and yet being serious. Mostly, I just love being able to be alone at times, as well as being around people.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Fun Monday#4

Why I love where I live!!

Yes, why do I love living here? Well, i'll tell you why. Because it is the home i've been in for most of my life, and it is where 95% of my memories are at, and where my family is at.

We moved here when i just turned 6 years old, I was in 1st grade at the time and so i went to 3 different schools. {went to the same school i went to when i was in K, then to the one near my grandma's -because we moved in with my grandma for a bit- then to one that was near here.} There use to be a tree in front of the house- but a huge branch fell and so the neighbor got rid of the tree. {Joy- here is the pic you wanted}

There are not many people around my age that live nearby- and whoever is- usually are those i don't want to be friends with. Growing up, Kaytie {lil sis} and I would play alot outside with sticks or snow. We use to get tons of snow, but we haven't gotten as much snow as we use to. {You can't really see it, but it is snowing a bit}. I love the fact that we have all 4 seasons here, and how we can enjoy each one {sometimes enjoy them.}

Just a block away- there is a store and about 2 blocks the other way- there is a 7-11. About 4 blocks another way- there is a bigger store and a block from there is a KFC. Our K-6th grade school was only 3-4 blocks {with one turn}away, and our MS n HS is only 5-6 blocks {no turns} away. You ever seen that movie 8Mile? Well, its only a mile away from where i live. {okies, 1 1/2 miles really.} It's an okies place to live. Not many shootings- but alot of police is around. The Fire trucks would go down our street all the time {seeing how the station is only across from the HS--on my street}.

Over all, I love living a city because things are so close by {but i much rather live in a country area} But we were very blessed to be living here and to not have many problems as we were growing up. There were times when people try to come in and steel things- but dad was always there and nothing happened. The worst thing that happened to us that i know of is that stupid tree's branch that fell onto the house. {the branch wasn't just a lil one, it was a HUGE one that took alot of our's and the neighbor's roof off and the sidings and some windows and even took the nieghbor's porch apart. There was a smaller branch that went flying into my bedroom wall {just inches from the top foot of the bunk bed}..} But thats another story!! It is a blessing to live here with my family. {No worries, i shall be on my own someday soon.}

But that's a lil about my home. Great times and bad times happened. Hope this is alright. Any question???

Thursday, February 08, 2007

At work today- the owners were walking around all day. After lunch, i walked over to the building my michine was in, and i saw them walking out laughing. I just thought that they were talking about something funnie. So i finished the rest of the day not thinking about that at all. As i was putting away some paper-work, Mikie came up to me and asked me if i knew what he did. I was confuzzled {boy was i}. So he told me that he thought that i was right behind him and he so he was going to hold the door closed for me, but as he walked in the owners was there and he jumped about 20 feet high. The owners looked at him and asked if he was alright. I told him that they were laughing at him from that. He didn't believe me at first, but then he was laughing very hard that he fell to the floor {which is DIRTY}.

Don't you love that pic of me? I usually don't like any of my pics- but lately, i've been liking a few of my pics. This one has to be a very good one. Tooken last night before going to bed. Don't ask me why i took it, i just did!! The scary thing is that it looks like i have make-up on.. which in fact i don't.

I am not like 98% of the girls out in the world today.. How so?

1. I don't get my clothes ready the night before
2. I don't eat alot of chocolate
3. I don't hint the snooze button
4. I don't wear make-up
5. I don't get all dressy up just to go to the store
6. I don't complain about being a Woman- letting everyone know that my Womanly is here.
7. I don't spend hours on my nails
8. I don't cry if my nails break - if they do, then they do.. no biggie
9. I don't look in the mirror everytime i walk past one
10. I don't like going shopping all the time and spend money
11. I don't cry if i have a zit- i am human just like anyone else!
12. I don't talk on the phone for hours
13. I don't cry as i am watching a movie
14. I don't own many jewelry
15. I don't own more than 3 pairs of shoes {Work shoe, Tennie shoe, n Dress shoe!}
16. I don't own a purse
17. I don't assume all man are suppose to get me things and give me money {i work for money}
18. I don't know how to cook alot of things {but would eggs count as cooking?}
19. I don't find girly girls fun to be around {being a TomBoy is what is fun!}
20. I don't talk about guys all day long {just sometimes}
21. I don't obsess over clothes {i have enough to keep me looking a bit different each day
22. I don't giggle to make the men think is cute {I am not cute- i am adorable}
23. I don't talk people ears off {only sometimes}

--can't think of anything else.. what can i say?.. I LOVE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun Monday!!

#1- Post the view from the front door.
#2- Post baby pictures of yourself.
#3- Post the 1st post that came to your mind.

So- I posted the 1st two already.. So what is the 1st post that came to mind? Well, it came from none-other than my 2nd year Dorm-Sup, Heather. She posts many silly, challenging, sad, lovely, Godly postes. But this one that came to mind is a silly one. I wasn't there, but the story is very silly- sounds like something Joy and I would do on Kaytie. The post is called- Gould 102. {click to see post}. Why did this one came to mind? Well, because it reminds me of school, and because it is very Crazzie. I love crazzie-fun things. The second post came to mind would be one that i read recently from some random blog- that really ended being more then one random blog that has it.. but it is of that one prank that soem business people gang up and put post-it-notes all over a guy's car {the car that he loves very much}.. so they covered the whole thing up with all the different color post-it-notes. Anyways- back the the 1st one. I didn't really know Keelin that well- maybe saw her around once in a while {maybe by her running away from her roomies or after her roomies-- kinda remind me of Jolene and I} But this post is so much what that room was about--Crazzie!

So that is my #3 for Fun Monday. Now some of you are thinking.. What is Fun Monday? Well, Mondays are not really all that fun- but in blog world, it can be fun. I ran across someone's blog that was into this, and i clicked on some of their pals and they were into it too. It sounds like Fun. As long as it is clean- i'll do it. And so far, it is clean.. If you want to see more baby-pics, i have them posted somewhere. Someday in time I had posted quite a bit of baby-pics.
Okies- here is a Crazzie picture of Me!!! I got bored one day {Saturday night if you want to know what day}.. and thought you might want to see me being NORMAL!! {hahahahaha, me being nornal- since when?} The date on my camera is kinda off- my a month and a few days. O-wells.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold!! Just plan out Frezzing Cold!!
Today I got up, and went to church. Church was good, then the twins and i went to Rachel n Josh's place for dinner. Josh and the Twins went up to Farmer Jacks, and Rachel and I stayed and talked as we finished getting dinner ready. It was very nice. Then Josh, the twins and I played games {Rachel didn't want me to help her clean up}. After playing a few games, we went back to church. That was good too, and it was the Lord's Supper too..
After church, I asked around for a ride- but same thing happened.. no one wanted to give me a ride. The twins went off to a teen-fellowship- so that left me one option open---walk. Now let me tell you what the weather is like here today... -4 degrees with a -20 winsheld.. so that makes it FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING Cold.. I made it up to the 1st light- and i was freezing- couldn't feel anything.. but i kept going. I had to stop- i was just too cold to keep moving. So i stoped off at McD. and called dad. He wasn't too happy with me... well, more worried that i'd be sick than of me. So i sit here, trying to warm up- finding it hard to stop shaking. Now i know what its like to be in the NorthPole or Antartica- the SouthPole.
But, i am starting to think that i shouldn't be going to Faith anymore-- it's just too dangerous! Not dangerous that i am going- but dangerous that noone cares, and i end up walking. Well, driving it takes about 10 mins to get home, walking it takes 1 1/2 hours to get home.. So i walked that 1st Hour- but couldn't finished the last 1/2 hour. Well, i guess that is what i get for having no friends at that church. {Well, i do have one, but she is in FL now.}

Friday, February 02, 2007

It is sad to hear people who are so against President Bush. I am behind him all the way. Sure he makes mistakes- he is human just like we all are. But what a blessing it is to know that he believes in the same God as I do- and serves Him as well as for our country. I am proud to be an American, but i am very Blessed to be a child of God.

I don't know why we have to fight one another or hate one another. But it is part of our human-nature, and we can't force someone to not do something. I had a friend who was a Muslim- i didn't force her to not beleive what they believe, but i did tell her what I believe. It was up to her to use that information or not. But I was still her friend, and i care for her. I am the type of person who rathers be there for someone rather than be against them. I don't like the fact that we are in a war now, but I am proud that President Bush is taking us on a pathway that'll protect us later in life. I am sure by going into war he had stoped so many other bombings and killings that we would've had happened.

I have friends who are over seas now, and some that are in training to go. I am blessed to be here to pray for them and their families. I wouldn't want to go, but if i had to- then i would go.

Red, White, n Blue! That is our flag. I am very blessed to have been born here, and to be able to know the Lord my Savior. I am sure I would be going to hell if i wasn't born here with this family that i have now. I am sure i would've been a different religion believing in a false god. But i am proud that i am a Born-Again American Christian.
Pastor Marriot said something about when his wife and him went to Uganda a few years ago- their was a muslim girl who went to a service- she came to know the Lord. So now there are a few other families there who were muslims. I thought that was a huge Blessing- because i know how the "rules" of being a muslim is very strict {for surely for a female}. In fact- the other day on the news, they were talking about some of those rules.. and that just made me even more proud to be a beleiver of God. One of the rules is the fact that a female has to cover her face- and it starts at the age of 10. If a 10 year old girl doesn't have it on, then the guys are allowed to kick her {even in the face}. I don't know about you, but i know that i don't like being kicked- and to be kicked in the face, i know i really wouldn't like that at all.