Thursday, February 04, 2010


So much has happened within a year. I started the year off with praying to the Lord and hanging out with my church family, playing games and talking. I gave birth to a wonderful little boy and was able to spend Easter with him. The toughest thing i've ever done was to let him go. I didn't want him to go, but i knew it was whats best for him.

I spent 4th of July with the family. Kjerstin came over and hanged out with me for a while. We watched the fireworks together and just had a blast. I loved being able to watch the fireworks from the couch. I grew up walking around town with the twins and Kaytie and watching the Firework that way.

I was able to fly down to see Stephen a few times. I love getting to know him better, and just spending time with him. He is such a HUGE encouragment and very helpful. My favorite thing to do with Stephen would have to be playing pool or bowling. His dad got his this pj.. so he is showing it off to me. Love it!! :D Transformers! He came up here for my birthday, and i loved it tons more. We were able to hang out more and really get to see each other more than 2-3hours in a day}

Met up with my friend Matthew and took pictures of the kids for a Christmas gift to the parents. It was a blast and was able to get some very amazing pictures of the kids. After some time of shooting their pics, we just went ahead and played with balls on the other side of the gym. It was a huge blast and i enjoyed pretending to be a pro-photographer {as Matt let me take pics with his awesome camera}

I've lost a good 115lbs since HS and with being pregnany. Yays! I'm pretty proud of myself for that.. tho i am still pretty chubby. But i feel skinny, and often forget that i am indeed chubby. Crazzie ah? {pic- showing off my chubbiness, yet skinniness}

And thats 2009 for ya.. Now it is 2010 and i am looking forward to new blessings, new trails, new hope, new sadness, new happiness, new adventures, new friends, new attitudes, new days, new everything! :D It is already Feb.. so the year is already starting off pretty fast.

I love living in Alaska, and love how each day is like an adventure. I surely never thought in a million years that i would be this close {pic} to ice-bergs, or even the glacier-- nor even be here in AK.

I love working with these kids here.. They are alot of fun {when they are not in their crazzie moods}. I enjoy being around them, and love doing things with them {even the same puzzle 20times..crazzie}. They seem to always be begging for my attention- for surely when i am cooking lunch, or trying to get something done. But they are pretty good with playing with each other, and pretty good with hurting each other {i mean, what kid isn't good at that??}

I am ever so addicted to watching The Bachelor that i often dream about it.. like last nite, i dreamt that i had applied to go on the show and was single.. but ended up dating Stephen.. the people who works there told me to still come on the show anyways.. so i did.. the guy {which i had randomly pick his name to be James} ended up asking me to be like a spy after i told him that i had found someone. So i ended up staying on the show longer and told him whats goes on behind the scenes. Well- it came down to 5 girls.. i got the one-on-one date with him, and he told me that he loved me {which they don't do till they pick you at the end}. During the rose ceremony, he had called my name- i was in tears by this time, because i knew what i was going to do... be the 1st person to say "no". I thought of James as a very good friend, and surely didn't want to hurt him... but before i could say "no" to when he asked me if i would accept the rose-- my alarm went off. Crazziness! I don't normally dream like that.. i often dream about other things- and often something that makes no sence. O-wells. thats life i guess.. :D

So here's to another brand new year to do something new and grow and help someone new with something in their life {rather it's a need of a friend or a need of a Savior}.