Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 2011! What a blessing it was for me. The kids I watch went to visit their Grandparents this summer and i got to have a vacation. Jenice and I first took the kids to GA. She sat with Jameson in the back and I sat with Delaney in the middle of the plane. The lady next to me asked if we were with an adult- hahaha! I met up with Stephen at the airport and Jenice met up with her parents. I had a wonderful time with Stephen. He had to work all week, but when we were together it was precious! I went for walked on the non-sidewalks, and i checked out the different stores nearby. Stephen and I watched some movies together, ate out, chat, walked and fixed his car {well, he fixed it, i just cheered him on!}. It was very hard to leave...yet i had to.
Before leaving, i was able to see my handsome son. I had asked the adoptive parents way before i was in town and was expecting them to say "No".. which i totally would've understood if they did.. but im very blessed that they said "Yes". So we met up at a mall and chatted. Elijah was very interested in a elevator and a train, so we went to the food court and ate there together. It was very encouraging to know that they all pray together. His older brother loved telling me stories, and his sisters were also saying a few things about themselves. Elijah doesn't know about the whole adoption just yet- but they will be telling him when he is old enough to really understand. They said that they had to get his hair cut 5times already--crazzie.
Away i go to Michigan alone with the kids. It wasn't super bad, tho Jameson was very cranky and forgot his manners- so he didn't get what he wanted right away. I played around with Delaney with a picture book i had {one where you look for the differences between 2 same pics}. Their dad and grandparents met them at the airport and so did my dad. My dad was super siked to have seen me, tho i really wasn't homesick- i saw how Daynasick people were {they all missed me tons}!
My mom had told me about this one place blowing up a few months ago. She was asleep at the time and didn't even wake up at all when there was a big BANG!.. There were some houses nearby that pretty much is condemned{non-liveable} now and the bussiness around it-windows broken for a few blocks. My mom showed me this place one of the days i was there.. {pic-this is whats left of the building}. This place is just a few hourses away from my friend's house- doesn't look like he is still living there, so i wonder where he is at now--yet too scared to ask him. Praise the Lord tho-- noone was hurt by this, besides some cuts from the broken glass.
I was very glad to be able to see my new sister-in-law! We went out to eat with my little bro {not her hubby} and just chatted. She is one very cool girl. I am very glad that my older brother married her. I was able to help out at a youth-group and just see what Jayme faces each week. Jayme, Deanna and I had went to see the new HarryPotter movie together-people at the movie were super excited and were not quiet during most of it {claping and cheering..etc}. I thought it was super nifty that 2 elderly ladies sat by me and was whispering together--kinda like Kaytie would with me when i am lost about whats going on, or when she just wants to explain something deeper. So i listened to these ladies as i watched the movie and got some inside scoop about it that i wouldn't have if they weren't sitting by me.
A cool thing that i learned about Deanna is that she loves lemon in her water. Jayme and mom both had lemon with their water when we all had went out for dinner the day before i left.
Jayme and Deanna has a cute new puppy. He was all over the place and chewing on shoe-laces like crazzie! They surely do have their hands full with this little guy! It was hard to capture a good picture of him, but i finally did! Yays! :D There were some kids that came over one day and they were all over the dog- chasing, putting his toys into his mouth, hugging, lifting him up, and falling on top of him..etc... poor dog.
The day before i left, Deanna, Jayme, Mom and I went to Green Feild Village and just walked around and checked out the different houses of how people used to live back in the 30s or 50s. My mom brought this hard candy thing that melts in your mouth {i remember her talking about it one time a few hours ago}.. so i tried it, and it was pretty good--tho it was very sugary! Deanna and Jayme made some candles while mom and i watched and took pics and chatted.
A lady had told a kid that she needed to put the candle in the freezer for 3weeks before using it, so the kid went to her dad and told him that they have to wait 3 years-- haha! Crazzie!
Then i met up with the grandparents at the airport and took the kids on my own back to GA for the night.. we met up with their parents. Delaney fell asleep and i just played with Jameson. He wasn't cranky this time. :D It was a good trip. I just love flying! Tho i wish i could've visited with Stephen for the day. O-wells. We chatted on the phone for a while. It was my last day to be in the same time-zone as him... I really hate the whole 4 hour differences..grr!
Flying from GA to WA... i sat in Daron's seat as he sat with one of the kids and Jenice sat with the other kid. Someone asked me for Daron and i said he would either be in seat 21 or 27... so the lady left and then came back and told me to get my bags- so i did and she took me to seat 1A.. {oh yeah- that's First Class baby!!}. It was super awesome. So i guess Daron had an upgrade and gave it to me.. I got to watch a free movie, drink whatever i wanted {water!}, and eat {tomatoes, some fancy meat thing, and chocolate covered icecream} for free--as well as, have more space!
It was indeed ever so good to get back into "normal".. Played around with the kids, rest, feed them and just enjoy them. They were super happy about their horses and was playing with them. Very cute! So of course i had to take pics of it- and Delaney was being silly by hiding, but i got her! :D Jameson had wanted to go to McD one day, but he was being very pouty and when i told him to clean up- he didn't, so we didn't go to McD. Which i was ok with it. I really don't reward bad behavior- and they know it. I don't have to be nice all the time, that isn't my job {to be nice}, my job is to watch them and make sure nothing bad happens to them.
I took the kids to the Glacier on Friday, it was very cool. We had to hike it, so we took the pathway that led through the woods yet is gated up a beidged up from the bears.. and we were able to see 2 bears and watch one chase after a fish. The bear was super fast that the fish had no chance! So we left while the bear ate the fish and the tourists were getting to be too much {i am amazed that i even got a pic of the bear bc there were a bunch of tourist there}. Then we walked to the Glacier, Jameson and Delaney wanted to run but i told them that we couldn't right then because of all the tourist {there were at least 3 busses loads of tourist there--yikes!}. But it was still fun! :D
Later that same day, Kjerstin and I went to the Glacier too. It was super amazing! God is ever so amazing! I am just in awe at what all He does in my life and what all He shows me throughout my life and even with my stay here in AK. Kjerstin and I saw at least 5-6 bears and an Eagle eating a left over fish. We were watching the Eagle and was going to try to get a pic of it flying- when a bear came walking out. also another bear with a cub, and then 2 other bears came by--one of the 2 caught a fish and so they frought over that fish and then just played around a bit. it was fun to watch. As we were leaving, there was a bear that walked toward the parking lot-- but it must've gone back into the woods by the time we got to the parking lot. It was just a great time with one of my best friend!
There were some locals and a few toustist there. But not as much as there were in the afternoon {when i had gone with the kids}. Kjerstin had taken some very sweet shots of the bears and the eagle. And i got some shots of her taking pics-- haha.. thats the kind of friend i am! :P haha! Pic of the tourist- they were looking at a bear eating a fish and was waiting for it to move--which it did after a while.
The Wednesday i was back, Jenny {a new friend i've made this summer} asked to have dinner with me we the Waffle shop and then invited me to a college-Bible Study group {which turned out to be very cool.. didn't really know about- but wouldn't have mattered if i did, because i am usually always busy on Wednesday, and will be this semester for surely}. They were having a prom night that day too- but i skipped out on it because i was still mega tired from the plane-trip. But while i was there, i heard about this hiking thing that they were planning on doing.. so i found out where they were meeting up at and met them there and went with Jenny's group {which i am ever so glad i did- she is a sweetheart}. We were the 2nd group to have left {4 groups in all} and didn't have to be a huge hurry. {the last group ran up the trails-- i am impressed by them}
It was a very hard hike for me... nothing but up hill and step-like paths. I was so sore and tired and worn out... Jenny stood by me the whole time.. and then after a while the rest of the group decided to just let me lead them and go at my own pace- They were very encouraging and very sweet. We stoped 4 times before our main stop {where the cross was at} and just prayed for Juneau, Others, and Ourselves {our own personal walk with Jesus, our own mountain that we may be facing or will be facing}. Once we made it to the cross, we sang songs and just enjoyed the view- i prayed and sang as i admire God's handiwork! A big group, afterwards, ended up leaving {hiked back down, while a group of us went to hike up the mountian to the summit {top}.
I really wanted to make it to the top... but of course i couldn't.. but we did made it very far up and i was very impressed and proud of how much God's Strength there was.. I am sure i would've made it all the way to the top- but i didn't want to make Jenny very late for a thing she had to go later that day. So we met up with a small group {2girls and 2 buys} and just hanged out with them, ate lunch and just chatted. I am very blessed with Jenny and know that God has something amazing planned for her.
While we were hanging out, a bear and a cub walked by, so we walked over a small ways to just watch it walk.. It was very awesome to see a bear they high up. God was just blessing us the whole time.. reminding us of His love and His power. He created each mountian and everything that is one them, and He created us and knows EVERYTHING there is to know about us {even what we don't even know}.. I am just in awe. On the way up from the cross to here, Jenny and I walked with this guy named Mike- it was so cool because we got deep in our conversation about God and life, and he too was very patient with me as i felt like i was going to die walking up this mountian. On the way down, Jenny and I walke with another guy named Spencer- it too was very awesome because we got into a deep talk about girls and guys and God. {like our relationship and whatnots}
{pic} this is where we were hanging out before we head on down. We were very far up- yet another 2miles away from the top {so close- yet so far away... here we were about 7miles.... took us about 7hours because it was just up hill and bc we prayed/stopped a few times}.
What did i learn on this hike? I learned that even if we started to head the wrong way and are willing to go back to God and give Him everything {repent and give Him our all} then we will get back onto the trail that He has made for us... I know i surely couldn't make it up 5feet alone {on my own strength}-- and desperately needing His strength. And the more i depended on Him the further i was able to go. Yeah i may had to stop often to catch my breath or get a drink of water but each step i had to take was really from God. And to those that ran up the mountian, and even those that made it all the way to the top-- i am very impressed with them. they make it look so easy- yet i know how hard it is just to walk up it. In the end- it was ever so worth it! I may have to try to do it again someday, and make sure i have some bear-spray or something with me {just in case}! I would love to make it to the top someday and just be able to say that I've done it and had done it with the power of God {i surely wouldn't be able to do it on my own}.. So Mt. Roberts was my 1st mountian that i climbed up, and was the 1st one that i tried to make it to the top... so close yet so far away. There is no way I could jump from this mountian to the next without the cross of Jesus {the bridge that He made with His own blood}. This morning service was very well spoken- about being rescued and knowing when you despreatly{sp} needing to be rescued {like being stuck in a barn that is on fire and there is no way out}. Jesus came to rescue us and to help us to see {just like He did with the blind man who couldn't see and admitted that he couldn't see... and unlike the pharisees who claim to see yet was blind}. It was a message that related {to me} to the hiking... I needed to be resued and He directed the pathway.... I need to remember this and continue going on- looking toward Him. Yeah, He can use my mistakes for His Glory- but what a blessing it'll be to do what He tells me to do the 1st time and just give Him the Glory for all the blessing that'll come out of it!! WOW.. God is just so amazing! How can one look at this view and not praise Him?!? Poor souls who are blinded to the truth!
Well.. hope you didn't mind this book i just wrote {so it'll seem like}.. :D thanks for your time! May God blessed you and encourage you through your path and your own struggles. I'll be that cheerleader that cheers you on even tho i don't know what you are going through {just like i did with all those people that either passed us or was coming down while we were still going up the mountian... i don't know how far they made it, or what they were struggleing with... but God does and i can just encourage them or just put a small smile on their face while they continue going on}.. Jenny had mentioned a few times how amazed she was that I was encouraging others when i was struggling so much to just make it part way... So i guess through that- i was encouraging her {spiritally} without really knowing it at the time. :D And now- i hope that i have encouraged you, even just a small bit. All this is going to the glory of God.. because i surely can't do anything to help you--- but i know He can and will! :D

Friday, July 08, 2011

July is finally here! 4th of July i was on a plane to GA... and was able to see Stephen. I have missed him greatly. On the way there, i sat with Delaney on row 16 and Jenice was with Jameson on row 29... The lady next to me asked me if we were with an adult- i told her that i was an adult and then she asked me again if we are with an adult. hahaha... guess she was deaf- so i told her again that i am an adult. Then the service lady came by asking if someone on row 16 has a mom in the back {Jenice sent up something for Delaney to do if bored} and of course i had to answer for Delaney {it didn't help me at all}. Later on, i told the lady bout my story and she thought it was super cool that i was a Nanny and when she saw a pic of Elijah after we landed she said "He's a Stunner!".. I am so gonna be using that saying for a long time. :D
I had gotten my hair cut and told Stephen that i had a surprise for him... but like i thought- he didn't even ask me for a pic of me the whole week. {makes me wonder if he misses me or something}. But he liked it. :D It is super HOT here, but i love it. Been going for walks to nearby stores and just looking around. I can't believe that there are NO sidewalks here- do people not walk around anymore? This is so sad!! Don't they know how amazing this place is? It is HOT and Sunny and there is even THUNDER! O'How i have missed Thunder! :D I am super siked that i got to hear it and just enjoy it. Sunday Stephen and I are going to a church nearby, and then go watch Transformers together- i just love cuddling with him and just enjoying the time we have together. Yesterday we went to a nearby resturant and had a great time! :D

The week before i left for my new adventure- I was able to hang out with Kjerstin each day. It was tons of fun. We went swimming a few times, went to the park, played at my house, watched movies, went to the library{pic-at the library downtown} and played games- even had a Pj Party one day. After work, Kjerstin and I went to the Glacier, had dinner, and even went to Eagle Beach for some picture taking fun! :D It was great fun! :D I just love hanging out with her.
I am getting more and more excited about my ASL class that starts up in September. It will be very helpful and i can use it too. I had ran into a deaf girl here in GA and i was able to use what little ASL i knew from Kjerstin- and i think i totally brighten up her day {because she had an even bigger smile on her face before i left}. God is so Good!! :D
I am taking this online Scrapbooking class thing this summer- it started last week and will end in September... but it is super easy to catch up- so i have to wait till i get back in order to catch up and make some pages that goes with the theme of the week and whatnots. I can't wait! I just love scrapbooking and i love challeneges. I am also looking forward to working more on my brother's Wedding Scrapbook- just need to finsih editing some pics {alot of them i hate the fact that it either has the date on it or it is red/orange bc of the lighting---grr}. I can understand why mom felt out of the loop- yet the whole picture thing is really her own fault since she left before they did the family pictures--O'Wells! Life goes on. :D I am looking forward to hanging out with my Sister-in-Law and the fam.. i am not looking forward to the smoke, and the boredness and the messiness.. grr. I am not homesick at all! I love being out of the house and being on my own... Hmm. i wonder what i am gonig to be doing after this Nanny job- will i be married with Stephen, or will i still be working with the family, or maybe with another family, or maybe even work a different job. I have no idea-- i just know that i do not want to go back to MI to live- i know i won't be able to keep a job there {i'll be useless like alot of people there}.
Well.. Thats all for now- Have a wonderful and blessed day/week!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This past weekend has been a huge blessing, a new Adventure! I was able to go on a ferry for the 1st time {so I think.. i may have been on one when i was little, but i don't remember}. Anyways, went to a small Alaskian town with my freind Katy. It was a huge blast because i got to meet the people i heard stories about, and saw the small town for myself. It is indeed one road with no cars {besides the truck for the fuel, and the firetruck}. There were four wheelers, bikes, and wagons/carts. It was very beautiful there, and very old. {pic- view from the top of the ferry}

1st night there, we were invited to a concert that was being held that night {it was free there, otherwise i would've had to pay $25 had i went to it here in Juneau}. And it was ever so amazing! The famous guy had the piano open, and told us the history behind the piano and also of the music he was playing. That was the only time i saw him- guess he went into hiding until the ferry came. Then Katy and I asked around to see if anyone needed help with anything. Someone wanted us to paint a door- but never gave us the paint that they had somewhere--so we wasn't able to do that job. We walked around, took pictures, and visited. There was a graduation for this girl there- so we helped out with that, and also help cleaned up after the potluck. We played card games with some kids, and had a strawberry shortcake gathering before we had to leave on the ferry. It was a huge blast getting to know some people. There was this little girl who looked just like my niece and her sister is ever so cute {a miracle baby- premature and is now walking and saying a few words}. {pic- View of the town from the Holicapter landing thing}

God is ever so great! He created all these rocks and dirt and mountians and ocean and sky and sun and clouds...everything--yet He loves me so very much to have sent His One and only Perfect {Sinless} Son to go through so much pain and beaten and die on the cross for our sins-- but He didn't just die {If he just died, then the payment wasn't fulfilled}... He came back alive on His own. And He is gong to come back down on a cloud and take His children with Him. I am ever so blessed and glad that I am one of His children.

We had our last BCM {Bible Campus Ministry--college Bible group}. We went to Lena Beach and hanged out. It was a blast. Had hotdogs, marshmellows, books, music, freesbee-game, skipping rocks, chatting..etc. Of course i took pics! :D {Pic- my fav of that night}. Next semester is going to be INSANE!! A group of us is in charge, and surely have alot on out plate- with some planning and prepareing and plainting of seeds. I am looking forward to taking an ASL {sign language} class next semester- but am sad that i can't go help out in youth group anymore.. Hope someone will step up and take my spot.

Took the kids to the Glacier for some picture fun. Printed up a few and got some picture frame for Jenice... they both need some recent pics of the kids to hang up- all the ones that they do have are when the kids were younger {like 3-5 years ago}. Kids liked it, they wanted me to take pics of this and that- but i was able to take some sweet moments without them knowing i was taking a pic. :D I love my job!

I really like this pic of them- looking at the glacier together. They really like going to see it and was shocked as to how far it has gotten. It is dwifting away- further and further away. So sad! i like going there sometimes and just admiring God- He created it and knows where it is going because He is directing it's pathway--just like He is directing our pathways {rather we fellow it or not}

Daron had a post thing that someone in the Coast-Guard had-- it was for a beach outing. So i met up with someone {a wife to a Coast-Guard} and fellowed her to the beach. Then met up with a few other ladies and their kids. Walked around the beach to a small "island"-the tide was back, so it wasn't an island at the time.. and saw tons of Starfishes and other sea-creatures. Kids had a blast looking at all the starfishes.. we even saw some Killer Whales off in the distance.

The next day, the kid's classes went to the beach. They each went to a different beach, so i went with Delaney- since they needed a driver. It was a blast looking at more Starfishes and other sea-creatures. When we 1st got there, there was an Eagle sitting on top of some rocks. He didn't move till the kids started climbing the rocks. It was super awesome. They all had a blast- even I did. I didn't touch anything {i am a wimp}, but the kids did.

I have a new sister.. my 1st Sister in Law.. I can't wait to see the pictures and also do a scrapbook for them {tho, i wonder how i will do that since they didn't take any pictures of my parents and grandma--just her parents and grandparents}. owells.. it'll be a fun challenge. Told my mom that i should just put pics of them when they were at Joy's Wedding.. they may have to wonder why it was sunny and why Joy is in the wedding dress.. :P haha.

Elijah had turn 2 last month.. super crazzie! I am hoping to be getting pics soon.. not sure tho. I just found out that my friend is pregnant. Guess she was jealous that i had a baby out of wedlock that she just had to go and do it too. I am a bit sad about it-because she knows what i went through.. but i am glad that she is going to keep her baby. At least she knows that she has a babysitter here if she is ever in town. :D I just love kids. I hope i can do a scrapbook for her when she has him. {i'll make mention of it}.

anyways- thats my life for now. :D Keep seeking God!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 has been an interesting year for me. Elijah turned 1, said good bye to old friends and hello to new friends, went to Asia for 2 weeks and Las Vegas with the family, got my 1st rose from Stephen, spent time with my family in Texas, and spent Christmas with Stephen and watch him graduate from his school. Kids i watch have grown so much and their personalities are growing stronger. Jameson started Preschool, and Delaney started Kidengarden. It has been 2 whole years i've worked with this family and am now working on my 3rd year. I feel so much apart of the family. I have babysat alot of kids throughout the year. My grandpa died and my older brother got engaged to a friend of mine. I also turned a year older {shocker i know} and am now 1/2 of 50... old enough to eat ice-cream backwards. J/K. Started a new journal for Elijah... i wonder how many journals i'll have by the time i give them to him.
It is indeed now a brand new year.. new trails, new pathways, new hard times, new friends, new challenges, new storms, new sunlight, new blessings, new outlook, and a new journey.
Christmas was a HUGE blast.. got to spent 2 weeks with Stephen. He had to go to school and then work for most of it- but over all.. it was great! We went to watch Tron with a co-worker of his, and we ate out a few times and went to church. We spent Christmas weekend at his dad's. Christmas day we went to Nanci {step mom}'s mom's house and hanged out there. A friend of the family hanged out with us the next day for a while. Talked Stephen into staying so i can do the dishes before we left {he is a sweetie- he helped me out}. Stephen got me a Heart-locket neckless {has my name on front and "I Love You always and forever" on the back} and a box {with my fav. verse on top}. Nanci and Lonnie got me a snowflake neckless/ear rings, cheap things from the $1 store, and P.Js. They are awesome. I didn't want to leave Stephen at all. I love his company and love spending time with him. I enjoyed traveling with Stephen.. it's a 2hour drive to his dad's.

It is very sweet seeing how the kids are bonding more rather than fighting {yeah they do fight, but they will protect each other}. Delaney is now hugging a bit more. Very sweet. I do love working with these kids.. even when Jameson is screaming his head off over. He surely is 3 years old! Wow- he's going to be 4 this year-- crazzie!!

A good friend of mine recently died from lung/kidney cancer. One of her many Doctors is indeed my boss {the dad of the kids i watch}. She was a very sweet lady and i enjoyed being around her. She told me a few times how much i encouraged her to keep going strong for the Lord and how she loves my smiles. I surely will miss her tons, but i know that i will see her again someday. I am praying for her family and asking the Lord to work in their lives and change their heart- they need Him too.

Last week Jameson and I went to hang out at the waffle shop while Delaney was in school. friend of a friend of mine wanted to meet up- so we did. Scott, Halie, and Leah.. Halie's sister lives here and so she is thinking about moving up here. So they were checking it out here and wanted to meet some people about their age {and i am indeed about their age..23-26}. Took Jameson to open up- but at the end he was warmed up and willing to play. Scott helped Jameson jump higher, and Halie wanted a nice pic of them together. Pretty cute pic!! I can't wait to get to know Halie more and be able to hang out with someone older than 5. *grins*

Well.. i am looking forward to this brand new year. Katie is moving to Asia for a few years, her mom is now engaged and thinking about a March or June Wedding, Jayme is getting married on Friday 13th of May, and Stephen might be moving up here to Alaska. My friend Rekann is thinking about moving here in 2012 and surely can't wait. I hope that i can really help my friend through a situation that i had went through myself and just remind her that God TRULY Loves her.
How was your 2010? Was is great? bad? challenging? rewarding? :D