Thursday, May 15, 2008

School is over, and now i am home. I can't believe how much i have learn and changed since the 1st day of school. Things are different, even i am different. New things yet to learn, and yet things to remember.

I had my very 1st interview. It turned out to be for sales {meaning i would go to houses to sell items}.. Not my cup of tea at all. I much rather be in the dishpit or cleaning {with no spiders}. I just want to work, but i guess i am a bit picky with what i want.

I haven't been able to go to my church yet, and it's been almost 2 weeks now. Everytime i call for a ride, noone answers. Im thinking that their phone was turned off or something. I really want to go to my church and not Faith.
Tomorrow, Jayme is taking us up to watch the new Narnia movie. I am excited and can't wait. I am glad to be home -kinda- Because i get to see Jayme and hang out with him more than i usually do.
China had a 7.8 Earthquake a few days ago. Many people are still traped and many are dead. Much more are homeless, and not enough food or water for them all. It is really sad really... knowing that there isn't anything that i can do to help them, besides pray for those who are still alive.
The News is now saying that the Nazis are still alive and how they are still against the Jews. And yet, the Jews are just trying to keep their land. Why not just leave them alone and go on with life?? Why must people be so mean and want to kill others? They wouldn't want someone blowing them up or anything, so why do that to others? It's just stupid.
Why must we be in a war when we are all humans and are very alike--just serve different gods or serve the one and only God. He will be coming soon... i just know it. But at the same time, i am struggleing spiritually ever so much.. just people are making more drama over one situation and not willing to help me spiritually. So of course i will go towards what they are trying to pull me away rather than trying to help me see spiritually. Jayme got me thinking a bit more about it all, by telling me that this is adultery, but that was about it. Noone is willing to help me stay focus on Him... maybe it's best if i just forget about it all.. about going to church, or having friends or having family. It does seem like i am alone anyways.