Saturday, May 21, 2011

This past weekend has been a huge blessing, a new Adventure! I was able to go on a ferry for the 1st time {so I think.. i may have been on one when i was little, but i don't remember}. Anyways, went to a small Alaskian town with my freind Katy. It was a huge blast because i got to meet the people i heard stories about, and saw the small town for myself. It is indeed one road with no cars {besides the truck for the fuel, and the firetruck}. There were four wheelers, bikes, and wagons/carts. It was very beautiful there, and very old. {pic- view from the top of the ferry}

1st night there, we were invited to a concert that was being held that night {it was free there, otherwise i would've had to pay $25 had i went to it here in Juneau}. And it was ever so amazing! The famous guy had the piano open, and told us the history behind the piano and also of the music he was playing. That was the only time i saw him- guess he went into hiding until the ferry came. Then Katy and I asked around to see if anyone needed help with anything. Someone wanted us to paint a door- but never gave us the paint that they had somewhere--so we wasn't able to do that job. We walked around, took pictures, and visited. There was a graduation for this girl there- so we helped out with that, and also help cleaned up after the potluck. We played card games with some kids, and had a strawberry shortcake gathering before we had to leave on the ferry. It was a huge blast getting to know some people. There was this little girl who looked just like my niece and her sister is ever so cute {a miracle baby- premature and is now walking and saying a few words}. {pic- View of the town from the Holicapter landing thing}

God is ever so great! He created all these rocks and dirt and mountians and ocean and sky and sun and clouds...everything--yet He loves me so very much to have sent His One and only Perfect {Sinless} Son to go through so much pain and beaten and die on the cross for our sins-- but He didn't just die {If he just died, then the payment wasn't fulfilled}... He came back alive on His own. And He is gong to come back down on a cloud and take His children with Him. I am ever so blessed and glad that I am one of His children.

We had our last BCM {Bible Campus Ministry--college Bible group}. We went to Lena Beach and hanged out. It was a blast. Had hotdogs, marshmellows, books, music, freesbee-game, skipping rocks, chatting..etc. Of course i took pics! :D {Pic- my fav of that night}. Next semester is going to be INSANE!! A group of us is in charge, and surely have alot on out plate- with some planning and prepareing and plainting of seeds. I am looking forward to taking an ASL {sign language} class next semester- but am sad that i can't go help out in youth group anymore.. Hope someone will step up and take my spot.

Took the kids to the Glacier for some picture fun. Printed up a few and got some picture frame for Jenice... they both need some recent pics of the kids to hang up- all the ones that they do have are when the kids were younger {like 3-5 years ago}. Kids liked it, they wanted me to take pics of this and that- but i was able to take some sweet moments without them knowing i was taking a pic. :D I love my job!

I really like this pic of them- looking at the glacier together. They really like going to see it and was shocked as to how far it has gotten. It is dwifting away- further and further away. So sad! i like going there sometimes and just admiring God- He created it and knows where it is going because He is directing it's pathway--just like He is directing our pathways {rather we fellow it or not}

Daron had a post thing that someone in the Coast-Guard had-- it was for a beach outing. So i met up with someone {a wife to a Coast-Guard} and fellowed her to the beach. Then met up with a few other ladies and their kids. Walked around the beach to a small "island"-the tide was back, so it wasn't an island at the time.. and saw tons of Starfishes and other sea-creatures. Kids had a blast looking at all the starfishes.. we even saw some Killer Whales off in the distance.

The next day, the kid's classes went to the beach. They each went to a different beach, so i went with Delaney- since they needed a driver. It was a blast looking at more Starfishes and other sea-creatures. When we 1st got there, there was an Eagle sitting on top of some rocks. He didn't move till the kids started climbing the rocks. It was super awesome. They all had a blast- even I did. I didn't touch anything {i am a wimp}, but the kids did.

I have a new sister.. my 1st Sister in Law.. I can't wait to see the pictures and also do a scrapbook for them {tho, i wonder how i will do that since they didn't take any pictures of my parents and grandma--just her parents and grandparents}. owells.. it'll be a fun challenge. Told my mom that i should just put pics of them when they were at Joy's Wedding.. they may have to wonder why it was sunny and why Joy is in the wedding dress.. :P haha.

Elijah had turn 2 last month.. super crazzie! I am hoping to be getting pics soon.. not sure tho. I just found out that my friend is pregnant. Guess she was jealous that i had a baby out of wedlock that she just had to go and do it too. I am a bit sad about it-because she knows what i went through.. but i am glad that she is going to keep her baby. At least she knows that she has a babysitter here if she is ever in town. :D I just love kids. I hope i can do a scrapbook for her when she has him. {i'll make mention of it}.

anyways- thats my life for now. :D Keep seeking God!!