Friday, November 27, 2009


I had flew down to California to see him for 2 weeks {had 2 more weeks off of work}. I had a blast helping out with YEC, and a lovely time with Stephen. We played pool and a game of bowling. we ate out a few times, made dinner togther, watched movies, sang, and just hanged out whenever he wasn't at work. I had even walked up to his work one day and surprised him {tho, his boss told him that a girl was looking for him.. haha}. It was great being able to spend 2 weeks with him again. He is a sweet man.

He came up here to Alaska for my birthday. It was AMAZING!! I wouldn't change anything besides more time with him. We watched movies, played with the kids, shopped, ate out, sight-seeing, and just hanged out together. I truly am missing him ever so much. Not having him here is very sad. I love having him around. I love playing around with him and just being silly.

For my birthday, we took the family out and played a game of bowl. It was a blast watching the kids playing for the 1st time. Lil Delaney would roll the ball ever so silly... one time the ball stopped before hitting the pins down.. haha. Lil Jameson would yell out "I win" everytime he rolled the ball down... and he would say that before the ball even made it half way down the lane. Super cute.

Stephen and I ate lunch with the Pastor and his wife on my birthday. It was very awesome just being able to hang out with them for a bit and talked with them.. letting them get to know Stephen {and even me} a bit. For Dinner, i went to Barb's place... i go each Sunday night. This time i was super excited to be able to let Stephen meet more people i hang out with, and get to know them a bit.. Stephen had tooken a nap, and ended up not going because he wouldn't get up. I was ever so disappointed. I cried the way there, and was just bummed out during dinner. But then ended up having a great time once we started playing Dominoes. I think that is my new fav. game to play with them {enough to make me look forward to playing it}. I didn't win.... Jeremy ended up going out mega fast, and making me have 103pts in one round.. haha. It's alright- i had fun. I forgave Stephen for not going, but deep down felt sad about it all.. he truly missed out on a blessing, and for what? Sleep.. He surely could've slept in. But really, this is the only thing that got to me about him.

I've been learning how to edit pictures a bit.. doing more in-depth stuff.. This week we went over how to make eyes {or something} pop... So i did a pic of me and made my eyes pop.. SUPER awesome. it was ever so easy.. Surely will be doing this more often. We also did a pic in a bubble.. We had to make the bubble 1st, and then add the picture.. This 2 was easy.. at 1st i had to redo certain steps a few times in order to get it.. but now know what to do.. YAYS! I picked this one with Jameson and Stephen... I LOVE IT... the kids took a liken to him. When we went to pick him up at the airport- the kids were very exited to see him. {but not as much as i was}. I surely am missing him loads now- since he left to ho back to "life". I have a 4 day weekend.. YAYS! Ate dinner with the family, then hanged out with people at church. today i just hanged out here and slept in. tomorow i am going to hang out with Rekann {since she is in town.. YAYS!}, and then go to church on Sunday. and thats my life as of right now!!
Elijah had his 1st Thanksgiving.. I wonder what went on... like what their tradition is. Guess i'll have to find out another time.