Monday, July 30, 2007

My Brunch with Juan went great. {It wasn't a date- just a friend's time outting, really}. He came to pick me up, and we went to a buffet place and talked. We talked on the way there, and when we were there and even afterwards. It was ever so great just to be able to talk and get to know each other better.

Now, i know Joy is going to freak out and yell at me when she reads this- but i really don't care. Juan is alot better than Jasper, and if she got to know him-then she would see that i picked a great guy. I really like Juan, and he is on fire for God. I am able to talk to him and not have to worry about him putting me down {like Jasper did all the time}. We are just good friends for now. I promised him that i would keep an open mind about things- and if some lucky man came to sweep me off my feet, then i shall go with that lucky man {whoever that will be-either i meet him at school or not}... But for now, I really like Juan. With me going to school, it will help us to know if we are better off being friends or if we will be more than friends later on in life.

We are planning on going bowling sometime before i go back to school. So, that should be loads of fun {and i get to show off my Gutter-Ball records}.. I am also planning on going to the zoo with another friend of mine. He is going through a whole lot- and so, we {my friend Gary and I} are gonna go have a fun day and just talk. Hopefully I can help him out and let him know that he does have a friend here.

I am done with work now- So, i have alot of free time to clean and get organized and to hang out with my friends {friends I never had the time to hang out with until now..} I am very excited about going to school in the Fall.. So i have been getting things ready for that.

So that is that... have a great day!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got to watch the new Harry Potter movie today. It was a huge blast and I loved it. My sister and brothers were not happy with it, because it didn't go by the books. It doesn't matter to me, because i didn't read the books. Mainly because i see how much effect it has on those that do read them. If i am lost, i'll just ask one of them what is going on. Nothing to it... hahaha.

There were two parts of the movies that are very interesting. One part being, where Siries was talking to Harry and said {something along the line of..} "Everyone has a dark side in them. Its what side that the person chooses that makes the person who they are." And that is pretty a way.. Because we all can choose what side we want.. and that is kinda who we are. But God made us and let us have chooses in life. The other part is where Harry is talking to this blondie chick {forgot her name.. but she seems mega nifty awesome}... and she was looking for her shoes.. she told Harry what her mom always told her, "The things that you loose will always show up in the end, just not in the way you think it will." That too is very true. We may loose a house or a friend or whatnots, in the end we will get those back- but maybe it's not in the way we think it will come to us.

My fav. part of the movie is the fight... yeahhhhhhhhhz. how awesome it was.. I thought they did a very awesome job with that... what you think?

Things here are going very well.. only 2 weeks left of work.. yeahhhhhhhs.. then i am off. Kaytie has this week off of work- things are mega slow for right now. Esther is also laid off... that poor girl!

I am ever so excited to be an Aunt to a baby girl... mainly, i was just ever so excited to be an Aunt {rather it was a boy or a girl}. Grandma was happy when she heard.. and she told me to tell Joy {which i haven't said yet--- but she will get the message this way..} "Hal-la-lu-iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". She is getting her first Great Granddaughter.. :) And Joy is the lucky one to give her that GreatGranddaughter {as Joy was the 1st GrandDaughter Grandma had} Pretty nifty!! Well.. have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Today at Church we went over Hebrew.. and how we need to take heed of our thoughts. For what we think is what we end up saying. If we think on things of the Lord, then we will speak of the things of the Lord; but if we think on things that are worldly, then we will speak of the things that are worldly.

As Pastor John was preaching, the song "Grace" came to my mind. So as they were doing the offering, i asked if it would be alright if i sang a song. Of course they didn't say no.. So i went up there and sang. I was ever so nervous, but once i started singing, it was as if i was singing in the shower {yes i do sing in the shower... hahaha...}

It was an ever so hot day here today- so I took a cold shower, and then sat outside. within 5 minutes, my hair was dried- as if i never tooken that shower. Crazzie ah? So, here is a pic of me- after my shower. Don't i look pretty----SCAREY!?!?!!!!!!!!

I love looking at the Willow tree that is down a few houses {in front of our house}.. I love willow trees. So just sitting out there and watching the tree was awesome. God is so amazing!

So what is going on with me? Well, I am finding that i am really liking someone at my work right now. But sadly, i am leaving for school in a month or so. But i guess, it is all in God's plan- if this guy and i are to work out, then it will work out in the end. But it doesn't mean that i am not allowed to like this guy. I know i might end up being heartbroken, but how would one know if they don't try.. ah? Besides- this guy likes me for me,, which is a plus. He is a Born-Again Christian and is very handsome {to me anyways.}. I feel very comfortable around him, and i am not scared to talk to him. I enjoy getting to know him and being able to hear from him. I have been praying about this, i shall keep praying about it while i am at school. I think it would be good for us to be apart for a while- it'll tell us if it's the right thing or not. But oh- i sure hope that it will turn out to be good.

I do plan on getting my head into the books. I need to, and i shall. getting my GPA up is very important to me right now. I hate the fact that just because my ACT scores never came in, it dropped my GPA, put me on probation, made me have a tutor, not be able to join any sports {not even soccer- *sob sob*} and have some extra classes.. but also having a a boyfriend at the time just didn't help any {besides the fact that i gotten smarter in another way..} I am ever so glad that he is engaged to some chick- and it's not me! But I guess, with this happening- I am able to know that i want to graduate and know that i worked my brains off to get it. Some of these people are stupid- yet they are very smart in books and have their parents paying for them and they grew up knowing this stuff. But with me, i am able to apply the stuff i am learning and work for the things i want to- without having to ask my parents for anything. {my dad askes me for thing... just not lately, yeahhhhz}. But i am ever so glad that i have enough for 1st semester, now i just am praying that i can get my jobs back- for surely my Dishpit job. I am like one of a few people who rather be in the dishpit than to do something else in the kitchen.

Peace out with this poem!!!


Friendship is pure gold and touched the hard
You are a friend that I can count on when I am down
And need someone to lean on
I can count on you to lend me a hand
I can count on you to be my friend
How would it be when you leave me?
Will the friendship still touches the heart
And will you still be there when I need you?
I will always be here for you when times are hard
I will still be your friend.

Shavonda & Dayna 05'

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Every time you smile at me
I can not help but to smile back

Every time i see you looking at me
My knees feel very weak

Every time you say my name
I can not stop from blushing

Every time you tough me
My heart skips a beat

I love the way you smile
Even your laugh I love

I think that you are very handsome
Even love your brown eyes

I enjoy listening to your voice
Even hearing you sing

I just want to hug you more
Even fall asleep in your arms

But most of all
I love the way God made you.

-Dayna M. Hlatky

It's funnie how we change our emotions around alot. I was reading over my journal today, and noticed that some days I am ever so hard on myself while other days I don't really talk much about myself. It is crazzie how God created us with so much emotions- from happy to sad to angry to excited to crazzie---etc.

Sometimes we may receive bad news {on ourself or on someone else or something}, but it is how we take that news- Are we taking it the right way or the wrong way? Is it the way God would want us to have? He gives us challenges {or lets the Devil to somewhat attack us but not kill us, like with Job} in order for us to grow more closer to Him.

I can't wait for school to start. I've been excited to be going back since last summer- but it turned out that i couldn't go back. So i worked my booty off at work, and will soon be ready to stop working and go back to school. I will not miss working in the factory at all- for surely the super hot days, or being on my feet for 10 hours. But I will miss quite a few people there. Like Paula, Juan, Joe, Mr.Joe, Tuna, Esther and Larry. {But I will keep in touch with Paula, Juan, Esther and Larry for surely.} Summer is starting off to be very well- not too hot, but not too cool either. Aug is coming up way too fast- and it will be gone in no time, being that i shall have loads of fun.

I am excited to be going to church with Esther and getting to know her family. {Pic is of Gina and I--- Gina is Esther's sister, also the Pastor's wife}. They have encouraged me in so many ways, and have been helping me stay focus on the Lord. Which is indeed a good thing.

Today is 4th of July. What a blessing it is to know that I am alive today, and that I am free. I can read my Bible outside if i want to, I can also go where i want to when i want to, and even say what i want to. I am allowed to be myself and not be someone who someone tells me to be. I can be who God wants me to be, and I can even pray out-loud if i wanted to. I am very blessed to be living here in the USA rather than wishing i was born in the USA. What more can I ask for?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This song from Celine Dion is the song that got me really liking her. Talking about how we may be going through a tuff time- but if we don't give up, we can make it to the top. Love is someone who you love- like with a family member or with a mate or with a friend. Besides- God is Love. He told us to love others, even ourselves {I am still learning this one}. And besides- Celine has a great voice :)

Picture is of a rainbow that is in Scotland- YEAH SCOTLAND!!!!

Thats The way It is!

I can read your mind and I know your story
and I see what you're going through yeah
It's an uphill climb, and I'm feeling sorry
But I know it will come to you yeah

So don't surrender coz' you can win
In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

When you question me for a simple answer
I don't know what to say, no
But it's plain to see, if we stick together
You're gonna find the way, yeah

So don't surrender coz' you can win
In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is
(That's the way it is)

When life is empty with no tomorrow
And loneliness starts to call
Baby don't worry, forget your sorrow
'Cause love's gonna conquer it all, ALL!

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is