Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jesus sustains my life...

Think about it for a moment!

Our planet is 93 million miles away from the sun. If the sun were any closer to earth, we would burn up. If it were any farther away from earth, we would freeze.

Our planet tilts exactly 23 degrees on its axis, giving us four seasons a year. If it tilted at any other angle, we would have massive continents of ice.

The moon is the exact distance from earth to give us two ocean tieds a day. if it were any greater or lesser distance, the earth would be flooded.

The Ocean floor is at an exact depth that gives us oxygen, which sustains human life. If the depth were any different, the air we breathe would be poisonous.

The atmosphere is the exact density to keep meteors and space objects from hitting us. If it were any thinner, we would be constantly bambarded by objects from outer space.

And Who keeps all this in perfect order? Who keeps Earth from getting sucked into some gigantic black hole, or planets from spinning out of control, or stars from falling from the sky? The answer is none other than Jesus- the Living Logos. If He has the power to create and sustain the universe, how can you think His power is insufficient for you?

-Taken from a random book i have...

WOW---How time flies by... Feels like just last month i found out i was preg... but here i am- so close to giving birth to a lil boy. I am excited, nervous, and sad--all rolled into one. I cried the other day out of the blue- just knowing that im not the one raising this child. Oh how i really wanted to keep him and raise him.. I wouldn't care i was mega poor and had to sell everything i own for him...but the Lord had other plans. My 1st born is going to have everything he needs, and better yet, a family who will share with him my Savior {and theirs too!!}. What a blessing it is to know that he will be loved and be a blessing not only to me but to this family. He sure is looking mega cute and i can't wait to see him in person. Oh what an honor it is to be his mom! :D Wow, im going to be a mom! Just because i am not raising him, doesn't mean i am not a mom. Only a few weeks till i have him, and only a few weeks i have this alone time with him. Right now- it feels like i am carrying a bowling ball around bc my stomach is so tight with this lil one in there. His head is down and it seems like he is getting ready to come out. He sure is moving his leg and arms around and pushing against my ribs as much as he can. And honestly, during the whole pregnancy, i only gained 15lbs from when i started. How cool is that? mega cool i think! :D Not to worry- he is very healthy... i had started eating more healthier and just enough to keep him full {meaning, i am not stuffing my face with food 24/7... but am eating more than normal}. He keeps me up all night- so a good night's sleep for me is 4 hours.. but 2 hours is like the most i get during most nights. so hopefully in a few months i can catch up on my sleep and be kinda normal! :D

I sure am having a blast with the kids here. Jameson is now starting to hit and push.. Delaney is now starting to egg things on with Jameson and then cry about this or that. She is whinning alot more, and is slowly trying to get away with not asking for things {which she only gets away with when her parents are home... but not with me}. I seem to be more strick than their parents- but only in a good way {like, not jumping on the couch, or standing on the coffee table...etc}.. Delaney really wants my attention- and always wants to play catch and run after the ball... but these past few months it gets hard just to walk up and down the stairs at times. Tho i am sure i'll be able to give her more attention when i have more energy to do things. I try to do crafts with her- but she only likes to rip things, make a mess, and put stickers on things. She enjoys helping out with cooking, but cries when i ask if she clean up a mess she made with the toys. Jameson is ever so slowly learning how to say a few things.. yays! He loves stuffed animals and Delaney's baby dolls. what a cutie!! We've been watching each morning this lil cartoon called Shawn the sheep... ever so funny.. Jameson loves it and will dance to it when it starts... in this pic, it looks like he is doing a Shawn the sheep's grin.. :D

Well. thats all for now!! oh-- im gonna be getting a purple room this weekend.. YAYS!!