Saturday, October 30, 2010

It is a blessing to be here. It's been raining all month- so it seems like anyways. I am very ready for Summer to come- but alas, we have to go through winter first. Thats just how life is... we all have to go through something in order to get the reward. But no matter what the weather is, there seem to always be Sunshine somewhere in my day/life. Rather that Sunshine is just a quiet time alone, spending time with friends, or just a simple sight {like a rainbow on a rainy day}. Delaney is slowly understanding some of the Bible stories. She told me the story of Noah the other day and told me that a rainbow is God's promise to Love us.... so true... and it is also a promise that He will not flood the earth again like that. {yeah he will flood towns, but not the whole world}.

The Kids are ever so silly. Delaney loves to pick out her own clothes in the morning, and of course- it doesn't always match. But un-matching looks totally awesome on kids {so i think anyways}. It shows their growing up stage and a bit of independence. Jameson has been saying some very silly things. Most recently- the kids where in the back seat and Hiedi was in between them. Jameson then says, "Hiedi is looking at me", "Hiedi is bothering me", "Hiedi smells!"... ROTFLOL {Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud}. I just love these kids. Jameson gave me a kiss on the cheeks the other day and told me that he loved me. I guess Stephen has to work harder at keeping me then.. haha!

I have been reading in Romans the past week.. I am just now starting reading chapter 3. I have been reading a few other books that talks about the chapters in Romans and just seeing where they match up to what God is saying. I also have been praying about what i need to get out of the chapter each day. I should do it like this more often for each book of the Bible. What i've been getting out of my reading in Romans is to depend on Him more and to seek Him out more. I want to be a Woman after God's own Heart, and i want to not be a chicken to tell people about Him. I am not perfect, but i know that He can use me still. Someone recently came up to me and told me about their past. I am ever so thankful for this friend and am glad that i can share with her how much the Lord has changed me and can change her too. It's not too late to change the way you think and to be pure for your future guy/girl.

I may not be able to see what my family see in Stephen, but i do not hate them for their view. Just because my past with guys were way off from what i really wanted- doesn't mean that this relationship is the same. If i was to break up with him, i don't want to do it just because my family don't like him.. if i was then it is going to be because it is God's Will that we are not together. I want to break it off together, not because of a silly fight, or because of cheating. I am not dating him just to proof myself wrong, or to proof my fam wrong, or just to have a boyfriend. I am dating him because i see so much in him that i want in a husband. Yeah there are a few things i don't like, but i know that we can work through them together. I am sure there are things about me that gets to him {not sure what they are..yet}. I know that my family don't want me to go through the hard times- but i know that the hard times that God gives me will only help me be a better woman for Him.

Anyways, someday... ...just someday... family will see the change in my life. I surely can't wait for that day when they say, "there is just something about you!" untill then, i shall pray for them. I am not putting on a show- nor trying to make myself look better than what i am, because i surely am not all that great.

So i ended up getting the new Taylor Swift CD. I love it! I think that its super awesome how she is young and does alot of things. She also tries to interacts with her fans and gives things out all the time, and even have a certain "tea" time with random fans from her concerts. I love that she has a song called "Hey Stephen". With her new cd.. i love the song called "Mine" .. and she even has a video of it out. So cute! Guess that guy is one of few guys to say that they kissed Taylor Swift. :D I remember a friend of mine telling me that they met Taylor Swift.. i knew her song Teardrop on my Guitar, and Tim McGraw- but i didn't really know who she was. But now i do {well, not personally}- but i know what she looks like and i even know more of her songs. :D
Anyways-- i shall end it here before i ramble on some more on nothing super important. :P Until next time- have a wonderful and blessed and God-Fearing day/week! Remember who loved you 1st.... God!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am very much in love with someone very special. I am very blessed that he is in my life now and forever. He helps me be a better woman after God's own heart and encourages me. He makes me smile when i am down and he listens to me when i need to talk. I am deeply in love with Stephen.

I am however upset with my fam. They are judging him and telling me that i am making a huge mistake. They haven't talked with Stephen yet, nor asked me why i am so into him. The only person who asked me that was a friend of mine who i haven't seen in a long time. During a conversation about "is it right to tell someone who is saved that they are not saved and put doubt in their heart?" my little sister thought it would be the best time to put in her opinion of Stephen. So out of the blue she wrote "Dayna, it doesn't matter what me or Joy tells you, you will always follow your own heart, which is wicked and deceitful and you go ahead and marry all the jerk and unsaved people you like, because those that are saved are obviously too good for you." I am not sure why she brought that up, but she was calling Stephen a jerk and said that he isn't saved. How would she know that he isn't saved? Has she talked with him? Does she have the power to know what his relationship with the Lord is? Just two things is wrong there.. Stephen is not a Jerk and he is indeed saved. Whatever she has against Stephen she must have against mom too- because she too hasn't gone to church all the time and read her bible. That really doesn't mean that she isn't saved, and it doesn't mean that Stephen isn't saved either. I can't see why my family is so against Stephen, and when i do ask them- they can't really tell me why. They want me to take their advises, yet they can't stop judging Stephen without knowing who he is.

Yes- i am very glad that i didn't take Joy up on her offer to work for her, and i am also glad that i am far away from them all. I am going to be happy- and they can't tear me down anymore. I love Stephen.

On the plus side- I love my job! We had 12days of sunshine before a month of rain and wind and rain and rain and more rain. There is more snow on the mountians now, and the temparture is getting colder. I saw a Baby deer today as i went to pick up my friend Sriana. God is very Good and knows that we need a pick-me-up from time to time. :D

In SS we are going over John and looking at who Jesus was/is. Tuesdays we are going over Experiencing God. Wednesday we went over Jonah for a while. Thrusday we are going over Matthew. In my personal reading i am going over Romans. I am very much enjoying my time with the Lord. It's funny how Kaytie and Joy and Mom thought that i wasn't reading the Bible when i was down there in TX. Just because they didn't SEE me reading, doesn't mean that i wasn't reading. I didn't see Joy or Mom reading the Bible at all- does that mean that they didn't read either? No- just means that i didn't see them read.

Well... just to end this post on a good note.... I love my son! I miss him loads and often go over the time i did had with him. All those times he kicked me, all those times i saw him on the ultra sound moving around, the whole birth and the pain and the blessing of seeing him for the 1st time, all those times i held him within my arms and look into his blue eyes. I Love Elijah D. E.!