Friday, November 02, 2007

Here are some pictures of kids and whatnots! First off, are some of the Bus-kids for Wednesdays! Ali is a sweet girl, but does have alot to learn still. She is very talkative, and is so like any Middle School girl. Mitchele is the trouble maker on the bus. But, if ya get his attention with something {like a game or something challenging} he will behave for a bit.
Rob and his son, Matthew. Matthew is a cutie- but sure does love to talk and wonder around. He loves to be the center of the attentions. hahaha. Like one time he went around the room telling everyone, "boys are not allowed to be scared". hahahahaha
The 3-5 year olds i work with on Wednesdays. This is during game-time. they sure do love to play and run around. it is always new teams, and always ends up a tie {no matter which side has the most wins}..
Angela is one of the 2 girls in the room {besides the workers..} She is quiet and sweet and loves to help out {sounds like me}
David {Angela's little brother}. He loves to wonder around too, but he is indeed quiet, so one min he's next to ya and the next he is gone. they are glueing little items onto their picture.. which we were learning about following that which is good and not evil {bad}.
Alex- he is a very outgoing kid. His dad works with me in the kitchen {Mr. Pete}. His sister {Elizabeth- picture shown later}, is also outgoing when she gets to know ya.
Before going onto the bus on Wednesdays, we have a little meeting and we pray for the kids. Here we were just playing around just a bit with picture taken.. Jolene wasn't feeling to well, and Tim {the guy} took a pic of her on his phone.. i just love that smile on his face. The pic he tooken was a great pic of Jo.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. He laughed when i showed him this pic.
James- is another guy who works on the bus with us on wednesdays. He is one crazzie guy. We did left him behind one time..ops!! he had his stuff on the bus, and he went into the church to look for the kids- and well... we were gone when he came out. hahaha. He also got the job for sercuity at nights. So it is fun seeing him in his outfit and picking on him. All the sercuity had to had pepper-spray done to them... he wasn't happy about it at first,but when i saw him later, he was braging about it. lol
Jolene with Alexis on Sunday Morning. He doesn't like his picture taken- but he sure does love to be the center of attention. One crazzie kid he is.
Sodukoo, she is a sweet sweet girl. She doesn't know english very well, but she does love to smile. I got her to talk to me in spanish a bit- she was shocked that i knew some words in spanish. hehehe :D
Pedro- one out going kid. Here he is showing off his "Invasion of CheeseIts".. hahaha. I have a video about it- Way too funnie. I can't get onto the site here at school to post it-.. maybe laters! :D The kids are funnie!
Ty with a ball. He loves his picture taken and was asking me to take about 394583295 of them {which i deleted most of them. hahaha}. He is one of 5-6 kids that i take to tell a story after a while of playing. Elizabeth is the little girl in the background. Daniel is the little boy in the background. He now has a blackeye- because he thought it would be fun to run into his older brother's head as they were taken a "nap". {that is what his mom said}
Erisa {friend from Japan} with Michele. He is a very quiet boy, but can talk ya ear off if ya let him. Erisa grew up in Japan and now her parents are missionaries out there. I heard her talking in Japaneess with her mom a few weeks ago, and it was very nifty hearing how fast she was talking in the other lang.
The view i see when i am on the top bunk in Jolene's room.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. it sure is fun trying to get up there.. haha!
Rachel, Travor, Mel... all who i work with on nights. Rachel and Mel works on the 2nd, 3rd floor and the coffee shop. Travor works with me on the 1st floor, basement and the library.There are 2 other people on my team, and 2 others on the girl's team {which are not shown in this pic}..

After putting the trash away i took a pic of the side of Old Main {OM}. Pretty nifty with the light and whatnots. ya can see the little lobby area to that door {shown in the window} that leads to the Student Center. cool-beans!

And thats that.. hope ya enjoy seeing some new pics! sorry- none new of me!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Savior

Lord, how can I live for you today?
How can I show my love for you today?
How can I serve others today?
And how can I help someone today?

Father, may I live today to glorify you?
May I show my heart to you?
May I serve others today so they see you?
And may I help someone to walk the pathway to you?

Master, can I live for you tomorrow?
Can I love you more tomorrow?
Can I serve others greatly tomorrow?
And can I help someone in a wonderous way tomorrow?

Sheperd, In what way can I live for you now?
In what way can I love you now?
In what way can I serve someone now?
And in what way can I help someone now?

My God, you showed me the way I must live always!
You showed me how I must love you always!
You showed me how I must serve someone always!
And you showed me how I must help someone always!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I gave blood yesterday, and ended up passing out afterwards. I was so out of it the whole day, and i was light-headed the whole day. So i called Deanna to sub in for me and she said that she would {which i am ever so thankful for her doing that for me}. I was in bed by 9:10 and was half asleep when my roomies came into the room. I had left the smaller lights on and had the over-head light off. when they came in, they didn't know that i was in bed. So they turned the light on and was a bit loud- then they saw that i was in bed and wasn't sure if they should wake me up or not. Stephanie came in and told them that i wasn't doing so well and that they should try to keep it down for me {awwws}. I am glad that i was able to sleep {a good 9-10 hours}. I have more pink in me today than i had yesterday. But i am going to take it easy today too. Maybe just to some of my reading for my classes. i am trying to find a sub for tonight- that way i won't have to push myself too hard.

Alicia, a girl in one of my classes.. also a friend who is just an inch taller than i am, has been taking lots of pictures {something like the pic shown}.. So i kinda got into doing that a bit. found out a how to make it go black-n-white.. i rather like it. :D.. The pic is in the lobby area of the library. {where i work at nights... also when i had tooken the pic..} Pretty nifty i say! what do you think? I even have a pic of TP if you wanna see it.. hahahahahaha.. don't ask me why i took a pic of TP,, but i did. :D Anyways----- Have a lovely and a wonderful day!

Friday, October 26, 2007

I've been reading in Psalms and Proverbs lately. I can't help but wonder how Great my God truly is. He created all there is on earth and even all there is not on earth. It is such an amazing story to read how God cares for us, with each verse that i read.

I still have a hard time getting the fact that He loves me into my mind. What is love? and Why does He love a sinner like me? The answer is within the Word of God.

God is love. Love is being there for someone and showing them the love through action. God showed His love by sending us His Son for our sins. He loves a sinner like me, because He cares so much about us. {tell you the truth, i am not srue how to answer this.. because He created us and gave us a soul. Why us? Why not the ants or the monkies? Why does He care more about us then His other creations?} But He loves me for me, and He wants me to worship Him and give Him my all. And that is all that i can do, is to be where He wants me to be, go where He wants me to go, and to give Him the praise. I need to stay in His Words daily and need to go to Him with anything and everything.

I have a friend here who grew up in a public school, and blieved in the Big-Bang. She came to know the Lord and saw that she needed Him. She has grown so much since {didn't know her before she was saved, but from the stories i hear from her- proves that she has grown so much} then and is on Fire for God. It is truly a blessing to be in Theology class with her, as the teacher brings in some Greek words and she knows them. It astonishes me how much one can grow in Him and know so much just by getting involved. I do try to get involved, but it is hard when i can't understand something and am not sure how to ask in a way so i can get an answer that i will understand, and it frusterates me ever so.... but i can't do anything about it, so i sometimes just tends to forget about it or just not worry about it.

This past week, we had Missions Converence. Someone {who frought in the Vietnam War} talked one day on having a prayerful life, and how we are going into war and need to pray for those that we can talk to. Rather it be someone in the woods or someone next door. A few weeks ago, a huge group of college kids and a few staff members went to State St. and talked with many unsaved souls. 6 people came to know the Lord as their Savior. What a blessing that is. To know that i have a new brother/sister in Christ somewhere. :D God is ever so good, and He is working in many people to give out the Good News. Now, i just need to do that too... O' How shy i can be around people i do not know- yet i tend to be more outgoing when i am around someone i know or when i know that that person isn't going to harm me. {like working with someone for a while, then open up to them a bit as time goes by..}

So that is a little update on this past week and whatnots!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A beautiful Sunset- can't beat that! God is ever so good to us. I often can't understand why He would love us so much to send His son for our sins. Also, why would He let us see this {differently each time} all the time?

Esther is sitting there with the violin on her own, because the others where in the choir.

I made Jolene a flower for the Fall Fest. She sure does have a great friend----well, date at the time!

Joelene and I before Fall Fest started. Not too shappy i say! Stephen took the picture for us, as he was super nervous about something. He had flowers for Debrah, very sweet i think.

Another Sunset. Yup, i sure do love looking at sunsets. :D last week we saw a rainbow. I have a pic on my phone, but not sure how to add it to the computer.. o-wells. It sure was beautiful too.

Katie doing check-ins. I use to work with her on nights.. mega nifty!!


Me! What else to say but BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deanna cleaning... FINALLY!!!!

Dr. Clemons and his wife. He use to be the pastor for my church back home.. back when i was a tiny thing.

Pastor Marriott {at the end} there. It was a surprise to have seen him this week.

And thats that! enjoy!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Buddy, reading his Bible before chapel! During the Retro day!
Jason on the phone- Crazzie guy! Normal day!

Mary and I! Blue and Gold day!
Jessica! On Home State day!

John and his Lil sis Tina! on Service day -aka- Red White n Blue day!

Some Dude who preached this week. He use to do drugs and a guy came to him telling him about Christ. He soon came to know Christ as his Savior a few years later. His testimonie was great, and he was fun to listen to! This picture, he just got done throwing two books out into the crowd. :D

Dr. Jackson before class started. He didn't had a way aroung to get there, so he hoped over the tables..haha.. too bad i didn't have it on video! it sure was funnie to watch him do that.

The guys! Aaron, Buddy, Geo. What crazzie guys they are! On Service day!

Jolene and I! Blue n Gold day!

Kersten {left}, Deanna {right}! on blue n gold day!

Ali on top there.. Crazzie!!! yeah for blue n gold day!
two random guys standing there before chapel started. The guy on the right ended up beating some random person {a friend of his i am sure and was only playing around i am sure}! On service day!
two other random guys on service day!.. Crazzie!
Dan on service day trying to look manly! haha

Willie and some guy acting out on service day!
Stephanie, Kelly, and some other girl on retro day! O MY!!!!

Dave {middle} and two random guys