Friday, August 03, 2012

Texas Summer 2012

It's crazzie to think of how much the Lord has guided us on this new path. I helped out one weekend moving a friend things to their new apartment. Their family was super impressed with me. They thought I was very young and weak, but they were shocked once i started carrying the heavier things and helping out with the big things. It was great! Then the next weekend I helped moved my sister's things to the new house. Spent a week unpacking mostly all of my things before i was asked to help out with something..

My brother in law's grandpa is dying with lung and brain cancer. He is slowly getting weaker, and some days he is weaker and other days he is just very stubborn. It is hard to understand him at times, but for the most part it isn't too hard. I am strong enough to help hold him up {he weighs about 85lb}. The family is taking it hard and in their own ways. I am glad that i am able to help and to just be here for the family. I pray that the Lord will work in his heart before he dies. Would be very awesome to see him again in Heaven. I spend the days with him and a few all-nighters {I just can't sleep when i am on duty}.

My grandma isn't doing too good. She is having low- blood pressure. She had a seizure the other day and was in the hospital over night. She is doing better now, but i would not be too shock if she dies soon too. I love her, don't get me wrong.. but she is indeed old and have seen a whole lot. She made mention to my older sister that she hopes to go to Heaven when she dies. Which makes me wonder if she indeed Born-Again. I really would love to see my grandma in Heaven. But if she doesn't know that she is going to Heaven, then how can I be sure? I made mention of it on one of my cousin's status about Grandma... and her little brother jumped in and was very upset with me. He told me that i am pathetic and he hated me. So i emailed him asking why he hated me. He then replied back saying it was because i am not sure if Grandma is going to heaven and i shouldn't have said that... he then went on saying how she deserves to go to heaven more than i do and that she has been to church every Sunday and has been good for so many years. Well, i do not know what Bible he reads, but God says in Romans that we ALL fall short to the glory of God... that the wages of sin is DEATH. If we do not have Christ in our heart, if we have not repented our sins to Him, then we will go to Hell for all eternity being separated from Him forever. We ALL deserve to go to Hell because of our sins. We can not pay that debt- no matter how rich, or how good, or how much we go to church.... But Jesus paid that price for us, but we have to accept His gift before we can enter into Heaven. We are invited to be His Bride-- but how can we be His bride if we reject Him? We surely can-not. Anyways.... my little cousin says he hates me, but i know the truth... he really hates Christ. If you really are a Christian, a child of God- then you would do what He says... LOVE! Love your neighbors, Love your enemies, Love everyone! Yeah, it is possible to Love someone but hate what they are doing. Just like a mother loves her child so much, but may hate what they do. Just because they hate what they do, does not mean they hate the person. I love my cousin dearly, just i hate the choices he makes {and the same goes for his brother and sister and mom}

I really do not know how I can help them. They want to live a "stress-free" life, yet they are surrounded in stress. More than if they really go to God with everything. I think they are just very jealous of how simple my siblings and I are... and how different we are than our dad. I know that they try to look for the bad in us, but it is not easy..Well, they only have one thing on me, but really- it's not on me because i admit it and have grown from it... other than someone else. I had a kid out of wedlock- i was trying to run from God and find love somewhere else... but honestly-- His Love is all that matters. I have done the HARDEST thing a mother could do... i gave my child up for adoption and gave God total control over the matter. And the result-- a great family, pictures each year, and a wonderful child who will grow up knowing i love him dearly. God continues to bless me...even when I don't deserve it at all. I mean, i've been to China, see my son at age 2, Disney World, Vegas, CA, MI, TX, GA, and another Alaskian town. But no matter where i go, He is always there with me. He directed me to come move to TX... and as i was giving Him control- He made me available to help with a dying man who does not know the Lord. So, even tho i am being eaten by flies- this is so worth it... to be able to witness to him with my action and with God's Words. I can only pray that he hears me and is listening.

 One of my cousin's little girl came to know the Lord as her Savior the other day. I am super excited about that. I have a new sister in Christ!! Praise the Lord! Amazing how He works in people's heart and at different ages too. My 2nd cousin is 5yrs old. I am indeed looking forward to hearing that my son had come to know the Lord also. Oh what a joyous day that'll be for me. So i can tell that my cousin is ecstatic about this. :D

A friend of mine posted on his FB that he has moved to Douglas Island. That was where i lived when i was in Alaska. {pic, my view}. I am super excited for him. I was always teased about living so far away... as someone told me- i lived in China.. but i loved living out there... surely with the view of Downtown Juneau, and the perfect spot to admire God's creation and wild life. So-- congrats to my friend for moving to where it is cooler {well, it is cooler in my opinion!}

I keep being asked if i am enjoying the heat here in TX... I honestly can say that i am. So far, it's been up to 107 degrees and i am stuck inside during such temperatures. But when i am able to get out, i love it. I love that it is sunny almost every day, and that you can see beauty all over the place. The beauty here is different than the beauty in AK-- but it is ALL God's creation that He made with Love for us. I mean, can you not see His Love within each Sunrise/set? or with each Rainbow He sends your way, or the blue skies along with rainy days? I just love Him dearly! I can not help but bring Him up a lot.

 I really do hope that i can go back to AK again. I really loved it there. I want to marry someone who would also love to move there and protect me from bears. Someone who loves to take pictures and do things outside. Someone who wouldn't mind the rain and the snow and the more rain. Someone who loves to cuddle and shower me with love in return. Someone who will encourage me to try new things and to know he is there with me. But mainly, someone who will challenge me and help me grow stronger in Christ. Someone who will tell me i am wrong or right and show me in the Bible- and pray with me and read with me. Someone who has and wants to be involved in church. Someone who is great with kids and willing to raise a few with me.

I love my little nephew. He is growing up so fast. He is already slowly starting to stand on his own. He is already climbing on things, and trying to get out of his swing. I am glad that i am sharing a room with him... Life is great! {pic- hanging out with his friend after he climb onto that bin}. haha.

Well.. i think i shall end it here. May you have a Blessed day that the Lord has given you!

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Joy said...

I love you Dayna and I am praying for you.