Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another TX day!

 My Pastor's son in AK is going to be a Fire man for a while. I am super excited for him. I could see him being a Fireman or a Policeman. He is a tough guy, but he is very sweet. I know that he will make a great husband for a special lady someday {someone about his own age}. I am very blessed to have gotten to know him a bit over the year. {my last year there and their 1st year there}.

I've been reading in Isaiah {not because my nephew's name is Isaiah}, and it got me thinking about paths. Each path is different and each situation is different. Sometimes you can see where you are going, and other times- you do not. But it's how to handle it that can make it or break it. As a king, you either are a follower {of Christ} or a leader {of selfishness}..In the beginning of Isaiah, it starts off by talking about how the people were not listening to God. They were like a kid being punished over and over on the same thing- but it wasn't fazing them that they were being punished. Later on, Isaiah {the prophet} told the King what was going to come- a sign... that a virgin was going to have a child and call Him Emmanuel. I then came to where it talked about how Christ was going to come and restore the throne of David {compared to the book of Rev. 17 and 19}. Since Christ did came from a virgin, we know that He will restore the throne like He says in Revelation. So, which path are you on? Are you on the path that follows Christ or are you on the path that leads to Hell?

I recently got to babysit a 5 year old girl. I had so much fun that i enjoyed it a whole lot. We mainly just drew pictures and played games. She had to take a bath, so we played with her bath toys together for a bit before getting washed up and dressed. Then we read a few books, and drew more pictures. It was fun. She surely didn't want me to leave, and yet wanted me to come back again- everyday. I had started to head for my car when she came outside to tell me that she loves me. It was super cute and i just wanted to give her a hug. :D i love working with kids!

 I am hoping for a job soon. I really need one so i can help pay rent and pay my own bills. I hate having to depend on others. I really want to help out more, but i am stuck feeling like there isn't much i can do. I do try to help clean up around the house, and help with the kids, and try to keep Reyna out of trouble. I am trying to teach her manners, and how asking nicely for things may be better than crying and whining about it. But that is all part of growing up and realizing how things works. :D I know i was at that age once upon a time. :D

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