Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Oh what a blessing it's been these past few years. I am now getting ready to move. All my books, scrapbooking things, clothes, and other stuff are all packed up. I have about 28 more boxes to mail out {had already mailed out a bunch}. I am not only busy packing, I am busy cleaning, helping out in a class room or two, hanging out with my friends, and doing my job. I also made a book for the teacher that I have been helping out a lot this year. I've been taking a bunch of pictures of the kids working, playing, or learning. I have gotten to know each one of these kids, and a few even have hugged me before leaving. My tasks at helping are... cleaning the table, helping with the crafts, give the kids new words and new paper, set the snacks, clean up, and help calm the kids. 15 kids, 1 teacher and 1 helper. I wouldn't mind it at all if this was my job everyday.. to help a teacher out and play with the kids. :D

My friend Kjerstin was in town for a week. I thouht that I was going to have one more week when she gets back from helping her sister out.. but it turns out that I am moving a lot sooner than planned. My friends here are trying to get me to stay longer, but I have a huge feeling that I am much needed in TX right now than here. I love it here, and someday I hopefully will return. Until then, I will do what the Lord is telling me to do. Anyways... I had a blast with Kjerstin when she was here. We went to the glacier with Jameson, and even had waffles together. :D We even took some time to do a photo-shoot since she had graduated and wanted pictures.

I am going to miss it here tons. I've enjoyed exploring Juneau and Tenakee. Even watching the Glacer fade away within these past 4 years. Wonder what they'll do when it is gone. I enjoyed walking on the ice to get closer to the Glacier, and enjoyed hiking a mountian for the 1st time. I've enjoyed tons of card games, and bondfires with friends that i've made here. I've enjoyed watching the wild life and seeing eagles fly around each day.

My little boy turned 3 this year. It's so crazzie to think that he was in my stomach for 9 months and now is a young boy. I love this picture that I have received, because it shows how tall he is now. Amzing! I so much want to spend time with him and get to know him- what's his favorite color? what does he like to do the most? what does he want to be when he grows up? does he know about me yet?..etc.. But mainly, i want to know when he ask Christ to be his Savior too-- oh what a glorious day that'll be. :D Too bad i do not recieve pictures more often.. i've waited 10months for this pic. But i love every picture that i am able to get of him and love every little fact that i am able to know about him.

 God surely is a blessing in my life. In Sunday School we have been going through Psalms. We received a book to read about the 23rd chapter... and WOW.. everything i look at reminds me of how we are Christ's sheeps and how much He puts into our lives... from working the field getting the green grass to grow, to directing us the right way and protecting us from other animals that want to eat us. He also kees us calm and relax, as well as gives us oil when flies bothers us. He is always reminding us of His love for us through His creations... like a rainbow, or how the sun hits a mountian as it is rising or setting.
 I am pretty excited to be spending a lot more time with Stephen when I am in TX. I will also get to know my niece and little nephew better. I will try to train my niece to keep her room clean.. Good thing i don't have to share a room with her.. I decided to share a room with my nephew- who can't mess up a room too much. :D I can put up with his crying, and changing his diapers... after all- that's what i've done for a few years here. I look forward to getting a new job, hopefully it'll be a fun job {like cleaning, washing dishes, or something else}. But over all.. I am glad to be getting to know Stephen better, and get to hold his hands more often. I will get to spend time with my sisters and also get to know my brother-in-law better. I am sure he'll see how different i really am from my sisters. It'll be awesome. I will try to get a car while i am there, and hopefully i won't get lost a lot. Driving there surely won't be like driving here-- too much cars there!

So... Farewell Alaska! It was great introducing myself here instead of just being here. Now i will introduce myself to Texas. It won't be the same, but God will be there with me just as He was here with me. *grins* So until next time... It was great seeing you Alaska!

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